‘It’s just perfect’: Nats fans line the streets to celebrate World Series victory

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  1. Traitor neighbors are pride of traitor neighbors. If we stormed the district of criminals….all those traitor neighbors would be dead because traitor neighbors deserve death. Period.

  2. Yea great, another wild-card one-year wonder. The Selig legacy that just keeps on giving. Sorry, second place teams should not and never will be "World Champions."

  3. Hey Butt-hurting Triggered t.RumpRanger snowflakes… how that ''I now luv Houston'' 'go RUMP 2020!' work out for yah??? Haaa! Haaa!

  4. Baseball and basketball are now the most popular sports in the USA, the NFL is dying a slow death, low ratings and slow merchandise sales because of concussion issues and disrespectful players

  5. Whats the point of all this? Everyone knows the whole World Series is a sham, just a bunch of fixed games, so whats the point of celebrating victory that was already decided last year?

  6. Somebody sounded kind of whining in reply to my comment on the World Series the other day. Also, I've found headlines and stories on the same a little negative and frustrating. Is the district hated by people of other regions for something particular, or discriminated because the district is the center of the political stage and not sports or something?

  7. All the people who drove to the event, left a beautiful fossil fuel carbon foot print.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪

  8. Nothing more annoying than these losers that have never watched a game before until the world series and now they're super fans…. Same thing with the raptors in Toronto.

  9. President Trump becomes President and D.C. wins Lord Stanley’s Cup and the World Series. Coincidence? I think not!

  10. WASHINGTON POST: Jeffrey Epstein Philanthropist and Lover of Children dies in suicide. A Board Chair Member of both UN Council on Foreign Relations and The UN Trilaterl Comission. He will be missed by many. Clintons and many Hollywood, Jeff Zucker CEO CNN and ABC CEO,UK Royalty and UN Trilateral commission sent their regards. He left behind long time girlfriend Ghislane Maxwell

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