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  1. Meth heads, crack heads and any cronic drug users are less crazy than 19th century upper class londoners because, I've never heard of anyone else snorting a dead guys ashes.

  2. I was so excited when CAT scanning came out! And in one of the Science Year supplement volumes to World Book Encyclopedia, there was a CAT scan of King Tut! Amazing what they learned! 2 decades later, our own local mummy (Louisville, KY) donated to the Library Museum by a private Egyptologist and later rescued from the 1937 flood found its way to its current preservation home, the Science Museum (727 W. Main St.) in a climate – controlled, clear – plastic – paned enclosure. The this mummy was also subjected to MRI and found to be a young maiden. I can't remember the details, but I'm sure they could be found fairly easily.

  3. I’m currently studying to become an Egyptologist, just found ur channel searching for videos.
    I have heard of mummy unwrapping, destroying the mummy is highly disrespectful. As the ancient Egyptians believed the sole to return to its body resting place during the day, at night it was said to travel the underworld with the gods. By destroying the host, the sole can’t return to the body and many people believe if disturbed an ancient curse will be settled upon you.

  4. This whole thing just gets more horrible when you find out that in Egyptian beliefs, it was e x t r e m e l y important that the corpse remain intact and preserved, and that otherwise they could not respond peacefully in the afterlife

  5. Bonjour Caitlyn!!! I know I would love for you to Tell us about how Mme Murray shaped the foundations of Wicca! Merci!

  6. Oh dear! This is the last channel I was expecting to find a Stefon’s reference.
    Thank you Caitlyn. I love your channel.

  7. Me out loud to the host: Great party!
    Me texting to my "we've always got each other's backs friend": Plz send halp

  8. Foppington's Law: "Once bigotry or self-loathing permeate a given community. It is only a matter of time before deep metaphysical significance is assigned to the shape of human skulls."

  9. What’s really upsetting is that those people that unwrapped them for “funzzies” as she perfectly put it. Probably at some point destroyed someone very important. We to this day can’t find Cleopatra. What if one of those mummies they destroyed was her. Like we’ll never know because those bodies were destroyed and sold, and are very much long gone now.

  10. As a history student and a huge egypt-loving nerd, finding a single mummy today in Egypt is somewhat rare. Let alone the care archeologists use to make sure the body doesn't decay or get damaged. This video brings on the same emotions as remembering that the Library of Alexandria was burned down.

  11. My dad is a frustrated archaeologist who with his friend proved that the Romans produced pottery in the English region known as the Potteries, Stoke on Trent… et al. Thus I spent lots of time looking around museums (no complaints there). My mother and I both found exhibits like the Egyptian collection of the British museum distasteful due to the exploitative treatment of the mummies. That said, one of my most vivid childhood memories is visiting the Tutankhamen exhibition as a child. I don't think I will ever forget staring into the face of his golden death mask. Perhaps I was a deathling before I ever even considered mortality.

  12. This is so absolutely awful and disrespectful to ancient tradition and the corpses who never wanted this to happen to them 🙁

  13. Oof. I get the scientific aspect, sure, but respect for the dead is not there for the ancient dead. It makes me wonder what we'll experience once we're ancient. Do our customs even matter in the long run?

  14. i've heard of this before. if a writer can't make a story out of this then they're not worth their weight in crumbling bandages.

    i remember a teacher telling us about her trip to egypt and going into a warehouse stacked to the ceiling with mummies. hardly rare, i guess. i've also heard they were used as fuel for steam engines/trains, which is easy to believe ~ not a lot of wood or coal in the desert.

  15. When I was a little girl mom,and I went to a museum in Lindsborg Ks. They had a mummy arm on display. It was the hand to forearm. I could see the arm bones. The old, yellowed, typed museum card said it belonged to a princess. And that many years ago home town boy brought it home from his travels. He could only fit the arm in his suit case. I've always wondered if it is still there.

  16. Caitlin, you are the strange chick at the party I really want to talk to but I don't want my friends to think I was strange too but secretly didn't care. Damned social dynamics.

  17. Kaitlin, you are a hoot. Nothing anything like it anywhere on youtube. I also love your friend, Elizabeth. She's kooky, too. Would like to see more of her.

  18. How come you talk about the male unwrapper asif hes a piece of shit but for the female unwrapper you go "weeeeeell she was a woman in a male dominated field and made up the basis for wicca." asif that makes it less horrid.

  19. It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder how many holes in the line of pharaohs would be filled in or if it continued if we would have any real history of them at all

  20. I know you posted this a while ago but I was wondering if you knew any info on "mummy brown" how mummy's were used in paint?

  21. Its 4:00am EST and sick with the flu, feeling like I'm on my deathbed, catching up on my favorite you tuber artist. Why aren't these videos monetized???

  22. I've always been of the mind that the dead should be left alone. I understand the idea of Learning about mummification and how the dead were treated but there's a limit. If there were curses I would hope those who looted the tooms would be subject to a miserable life. But more often than not those who cause decimation and havoc live long prosperous lives.

  23. Thanks to new high definition, 3D, scanning technologies, scientists were able to recreate the voice of a 3000 year old mummy at the Leeds City Museum.

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