It’s our b-day but we’re celebrating YOU! | Evite’s 20th Birthday 🍰

(dramatic orchestral music) – [Narrator] On
our 20th birthday, we thank you for
celebrating with us. Over the last 20
years, we’ve enabled more than three billion
face-to-face connections and it’s all thanks to you. We’ve been there for birthdays,
holidays, graduations, engagements, baby
showers, and more. We’ve been there for each
others’ biggest milestones and most memorable moments, when you looked like this and we looked like this, and this, and this. Whether you’re sending
invitations by text or email, hosting alone or with a friend, giving gifts or donating
to a favorite charity, we’ve been there for
every celebration. The people and parties may
look a little different, but what matters
remains the same, being together for life’s
most important moments. Together, you’ve thrown
70 million parties, celebrated 25 million birthdays, blown out 209 million candles, said over a half million I do’s, seen old friends
and met new ones. You have been the
life of our parties. This year, it’s our
turn to celebrate and we’re choosing
to celebrate you. We hope you’ll be there with us for the next 20
years and counting because this party is
just getting started. (filmstrip clicking) (tranquil orchestral music)

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