Issa Rae and Tiffany Haddish Invited Themselves to the Obama’s for Dinner

-‘Cause last time
I talked to you, “Insecure” hadn’t come out yet. -No, it hadn’t. It was,
like, brand-new. I was — I was very nervous. I was ready for it to come out
and people to see it, but nervous about
how they receive it. -And it crushed.
People love you. It got nominated for
a Golden Globe. -Yes.
-I mean, two. I mean, this is unbelievable. -Yeah, thank you. -Are you — you’re also now
producing two shows or working on two shows
for HBO. -Yeah, three. We got three shows
working with different creators. One I’m writing with —
co-writing with a girl named Raamla
who writes for “Scandal.” It’s like a black teen show
set in Windsor Hills, which is like the black
Beverly Hills. I’m working with, um, Angela Flournoy,
who’s an amazing author for a black family drama
set in the ’90s. And then I’m working with
who I know you know, Travon Free.
-Travon Free. -Oh, he’s fantastic.
-On his show, yes. So he’s a genius.
-This is fantastic, though. He is. He’s brilliant. But you are now doing
all this stuff. This is — this just
started from, like, a web series thing that
turned into, it was a book, and it was the Misadventures — -“The Misadventures of
Awkward Black Girls.” -“Of Awkward Black Girls.”
-Shoutout to the internet. The internet did that. -The internet did this.
-It did. -Now you’re big-time. -I mean, barely.
-No, not barely. I mean, let’s — life has
changed now. Do people — -I mean, it’s changed,
but it hasn’t, you know. I still have, like, I was
telling this story about how I was in Atlanta. I got — I shot my first
movie in Atlanta, uh, this past fall. And you know when people
come up to me, they’ll be like, “Oh, does
anybody ever tell you you look like Issa Rae?” They’ll never be like,
“Oh, Issa Rae.” And so, I was walking to an
elevator and this guy was like, “Does anybody ever tell you
you look like Issa Rae?” And normally, I’ll be like,
“Yeah, I get that all the time.” And I said that and then
I’ll follow it up with, “But it’s me.” But before I could follow it up, these other two girls were
getting in the elevator. And he was like, “Yo, did — she look like that girl
Issa Rae, huh?” And somebody was like,
the girl behind me was like, “I hate that show.” And I was like, I wanted to
get feedback and be like, I was on my phone,
I was like, “Well, what do you — what do
you hate about it?” But I didn’t because the girl
behind her was like, “Oh, you hate it?
I heard it was good.” And she was like,
“I hate that show.” So I was like, you know what
I don’t even like the show either, it’s not worth getting
my…” [ Speaks indistinctly ] -Don’t even get involved.
Don’t get involved with it. Are you excited to — I know
that’s the Roots. Are you excited to go back
to the Golden Globes? -I am. If I get food this time. Because I thought it was like
a dinner — I mean, did you eat? -No. I did not eat. There’s
a trick to the whole thing. -Well, I got there thinking like
I didn’t eat all day. ‘Cause I was like, “Oh,
it’s a dinner. Why would I eat?” And… -Yeah, it’s like a bunch of
stars sitting around eating dinner together. -That’s what I thought it was,
but it wasn’t. -That’s what they tell everyone
it is. -It wasn’t. As soon as
I got there, I was like, cool,
I’m a little dizzy. I was drinking a lot because
that’s also what you do there. But I was like, it’s cool
because there’s food. Food’s gonna come. -That’s all you have there.
Yeah. -And then, when I sat down,
they were serving dessert. And so, I was like, “Okay, that. Like I guess Hollywood, like,
serves dessert first.” Because that’s weird. And then… -That is perfect.
That is so awesome. -It’s crazy and so,
I never got — I brought my showrunner,
Prentice with me, and I asked him later, like,
after an hour passed, you did a great job. But after an hour passed,
I was like, “Um, where’s the food at?” And he was like, “Girl,
they served it, like, four hours ago.”
Before everybody gets there. -They do. That’s the secret.
The Golden Globes. They do serve dinner,
but it’s at, like, 2 in the afternoon. -Which isn’t dinner.
That’s not dinner. -It’s not dinner.
It’s called lunch you had. Barely serve that, yeah. Now “Insecure,” this is
season one, now two. -Yes. -And you’re currently
writing three. It became a giant thing,
Rotten Tomatoes, everyone loves it,
all the critics love it, the fans love it. The Obamas love it. -Oh, yeah.
Shoutout to my Obamas. Um… Yes.
-Shoutout to my Obamas. How great is that? And how did
they find out about it? -Well, I got to visit
the White House this time last year. I’ll never be back. And I got to go
and they invited us and… It was such a good time. Like, it was a great
Christmas party. And I brought my mom with me
and he hugged my mom. And then he, you know, he complimented
our show’s soundtrack. And was like, “I can’t quote
any of your show until after I become President.” And then, I met Michelle Obama
with Tiffany Haddish just a couple months ago.
-Yeah. Now Michelle’s the greatest. -Michelle was the best. She told — she was like,
mad about our finale. -She was mad. Well, this was
when you first met. -Yes. This was when
we first met. -And everyone’s cool
and civil. -Doesn’t she looked like
my Auntie? Like we’re related. We are. -And then, here is — -This is when she was very, very
upset about the finale. She was telling me, like,
“Why did you do that?” Which you have to watch
the show and see. I don’t wanna give any spoilers.
-Yeah. -But she told me that
Sasha and Malia put her on to the show,
which was amazing. And I was like, “Well, Sasha’s
like mad young, though, so…” Like, I don’t think she
should be watching it. -You keep talking people out of
watching your show. -I know, I know, I know. I know. But she was like, “Sasha’s
all that, okay? She can — she can watch
the show so…” -They’re great kids, yeah. And Tiffany Haddish,
she was like, she was talking to Michelle, I thought you guys were gonna
have a get together, right? No, yeah, we’re supposed to,
we invited ourselves to, like, cook for them. Well, Tiffany says
she will cook, I would just bring the drinks. And Michelle was like, “Yeah,
come through to Chicago.” And so, we’re just waiting
on you, Michelle. We’re ready. -Yeah, Michelle, I’ll come, too.
I’ll come, too. Girls and a guy, you know, yeah.
I’m down. I’m down with that. -Come through.
-Yeah, exactly.

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  1. since everyone knows rotten tomatoes is in the pocket of the industry, and jimmy is obviously one of the most sell-out still liked personalities, i'm pretty certain there's something shady going on with jimmy mentioning rotten tomatoes ratings to like every guest with a movie out. even when siskel and ebert were the biggest thing to ever happen to critics, talk-show-hosts didnt reference their review during every fucking interview.

  2. This has nothing to do with the interview. Issa Rae is stylish AF!!!!! Love her style. Bold and classic and just damn. Love this woman.
    Oh and her show is great too. :'D

  3. I love that Jimmy asks "How did they hear about your show?". Like they are the "The Obamas. I think they can afford HBO. lol

  4. The reason why I love her so much is because everything that comes outta her mouth is something I'd say. Some weird, awkward, quirky shit and it's amazing to see a black girl having this platform who's as awkward as me. Like….I'm creating my web series because she's making me feel like I can.

  5. The chick that said she hates her show must be in her feelings a lil bit. She probably just got out of a relationship or can’t find a man.

  6. i always saw the name 'ramla' on the scandal creditd like 'omg there's a somali writer on that shit!!' but could never find her online. cant wait to see this teen hbo show loool

  7. It's no way I'm going to Someones house to watch old sidcoms after the club…..what… that was funny.

  8. She is so just….. real…. just her! Love it like it or hate it she will not be bothered either way. I love it.

  9. This is one statuesque, beautiful woman! (It's not really important unless her boo slips though.😅) I'm new to her, but she's obviously uncomfortable with being the smartest in the room. It's nice seeing the humble succeed. We need more like her (in entertainment, and life in general).

  10. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    They dod want to actually protect,…or peaceful protest either/so they told me to go to new York /I was there . . Nothing else happened

  11. Luv her – ever since The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.. sooo happy for her success! Cheers to that! 🍾🥂🍻

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