‘It’s our turn’ – John Tamihere throws hat in for Māori Party

John Tamihere is no stranger
to politics. The urban Maori champion is vying
for a comeback to Parliament, with the intention to revive
the Maori Party, but is it realistic? Te Okiwa McLean spoke to Tamihere, who’s announced his candidacy
to stand in Tamaki Makaurau at this year’s general election. A man of politics returns
to the political arena. Maori Party, arise! The new Maori Party candidate
for Tamaki Makaurau says the time has come to revive
the Maori Party because the sitting Maori MPs
are ineffective. Tamihere has already
served Parliament from 1999 to 2005. He says things for Maori
have gone from bad to worse. Tamihere lost the Auckland mayoralty
race last year, and while he stood successfully
for a local seat on the Waitakere Licensing Trust
in 2013, he was stood down
from his RadioLive show over commentary
about the Roast Busters. Despite his track record
post Parliament, Tamihere is optimistic. But is it enough to see
Tamihere through? Only time will tell
come Election Day. Te Okiwa McLean, Te Karere.

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