Israel’s 70th Anniversary Celebration

So thank you for a just. Do that!
Bless my brother Adam. Protect him watch over and we thank you for him and the
mighty name Yeshuah. Thank you okay I I want to share with
you a few things we’re going to do a brief 3,000 year history of Jerusalem
Creek Creek so if you guys have Bibles or Bible apps you might want to get them
out I’m going to just give you a little bit of a fire hose here because there
are some significant things that I wanted to share with you specifically
about what’s going on today but how many of you know that that we don’t live in a
vacuum and that what is going on today is a result of things that have gone
before us and the Lord is moving us towards something glorious and this
statue up over here the coming king is a reminder of the glorious hope in the
future that is in front of everyone that calls on the name of Jesus he is coming
and he’s not coming to a headless destroyed bride he’s coming to a
redeemed and beautified body and I don’t know how that’s all gonna happen except
for one way is that the people of God move with the Spirit of God to do the
things of God on the earth that’s the way this works this is how it gets done
all the rest are details and so I just want to share a little bit about the
foundation of Jerusalem because today is on an historic event I mean the the the
official US government recognized ation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
it’s a significant thing because in 1995 the Congress the the the fresh wave of
Congress that came in in 94 and 95 they passed a bill it was a broad bipartisan
bill that went through the house and the Senate and it was the Jerusalem embassy
act and they said that essentially what it did was they used legislative
the Legislature’s power to defund overseas operations of State Department
resources unless the executive branch the president would move the embassy
from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem because in 1948 11 minutes after the declaration of
statehood by Israel the United States was the first nation to recognize the
statehood and yet under significant pressure from from world governing
governments and governing bodies the United States never established the seat
of power for our nation in the seat of power for Israel and as and as a great
Eagle to Israel it was significant that we never did that so Congress passed
this law but in order to get through the Senate Bob Dole put a rider in there
that was an amendment that said that he and other senators they felt like that
that bill was legislative overreach that the executive branch sets via foreign
policy and the Congress doesn’t get to tell the executive branch what to do so
they put an amendment in there that said the president could temporarily fund the
Embassy in Tel Aviv for six months so starting June 1st and December 1st in
1999 every city city president has signed a waiver to fund a temporary
Embassy in Tel Aviv but it has been the u.s. policy since 1995 that our Embassy
is located in Jerusalem that’s been the u.s. law so what’s happened today is
that Earth has caught up with heaven how many you know that it’s true in heaven
before it’s true on the earth and it’s a rare event that it’s true in Congress
before it’s true and so that’s a rare event but that’s what happened
so earth caught up with heaven today and I want to tell you a little bit about
what’s gone on on the earth in Jerusalem because I feel like heaven has said some
things and the earth is in a season now y’all we’re in a season of earth
catching up to what God says is true because when he speaks it it is so but
it takes a little while for us to submit sometimes sometimes that’s the problem
Lisa in my life I don’t know about you but I want to tell you real quickly
about the foundation of Jerusalem because that city was not always a city
it was established by a guy named King David y’all know this dude King David
he’s my boy is a fascinating character but what happened was that King David I
won’t do the whole story but King David was anointed king and there was another
King in Israel and there was a number of years before David became the rightful
king and when he became rightful king there was warring tribes there was 12 of
them you know all of them were fighting for dominance that’s one of the through
lines of the scriptures and so David was from the tribe of Judah which was the
biggest tribe the strongest tribe a kingly tribe and when he was anointed
king in a place called heparin the first thing he did was that he went to this
jebbie site stronghold and he captured the city of Jerusalem now why did he do
that we’ll get one line in the scriptures
about this but in typical biblical fashion there’s a whole lot more than
one line so why does a king who rules or who comes from the tribal affiliation of
the most powerful tribe in Israel why does he take a foreign city as the seed
of his government well I believe that that it’s just like what max said a few
moments ago that this line is about Jesus it’s not about politics and King
David knew that as a member of the tribe of Judah if he established his
governmental seat from that tribe his tribe would have dominance over the
nation and he was trying to unite the twelve tribes and so he took the
Jebusite stronghold partly because it had no tribal alliance
it had no allegiance anywhere and he established the justice the throne the
kingly city in Jerusalem the city of peace and so what David did was that he
established the kingship the government and then the next thing he did as you’ll
remember he brought in the Ark of the Covenant that had been exiled into the
Philistines and he brought the Ark in and he set it up in a tent and this tent
was a fascinating thing because this tent that he put it in was totally
illegal totally illegal under the Mosaic Covenant
there was no inner court there was no outer court there was no there was no
divisions there wasn’t sin sacrifice this was David’s Tabernacle where the
presence of God was accessible 24 hours a day for almost 40 years during David’s
life in this place of presence David gets revelations about Jesus Psalm 22
quoted by Jesus in two places at the end of his life at the end of his life but
what happens here is in Jerusalem now this City that’s established by the king
to rule a United group of people there are two altars there’s an altar in
Gibeon where is the old Mosaic Covenant and there’s this altar on Mount Zion
which is just the present so there’s two places of worship and David gets it in
his heart and he wants to build a temple to God and he gifted his heart and he
says to the Prophet he says he says prophet I want to build a temple for God
I live in this beautiful cedar house but God lives in a tomb and the Prophet says
you’re the king God is with you do whatever’s in your heart because if
you’re the Kings prophet that’s what you say right you’re the king do it but then
he goes home and he goes to sleep or that night the word of the Lord the real
word of the Lord comes to him and the Lord says David you can’t build my
temple don’t have I ever wanted to live in a temple and he asked David this
question through the Prophet he says have I ever one time lived in a temple
I’ve gone tent to tent with you did I ever say to one of the judges build me a
temple the answer’s no and why is that significant because the tabernacle was a
picture of God with us John 1 and the word became flesh and tabernacled among
us what was the temple the temple was a picture of us with God so in Exodus God
came and tabernacled among the people and all the people lived among God with
Jesus the tabernacling of the Spirit of God is within us but what David wanted
to do was to shift some of them said of Israel from God in their midst
to God in a temple so the people could go to God now I don’t have time to
develop that all the way throughout the Scriptures but God blessed that just
like he blessed the king even though he said don’t take Kings I have judges so
this is what’s happened in Israel is that they’ve gone from Tabernacles and
judges to kings and temples they’ve moved from the place of the presence of
God with us to self-rule to top-down rule and gods in a temple and y’all God
blessed that but how many know that God’s heart for self control for
presence connection that God never changed even though humanity said I’m a
little scared of that I want to put God here and I want to get my rules here and
if I have God here my rules here then I’m okay because I’m not out here with
God and the scary rules like I’m safe how many y’all know that wasn’t God’s
well I have to do a whole lot of theology and make that statement it
wasn’t his it wasn’t his heart let’s just say that I’m a teacher and so I’m
like qualified I don’t have time to qualify everything it wasn’t his heart
but he redeemed all of those things throughout history and one more thing
and then I want to get to the point because this is all context um David
then after he gets the word of the Lord God says I’m gonna build you a house and
he’s talking about Jesus and then David decides you know what I’m gonna take a
census and in our Western minds were like well what’s wrong with the census
you know but David tells his commander Joab to go through all of Israel and
count and Joab looks at them and he says King that is a horrible idea
he’s mortified by this he says don’t do it and the King says do it well why in
Exodus 30 when God gives the plans for the tabernacle he tells them about
taking a census for the for the tabernacle and he tells them to take a
census but when they take a census has everybody bring a half shekel peace and
don’t count the people count the money and every person that comes to give a
half shekel gift it’s the rich people and the poor people the tribe of Judah
and the tribe of manasseh everybody gives the same gift what is God doing
there he’s leveling the playing field for a bunch of slaves that just spent
400 years in Egypt and saying everybody’s equal y’all if you’re gonna
establish the presence of God in your nation it has to be done by the people
and everyone is equal the Kings can set up the government but the people have to
bring the money and bring themselves to establish the presence and so David
doesn’t do that because he wants to build the temple himself and there’s a
whole lot of problems with that but this is what I want to tell y’all today our
American government agreed with our American government and moved the
embassy to Jerusalem we caught up with heaven our kings
our leaders and I thank God that we have the leader that we do it was worth all
the misery for two years but I went through and many others but our kings
recognized the right of Israel to live in the land now guess what the work is
not even close to done what needs to come now to the Land of Israel the
presence of God salvation the Spirit now is the Spirit of God the presence of God
gonna come to Israel it’s not gonna happen through it to create a king it’s
gonna come from y’all who are here tonight praying it’s gonna come from
those of you that travel there and go and pray prayers of intercession it’s
gonna come from those of you who sow seed into the Land of Israel it’s going
to come from those of you that pour out your intercession and your love over the
land and whether Israel you’re all here tonight because Israel is an issue it’s
not an issue it’s like God’s harped right there’s other issues but this is
God’s heart and I just want to tell you I want to encourage
you in your continued support for the nation of Israel they are not perfect
they have never been perfect in fact they had a really hard time when they
controlled their own government in the Bible every time they had their own
Kingdom they got into a lot of trouble so keep praying for them but I thank you
tonight and I just want to tell you that as you sow your seed if you sow your
seed financially your sowing your seeds spiritually that God builds and
establishes his presence through the gifts of the people through the gifts of
your heart your worship your prayers your affection most importantly so I
just thank you for coming tonight thank you for your continued support of Israel
and this prayer garden and we’ve got mr. Anderson here who will go from now you

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