Issa Rae and Ellen Take Shots to Celebrate ‘Insecure’

Issa, it’s so nice to meet you. It is so nice to meet you. I am incredibly hyped. Well, good. I am too. You’re an amazingly
talented woman, and it’s your first
time on the show, and I’m very happy to meet you. It’s my first time on the– I’m happy to meet you. I actually saw
you at Soho House. It was, like, my first
or second time there. And I saw you from a distance,
and I was like, “That’s Ellen!” But I didn’t say that to. Oh. I didn’t say anything. I just watched and I was just
happy to being a part of that. Oh, well, you
should have said hi. No. You were rushing. You looked hungry. I’m always hungry. Same. Always hungry. All right, so it’s very
exciting because tonight, in a few hours, you are
going to the Emmy’s. It’s your very first
Emmy nomination. Whoo, yes. It is. Thank you. Yes. [CHEERING] Just chilling here first. You know, have to stop by here. Good luck charm. Yeah. First of all, I have to– before I tell this
story, I’m hyped. Because y’all helped me with the
Emmy’s, and I didn’t get to say anything. But I just want to
cheers and be happy– Oh. –that I’m on this show. I came out a little bit nervous. You’re bringing them back? I’m bringing what back? You’re returning these? You guys gave me shots at
my first Emmy’s and got me through it. And so I just wanted
to return the favor. All right. I can’t open this. You’ve got too much
lotion on your hands. I do. Yeah. I don’t want to
be ashy for Ellen. Yeah, no. Jeez. (LAUGHING) Ashy. [LAUGHING] Well, now you’ve– OK, here. I got it. You’re so strong. Yeah, I know. I know. There you go. Cheers. Cheers. All right. Thank you for having
me on the show. [APPLAUSE] So first of all, this
is very flattering because, you said you want
to be a combination of Oprah and Diddy and me. Yes. Yeah. Yes, I do. Yeah. So I wanted to see what
that would look like, and it’s not pretty. Um– [LAUGHING] That’s exactly what
I want to look like. Yeah. So maybe stick with who you are. You look much better. Thank you. I hope. So let’s talk
about other things. Let’s talk about Insecure. It’s in its third season– Yes. –and everyone loves the show,
including Michelle Obama. Yes. Everybody is tweeting about it. Everyone in the office,
we all love the show. It’s very– tell
everyone what it’s about. And you wrote it, you created,
you starred– it’s very clever. Yeah, it’s about two–
thank you– two best friends in their
late 20s, just trying to figure out life, love,
and everything in between. Yeah. But it’s really funny, and the
conversations are very real. Like, it’s like real girlfriends
talking about real thing. Yeah. It’s, like, based off
of me and my friends. You know, it’s based on some of
the conversations that we have, some of the relationships
that we’ve had. There are people that I sneak
into the show all the time. They don’t know that I’m
talking about them, but I am. They probably do. No! OK, one girl, from a
web series that I did a while ago called
“Awkward Black Girl,” I had this character
called Baby Voice. Because you know those people
that are talking like– [HIGH-PITCHED MUMBLING] It’s like, speak up! And I made the character
a guy, because I was like, oh, this is– she’ll never know anyway. And she called me and she
was like, “Is this about me?” And I was like,
“No, girl, chill. Like, everything’s
not about you.” But I was like, I can’t
believe she knew that. So sometimes they know but– Yeah. So you are you on that series. Somewhat. I can relate this season
to my character, Issa Dee, on Insecure just because
she was very, very broke. And I went through
that very broke period where, like, I was– I thought when I discovered
credit cards, I was like, oh, this easy. The game is locked. Like, all you do is
you just get free money and I can just
keep ordering cars and then you pay
like $25 a month. I can sustain this. This is easy. Eventually, I’ll
be rich, somehow. And then I was just spending
too, too, too much, and– That’s what people do. I guess. It’s a trap. That’s how they get you. Uh-huh. And then I was like, oh, the gas
station even has credit cards? Let me just apply for that,
because I might as well– I have a car. I need gas. And then I, like, apply
for a Valero card. And I got denied. And I was like, whoa,
this is strange, because they’ve
said yes every time. So this must be a
mistake on their part. And then I kept
on trying to apply and I kept on getting denied. And that’s when I realized,
oh, shoot, I’m in trouble. And $25,000– and
at that point, I hadn’t even seen barely
past like three figures in my account. So I was, like, how am I
going to get this money back? But thank goodness. You’ve got it back now. Yeah, I got it back now. Yeah. Yes. You’re doing OK now. I’m doing OK. And your parents must
be, like, you know, you proved them wrong. They’re great. My parents have been great. My dad was worried in that
way where it’s just, like, you should get an education. You should get a
master’s degree first. Acting will always be there. Your youth years
will always be there. And I was like,
that’s backwards. Like, school is always
going to be there. I’m OK. And now, they’ve
definitely come around. Yeah. He’s like, oh, I saw you on NPR. Good job. You know, Larry King. Yeah, I know. You’re doing very, very well. Thank you. Yeah. And then now you’re
going to the Emmy’s. Good luck tonight. I hope you win. Congratulations. Thank you so much. Insecure airs Sunday
night at 10:30 on HBO. It’s really funny. You should watch it. We’ll be back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like “ball peen hammer,” and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [STARTLED YELL, BLEEP] (YELLING) God, [BLEEP]!

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  1. I love Insecure and Issa. I think she was hilarious in the interview, it seemed as though Ellen wasn’t into it. It had a very awkward and uncomfortable vibe the entire time, which I believe rubbed off on the audience.

  2. Me: Drinking water and slathering on the cocoa butter. Issa is FABULOUS, SMART AND FUNNY! Unfortunately, for sistas that means perpetually single. Jk

  3. I love how she really went and explain her experience with dealing bafly with money and learning from it, even if it was not a comedic thing to talk about. Austenitic 🙂

  4. I feel the people in the audience wasn’t familiar with Issa. You have to know her, to actually understand her sense of humor. I’m so happy for her!

  5. That's my girl.!!! 💜💜 #Issa this interview wasn't long enough!! Let Issa co host for a week!! Omg
    Issa and Ellen💜💜 Hella FUNNY

  6. I always love her sense of style! She never looks like the average person or has a look that I would expect. So intelligent and funny, naturally.

  7. Ellen seem so disconnected…she must not know who she is…but i love Issa for not really caring or being aware cause she on her own high

  8. Issa is gorgeous, talented, and funny. She just seems to drink A LOT! 🙁 Nevertheless, I pray that her future continues to be filled with success.

  9. I love love these two ladies so damn much!!!! So, I don’t know what was up with the chemistry but something was off. Maybe the boring audience. The vibe was a little stale

  10. Issa, such a beautiful talented woman. Just found you and I’m so glad!! The best to you! God has great plans for you girl!!!❤️❤️❤️😎

  11. White people just respond much better to the Tiffany Haddish, Cardi B and Oprah, of the world. Normal charming dark skin black women is foreign to them so they just stare like they're aliens.

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