Israelis: Should there be civil marriage in Israel?

What do you think
of civil marriage? Everyone should do what they want Yossi
Bnai Aish You have no problem with legalizing it?
– No problem If someone wants, they can screw a donkey
I don’t care What do you think of making
legal, marriage not through religion? I support it Gal
Ramat Gan Because I don’t think we should coerce
if we are a democratic country no coercion My sister is married,
not through the Rabbinate You have no problem with that
– No, I have no problem Oren
Rosh Haayin I agree to it Because I think everyone needs the opportunity to create life with their partners It doesn’t both you if
it’s Jews, non Jews? No What’s your view of civil marriage? Great You support it?
– Of course Why not It’s all good Yiftach
Beer Sheva Is it the same as getting married
through the Rabbinate? I married through the Rabbinate
and I was happy with it Everyone should do what they want Anonymous by request
Northern Israel Very good one I think we should be able
to marry whoever we want to wherever we want to and it shouldn’t only be under
the occupation of the Rabbinate which is awful So you would want a legal marriage or options in marriage? Of course Nothing to do with the rabbis I shouldn’t be forced to
get married with a certain industry or I don’t know how to call it that I don’t want to Monopoly
– exactly Liran
Akko What do you think
of civil marriage? I have no idea
I don’t know It means that marriages
not through the Rabbinate be legal Ah, no
They should go through the Rabbinate Only through the Rabbinate?
– Yes What about those not Jewish or
don’t want to marry through the Rabbinate? They have a problem But it must be a right
to marry, no? in a democratic country I am telling the truth Only through the Rabbinate Whoever can’t through the Rabbinate
has a problem What are they supposed to do? I don’t know, they should
become more religious and marry with the Rabbinate What do you think of
civil marriage? Wow, brother
I prefer not to speak about that because I have extreme ideas
about those things, better not to I assume you don’t want it I don’t support it Can I ask why? Because I think this is a Jewish country A Jewish country needs marriage
according to Jewish law, that’s it What about those who are mixed? Jewish and not Jewish Ok, Jews and non Jews? They want to marry here
– I am against this Ok, you are against it
but they want to They should do what they want True, then why can’t they do it here? Brother, I didn’t expect a political question Good luck to you You are Muslim?
– Yes Sarin
Akko What is your view of civil marriage? meaning marrying legally
but not religiously No, I am against it Why? Because it should be
in front of God it is something that God
wanted it to be so better that it be according to how
He needs it Let’s say a Muslim and a Jew
want to marry A Muslm woman and a Jewish man? They should be Muslims they can convert to Islam They don’t want to be either So then there is nothing they can do They should break up or someone gives up Us Muslims, it’s impossible
for us to give up so the Jew should give up Sadly What do you think
of civil marriage? Amit
Jerusalem Good question I got married last summer a year ago exactly with my partner
we had a civil marriage Nice, here in Israel? Yes Why not through the Rabbinate? Why not through the Rabbinate? because we don’t want to lend a hand to a body that has way too much power in this society I don’t want them to tell me
how to manage my family I don’t want them to bother me
with the divorce process if it happens with the questions they will ask It’s also important that… The Jewish culture is very important to us the ceremony was Jewish but primarily… Yes, my father married us
and a friend married us and we have common law status we decided not to lend a hand
to that institution So you didn’t marry in Cyprus? No, because if you marry in Cyprus then the divorce process is
still through the Rabbinate We wanted no connection
to that institution It was not easy on our family So in your ID, it says you are
– Single But we have a certificate a common law certificate I can’t remember what it’s called
a certificate of partnership For taxes, is it the same? Yes, the same There are two area where it could be problematic
I can’t remember exactly what being posted abroad by the government adopting a child can only
be a child over 2 years old but other than that
everything else is the same

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  1. So-called 'Israel' = the ONLY remaining religious cult-based racist apartheid regime left to knock down, after its short, foreign-backed existence. First, let's liberate the WEST from Zionist control.

  2. The views could be down (at least partly) because of YouTube's algorithm being trained to avoid Israel-Palestine as a subject.

  3. Civil marriage should be an option of course but there also should be the option to marry through religious institutions. Both options can be available and people can choose what they find is right for them. Both options can coexist.

  4. In Israel all non-religious Jews are extremely socially liberal , and all religious Jews are extremely socially conservative. It's not about right-wing or left-wing and it has been like that since 1948.

  5. Views are low , and you need Cash Corey. Supply and demand . Many of us really enjoyed your video , but most of us did just fine before we saw your content , and life Will Go on after your show ends . At one point or the other , people are gonna be indifferent to the views of random jews and Arabs on Isreali streets.
    Edit : And you will need to find a new hobby.

  6. Hey corey ask religius jewish girl, would they like to marry muslim men or christian if she really like him?
    Would their community force her not to marry?
    I m not talking about secular jew gir..

  7. At 04:10 and 02:30 two hypocrites who want to enforce their religious laws upon others when in fact themselves don't wear the head coverings according to their own religions.

  8. I love how the first guy says "Shiyidfuk hamor" with the Mizrahi accent😄, people like him is why Israelis are the best😂

  9. The intro to this question is BS.
    Common-law marriage in Israel grants the couple full rights, regardless of their sex, religion etc.
    You can get the document notarized and have whatever ceremony you want.

  10. I think civil marriage would be a problem in Israel. There are Jews who don't think in tomorrow, and are giving a fuck to the culture . These people could destroy or make unstable all a society that already lives in conflict .

  11. yes of course it should be legal, it's not fair the way it is now. but it never will , rabbinate will never allow it because if they did many people will choose that kind of marriage and the rabbinate will loose mush of it's power.

  12. Muslim girl is hypocrite. religious marriage or to break up?? Muslims can't convert, non-Muslim should or no marriage!? what if someone is an atheist , why should they be banned from marrying because of your religion laws? this is not democracy . i hope you fall in love with a non-Muslim and see how hard it is when you have to break up because of your religion. it happend in my family and its not easy

  13. Hey Corey, I like what you're doing but I really think you should improve the way you're informing your audience. Instead, it often creates a place for people to express their hatred. For instance, in this video, you clearly found out from the last person that civil marriage is something people undergo, and that everything but the "single" status acts as much of a marriage and holds for almost all legal reasons, for instance taxes. I know that it's important to you to be as unbiased as possible, but don't let that become your bias. Keep it up!

  14. Corey, I will give you a pointer about the main problem with your videos. In most of your videos people are giving very dumb opinions, not understanding the question, or the situation or anything. There is only so much you can hear people being stupid. In this video for instance people are talking to the point. If you go to places where people are less stupid to ask your questions, then the results will be more interesting. It's not very hard to know where the smart people hang out.

  15. Nice clip.

    Imho ,ANY state should have nothing to do with private life.
    P.s i dont agree with akko girl but she is cute!

  16. replace Gaza with Israel…,I like to move it…, and someone someone = all this accounts are troll catfish from hell
    He is a sick person that can be himself
    And laugh at us with his sico jokes

  17. Of course most Israelis seppourt it for even most religious people do. Religious marriage as it is in Israel isn't about religion but about power. Part of increasing control of the Hardim on Israel.

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