[music] Hey everybody, it is we are the Davises. Hi and today we are going to have a unicorn sleepover challenge. wow So. everybody, you could see everyone dressed up. The cute ones are unicorn outfits. You look so awesome And we’ve got a unicorn mascot here, Tyler. Wop wop, party it out. So, what are we going to be doing today Kyler? Peniata. So Shawn said enough of Peniata and we got our unicorn blind folds here and everybody is getting ready to go outside. Ready to go do this Peniata. We got a Peniata emergency. What? It wouldn’t hang on the tree. Oh, we’ll figure it out. We gotta go outside and find a tree. We might have to go to the park. Oh yeah. So, its unicorn party. And we got these cute little baggies. You can find a unicorn bet, it’s a donkey with a hat. So, it’s the same thing right. Yes, does it look like a unicorn right. It’s just a make shift unicorn. A donkey with a hat and unicorn. They are one and the same. Alright we are going to the park to find the tree. [music] While Shawn is hanging out our Peniata. We got to introduce the unicorns. I got a bat. So, we have Sarah here and Vanessa and Kendall and Kyler of course right over there on the tree Oh my Gosh. And Tyler. Move the mascot. mow I’m not a unicorn. And Shawn says he is just a cup cake. I’m a cup cake wrangler wrangler, Oh I’m sorry. And Kyler you’re supposed to be first from the smallest to the tallest. Come on. I can’t Come on little one. [music] I’m a rattler she is going to hit me. Haa, Oh my God. What a shot. I’m sorry. No that went really fast. Oh I ruined it. Hopefully you’ve got another turn. That was when she panicked. Okay, you need to take turns to hit it off the tree. Yeah. Em, is that not gonna spill it all over the place. That’s not the fun, right? Put it in here, let’s play with the bags. Sarah has got the scur here. So Sarah is into snickers. Is that because that’s what you found or that what you like? I like. You like snickers awesome. And Venessa has got a whole mix here with including some weeds and leaves. And then Kendall has got tons and tons of tricks, her mom is gonna be so mad at me What does your mom do for a living? She is a dental Hygienist. Wow, I’m in trouble. Don’t tell, don’t tell mummy. Okay, okay okay. Just tell her not to watch this show. She’ll be alright This time we’ve got one of the bags up and we gonna try and let them hit it. We need to move the string this time So, when that happens, it knocks it down. I’m practicing, is that good? Yes We are devil blinding him. We are gonna put this blindfold on Tyler and we’re gonna put the unicorn head on him. The unicorn head is bad enough [music] These kids are just too strong for a Peniata. Alright, so we are on round three. Make sure you hit the Peniata. Sarah has not had a chance, now its Sarah turn. And she feels where it is. Ooh Man. She just whacked it. Do not get on Sarah’s bad side. You’re doing a horrible job at this. you know You’re just sitting there. She is blindfolded. Doing nothing [music] So that concludes our unicorn party at the peniata. The peniata just aren’t build the way they used to be I mean when I was a kid, you had to hit that thing like 30 to 40 times and at least, 1 time, 1 shot gone by the smallest kid Right, the girl who can barely hold the bat, destroyed the peniata. The girl has some muscle though, oh yeah. She is pretty reaped, yeah, she takes after her momma. And em everybody is enjoying there spoils here. And we are gonna head back to the house and get some pizza. Get some pizza guys, cuz there’s nobody in the house. So we gonna hurry and get back home. [music] So we lost one of our unicorns. But then we got another unicorn. You missed out on some of the unicorn fun. But we picked up Will, and he is going with us to the Trampoline Park. Yeay It’s indoors. So it’s a big party. I need a camera. How do you like the park? Do you like my pony? Yeay…on the way to the Trampoline Park. We want my mum on the fist of academy, cry is off my face. Oh no my mum is dead . its so loud [music] How does that work? Are we gonna go bump into him? Or are we gonna jump off? Ah, where did it go? This is cool. Its so awesome We are gonna be doing the caterpillar challenge. Who could be the craziest? Okay, I need a caterpillar. Em, Sarah has one. Sarah vs Kyler. I’m gonna get it next to my hair. She is gonna eat it. where is it? I lost it. She’s got a caterpillar moustache. Its popping on her mouth, ewww. Its crawling all over her face. Its getting into Kyler’s ears. Its in my shirt. Where is it on me? Where is it? he’s on my shirt. He’s on my sports bra. Yes he is on my sports bra. You gonna get him. Haa, she’s licking him. Oh my gosh, Sarah is crazy. Get away from me. What are you gonna do Kyler? I’m gonna set it free. Kyler lost, Sarah is the winner. She is the craziest of all. I would love to eat one. Oh my gosh. No way. We just finished with VELOCITY, everyone is kinda hanging outside. I got a sling and some sushi frog. Everyone has got new toys. I got the sand box. From playing the arcade. Then we go get some ice-cream. Yeah. How bad do you want ice cream? I want it this much. I need you here, I need 5 votes or we can’t do it. Ice cream ice cream Ice cream ice cream ice cream. Cream of ice, I need to go to grammar school. Okay, I guess we are going. ice cream. To get some ice cream. Here we go. ice cream [music] Are you ready for some ice cream? You’re blinding me with the light. Yeah Yes, blinded by the light. Have you heard that song? Blinded by the light I don’t know the rest This ice cream place is so popular. It is lined up out the door. Look, Look at line, I don’t know if you guys see it there? My favorite is coffee ice cream. Why did you take coffee ice cream? Because I like healthy ice cream. Deal with it. Is it real coffee? Kind of, just kind of. I don’t have a shoe on. Seems like these girls have some missing shoes since we left velocity. I can’t find my other slippers, so. I look like a weirdo in shoes There are slippers, 1 shoe and 1 slippers over here. If they get caught, there is a sign that says “no shirt, no shoes no service” So, if they look at their feet, and they will see a shoe. No, it says no shoes. I don’t think they’re gonna ice cream. No shoe, but I have a shoe. I think shoes are plural, so if you get one shoe you’re probably fine, right? I don’t think they would notice. I think we are good. It’s been a long long day. It’s like pretty warm out. It’s like 80 degrees and it’s like 9 o’clock at night. So, I guess it’s a good night for ice creams. This is the happening place on a Friday night. I want to try that. Haaaaaa [music] Everybody just ordered their ice cream and Shawn got this thing called taiyaki and I never heard of taiyaki. And apparently, there is a thing called taiyaki. It looks like a fish, I hope its taste good I don’t know. We think it might be like a waffle. It’s a fish waffle. With something inside of it. So, we are gonna try this choco cream taiyaki. And Shawn has gone to get it. And everybody else has got there little flavored ice cream. It should be really fun. [music] So, she just made the ice cream. Okay, so now I know why this place is so popular. They are pouring a liquid that has the flavor you want into a cup and then they put it in this really cool plate that is cooled at. I can’t remember. what was the temperature? -35 degrees. -35 degrees, so then it freezes into ice cream. So they’re making the ice cream right before your very eyes. I got my chocolate on my fish. Oh, Shawn got his, it’s not Choco taiyaki anymore. What is it? I got a Strawberry cream cheese. Strawberry cream cheese hmmm yum yum. Let me see what it looks inside? I think it looks like those Choco at the grocery store. Haa, it’s hard. Can you break it open? Okay, so what’s that? It looks like one of those, it looks like a doughnut. It like a doughnut. Like a cream filled doughnut. yeah. it’s like a Here you go, it’s a fish doughnut, ta da. It’s really really hot. So that is the taiyaki. It just burned my tongue. That’s a taiyaki fancy doughnut. I thought I was getting ice cream [music] you got the medium chocolate. Yum, all good. Is that all you hope it would be? It’s very delicious. Awesome. Worth every bit of waiting. It took like three and half hours to get that right? [music] I got raspberries strawberries. Yum, let’s see what you think. Taste it? I got some strawberries in it tough. Its good. You ready, looks good We just got back home. We made it. And Tyler’s friends got dropped off. So now we are down to the three-little pony’s So, the unicorn party is going on and we are gonna have to say goodnight to you guys So, they can get back to their slumber party. Yeah Okay so hope you guys enjoyed this video Like and subscribe and share this video with your friends and family, and until next time bye [music]

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