– Hello everybody! (kids screaming) It’s total crazy chaos going on right now. It’s Kayla’s birthday, and they’re destroying,
they’re balloon murderers. (kids screaming) Why are you guys killing
the balloons, man? (rock music) – All right, just picked
up Kayla’s birthday cake. And, they put this cake
together while it was still hot. Okay, so look at this cake. And, it’s totally melting. It’s totally falling apart in the center and melting and sliding to the side. (Kayla laughs) – [Kayla] It’ll still taste good. – [Connie] Kayla’s got a great attitude. Otherwise, it would’ve been an
awesomely cute birthday cake with peace symbols and
rainbows and hearts. – [Kayla] All the sides are falling off. – [Connie] The front
still looks pretty good. So, if you guys haven’t
figured it out yet, it is Kayla’s 12th birthday party. She’s officially 12 in a couple days, but we are celebrating today! And, we are gonna go to Velocity! – Yay! – [Kayla] I’m wearing this to Velocity. – Me too.
– Me too. – [Aydah] I’m gonna be
poppin’ and rockin’! – [Connie] How’s it going, Aydah? – Good! – [Connie] You ready to rock out? – [Aydah] Yeah. – [Connie] Yeah! Are you guys excited to go to Velocity? – [All] Yeah! – [Connie] It’s a party! Party in the car! (upbeat rock music) (cheering) – [Connie] We’re back now, and everybody is just getting some food to eat. We got pizza, we got
some treats, then what? Do you wanna do cake? – After pizza. – [Shawn] What gave it away? – I’m not supposed to be drinking sodas. – [Connie] Yeah, you better careful. – [Shawn] Oh, because of your braces? – [Connie] What did you get into? What did you get into? Let me see you. You look guilty. What is that? What is that? You got yourself into some feathers. You did, you did! Everybody’s getting their pizza fill in before we move onto– – It’s so hard to eat with my braces. – [Connie] Poor Kayla with her new braces. – What’s up, guys? – What is up? – [Connie] What is up, what is up? – Happy Birthday to Kayla. We’re so excited! – [Connie] Thank you guys for coming over! – Yes. – [Connie] So, we’re
just now getting ready to watch Kayla open some of her presents. – Okay, so this one is from Jayla and Aydah and Terra and Jesse. So, first thing, we have rainbow poop. – [Shawn] Rainbow poop? – It’s squishy. It’s like there’s little beads inside. – It’s like a beanbag. – It’s squishy. It feels, oh, they’re like little fox slipper footsie thingies! They’re really fuzzy on the insides. – [Connie] So cute, you guys are awesome! – There’s a turquoise thing in the middle. – [Connie] Thank you guys! – Thank yous! – [Connie] Aw. – It’s squishy. Oh, it’s not done yet. They got me the cheer leggings, remember? – [Connie] Yay! – A headband! You know I’m obsessed with headbands. You first! Yay! Yay! – [Jayla] Another punchy balloon! – Rainbow poop. – Look at how thick the card is! – [Connie] Oh, how cool! – I wonder how much– – Okay, so this one’s from Vanessa. – [Connie] Aw. – Right here. (laughs) – [Terra] She’s my pet. – She’s my pet. She’s my pet Vanessa. This tassel-y thingy. Oh, it’s a really thick card. Okay, there’s a yodeler-viking
or something on the front. It’s got little tassels on the head. – No, you have to pull it. – Oh, pull it, okay. (laughs) It spins! – [Connie] Wowee, that’s cute! – Papers everywhere. Oh my gosh! It’s so big. – [Connie] That’s adorable! – [Shawn] It’s almost as cute as Hershey. – I’m obsessed with these. Thank you so much. Yay, I’m obsessed with this. I’m obsessed with a lot of things. (laughs) – [Connie] These are all
from Mom, Dad, and Tyler. – Yes. It’s a cute shirt, or something. Yes, shirt. It’s a shirt, it has a bow on the front. – [Shawn] Hey, can I borrow that? – Yes. – [Shawn] Okay, awesome. – Here.
– Bring it. – What do you think,
it’ll look good on me? – [Kayla] Yes. – [Connie] Let’s see. – It’s totally my color. – [Connie] Oh, yeah. – Oh my gosh! – [Connie] That’s a winner. – [Kayla] Beautiful! Wax Extraction Candle. – [Connie] What is that? – [Kayla] Earwax Candle Kit! – [Connie] Show me what
you got there, let’s see! – [Aydah] That’s nasty! (laughs) – [Connie] It’s a Earwax Candle Kit? – Ew. – [Connie] You’re so lucky! – That’s so nasty! It’s a cap you put on. – [Connie] That was
really thoughtful, Shawn! – Well, I got lots of earwax, so I think– – [Kayla] That’s nasty! – [Connie] It works good for you, so you thought maybe Kayla would enjoy it? – Yeah. – [Kayla] That’s nasty. – [Tyler] Can I do it? – Oh, yay, it’s not an earwax kit! Thank you! – [Jesse] Earwax kit? – It’s not. – Aw. – Thank goodness! – I feel like I already have a shirt. – [Terra] Oh, I like that! Yes, girl! – It’s a sleeveless jacket. – [Terra] Yes, queen! – And, then I got a little necklace with a tassel-y thingies. Beautiful! And, then, it looks like a shirt. It has sparkles on it,
and it has a lot of words. “A smile is the prettiest
thing you can wear.” (laughs) This is cute, it’s got
little sequins on the front. Not sequins, they’re like metal
hooks or rings or something. (drumming) – You finally got what you wanted. – Yay! – [Shawn] It’s bubble wrap! – That’s not what she wanted. – [Connie] We were telling everybody that Jayla and Aydah got those, and Kayla loved it so
much she had to get one. – They’ve had them since they were, my mom bought them for
them when they were babies. That’s how long we’ve had ’em, so yeah. – And, then Aydah showed me her’s like a Monday or something like that. – [Terra] When you came
to sleep over, yeah. – I came to sleep over,
and so she has a blue one. – Kayla, smile for the camera! – What? – Smile for the camera. – Oh, okay. (laughs) So, there’s batteries in the
top, and then it’s like a– – [Connie] Yeah, turn it on. – Does it have the batteries already? – [Connie] Yeah, open it. – Yay! And, then it flaps around in there. – [Jayla] Yeah, we have one. – [Tyler] That’s awesome. – If you tap the glass– – [Jayla] I have a pink
one, I have a monarch. – [Tyler] How does that work? – It flies around in there. It’s magic! – [Terra] Don’t question it. – It’s my butterfly! His name is… – [Tyler] Gerald. – No! – [Jayla] Steve! Oompa-Loompa! – [Shawn] Beaufort! – [Connie] Fluffy! – His name is– – [Jayla] Bob! – Frederick! It’s Frederick! – [Jayla] No, his name is Bob! – [Kayla] Hugs! – [Connie] Yay! Thank you and Daddy! Don’t forget about Daddy! – Oh, yeah, sorry! – I get a hug too? – I don’t wanna squish it. – That’s okay. (squeals) No one’s gonna stop her! Happy Birthday, Kayla-Boo! – Yay! Happy Fake Birthday. – [Connie] Balloon popping crazy madness. – [Jesse] Are you ready, sir? – Bring it on! (popping) – [Connie] What the parents
do when the kids aren’t home! (laughs) – Poppin’ all your balloons, kids! – [Connie] They trash the house! – Throw something else at me, c’mon! Grab that baby! (laughs) ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Cha-Cha-Cha ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Cha-Cha-Cha ♫ Happy Birthday dear Kayla ♫ Happy Birthday to you (cheers) (singing) – [Shawn] Yay! – I got an itchy nose! – What did you wish for? – I can’t tell you! – [Jesse] Hey, guys,
we need to retake that. You were off tempo. – [Terra] The song is
supposed to sound terrible. – [Connie] It’s like church, right? – Yeah, that is the point. – It’s supposed to make the
birthday person feel awkward. – ‘Cause they don’t know what to do. – I just sang with them. I went, “Happy Birthday to me!” – [Jesse] Aydah, you were
supposed to be a tenor, and you were supposed to be a soprano! – [Shawn] I’m gonna give you extra cake. Yummy! She’s like, “What about
me, don’t I get cake?” – [Connie] Where is she? (calling out) She should’ve been
sitting with the kids too. I don’t mind sitting with them. – It’s fine! (laughs) That looks so satisfying! – [Jesse] Well, now Connie’s gonna flip it in slow motion, so just
be prepared for it. – [Connie] Gotcha. – [Kayla] Explode it! (screams) – [Connie] Kids gone wild! (upbeat music) (screams) – [Boy In Hat] It’s in my ear! – [Connie] Oh no! (cheers) (laughs) You guys are crazy! – This is real, oh my goodness! – [Terra] All right, you guys
start licking the floor clean. – [Jayla] Okay! – [Connie] Oh my gosh! – [Terra] Oh my God, dude. – [Kayla] It’s all over everything. – [Jayla] Do we need showers? – I started a war! – [Jayla] Do we need showers? – [Vanessa] No, I think
we’re pretty clean. – [Terra] That’s a good idea. – [Vanessa] We’re pretty clean, Jayla. – Girl hug! – [Vanessa] Girl hug. – [Boy In Hat] It’s stuck in my ear. – [Connie] No! – [Boy In Hat] It’s stuck in my ear. – Next year… I am gonna cry. Look at Terra, she’s trying to help me, and she’s crying! It’s not even her house! (laughs) – I don’t even know how to clean this. – [Connie] I don’t either! What’re we gonna do? – [Jesse] Well, you have a Roomba. – [Connie] Look at that! – [Terra] They’re gonna
go hose off outside. – [Shawn] Can you just wait for it– (cheers) – [Jayla] Come on! – [Terra] Oh my gosh. – [Connie] I’m gonna die! – [Kayla] I started a war, I’m sorry! (“I’m Over You” by Mondays feat. Lilia My) – All right, guys, this is it! We had a wonderful
birthday party for Kayla! (cheers) Thank you guys for coming
and hanging out with us! Thank you guys for watching and– – Comment down below, #HappyBirthdayKayla! (cheers) – And, until next time! – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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