IT’S OVER! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez OWN Party PUSHES Her OUT(REPORT)!!!

IT’S OVER! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez OWN Party PUSHES Her OUT AOC’s war on fellow democrats likely
to eliminate her house seat Ocasio cortez builds progressive campaign arm
to challenge democrats Ocasio cortez endorsed to slay the progressive
challengers to democratic candidates an encumbrance working to create a liberal
counterweight to the party’s official campaign arm according to a New York
Post editorial representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez would do well to prepare
to see her House seat vanish after this year’s redistricting over to her
targeting of established Democrats with funds from her courage to change pack
the freshman representative has been in hot water with some in the party for
refusing to pay dues to her caucus fundraising arm the Democratic
Congressional Campaign Committee and instead devotes resources to defeating
Democrats indeed she and her allies are now targeting several longtime local
lawmakers on the theory that they’re every bit as much of a problem as
Republicans aoc tweeted it’s time to elect a progressive majority in Congress
accountable to strong grassroots movements that push support for issues
like Medicare for all a green New Deal racial justice and more my ambition
right now is to be a little less lonely in Congress but she may not last in
Congress Ocasio Cortes launched her own political action committee with the
hopes of supporting some challengers who refused to bow to establishment pressure
Ocasio Cortes said in an interview one of our primary goals is to reward
political courage in Congress and also to help elect the progressive majority
in the House of Representatives there’s kind of a dual nature to this one is
opening the door to newcomers and the other is to reward members of Congress
that are exhibiting very large amounts of political courage Ocasio Cortes says
she saw her role as breaking down the barriers to entry for the kinds of
Democrats who should be serving it’s important for us to create mechanisms of
support because so much of what is happening in Washington as driven
by fear of loss we can really create an ecosystem that makes people more
comfortable into making the leap to make politically courageous choices the House
Democratic campaign arm infuriated progressives last year when it
formalized the policy borrowing campaign vendors from conducting business with a
primary opponent of a sitting Democrat a move intended to shield incumbents
Democratic leaders defended the policy arguing it was reasonable to afford
encumbrance that level of protection top progressive lawmakers in the House
signed on to a temporary date odd but MS Ocasio Cortes made clear she would
continue to refuse paying the party dues and press forward with her own
fundraising Ocasio Cortes raised one point four million dollars in January
according to her campaign with nearly 20,000 contributions directed
specifically to the political action committee the average contribution was
about 17 dollars Alexandria Ocasio Cortes is polarizing persona has earned
her a long list of challengers both Republican and Democrat hoping to take
her seat in November’s election one of those competitors
vadym Khan says that AOC is more focused on gaining Fame and popularity than
helping those in the community she represents and blames the Democratic
socialists for dividing the Democratic Party ms Ocasio Cortez’s star power has
already surged as she campaigns for mr. Sanders drawing thousands to rallies and
raising larger questions about what she will do next
MS Ocasio Cortes said that she was not sure what her next move in politics
would be and that she sometimes wondered how long she would stay in politics
until then she said she would work to elect more people like herself to serve
in the House and Senate while I think sometimes a lot of people see this as a
huge amassing of influence or power or money or what have you my personal
experience does not feel that way it can feel very lonely I think my ambition
right now is to be a little less lonely in Congress don’t be surprised when the
established Democrats will control redistricting after the 2020 census do
our best to eliminate her seat thank you god bless you and God bless america

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  1. No matter the amount of lipstick you put on this PIG it isn't going to work. AOC is now…and forever will be an anti-American whore put in place by non-Americans. This bitch needs to be sent to the pound after whore tour in congress and put to sleep like the dog she/it is.

  2. idiot still pushing the green new deal lmao. thats what will get her gone the women is brain dead. already been laughed off the house floor she dnt llearn does she like duh.

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  5. I think her appeal is in her appearance and not her political stance. Hopefully, her appeal will grow dim and she will disappear from the political landscape. I kind of think she has aspirations of running for President when she becomes of age (45+).

  6. She should be arrested for HIGH TREASON! She did NOTHING FOR her constituents, just EVERYTHING AGAINST them she possibly could!! Actually, ALL DemonRats should be arrested for HIGH TREASON!!

  7. She’s doing EXACTLY what she needs to do; the Democratic Party is hapless and corrupt, the very thing America’s electorate needs to see and that won’t happen within the party structure without HER energy. GOD bless her. Bernie, A.O.C. 2020 …..

  8. She’s doing EXACTLY what she needs to do; the Democratic Party is hapless and corrupt, the very thing America’s electorate needs to see and that won’t happen within the party structure without HER energy. GOD bless her. Bernie, A.O.C. 2020 …..

  9. Chilled glass add the crazy rocks, add the free booze, shake the shit out of the country and add a major dash of crazy juice with 2 parts communist and see what happens…the AOC drink. No thanks! Not thirsty!!!

  10. Hey Theodrick,that comment makes You a Hapless Hopeless Corruped Socialist for the rest of your life. ?

  11. Who ever sent her to Washington needs to keep her in the State that voted her stupid azz in she hates America thinks the new green deal is going to make a difference she most stay high all the time

  12. Medicare for all CANNOT and WILL NOT work….It would shutdown the health industry, doctors offices, hospitals, health clinics, all! Ask anyone who has MEDICARE, we know first hand!

  13. She just want the donation so she can get her money. She didn't have to do anything for her constituents.

  14. No, it's time to take out corrupt children who managed to get into OUR congress by fraud. It won't be long now; Lord willing.

  15. She should go to prison for her campaign law violations. Then back to bar tending, sporting her new tattoos.

  16. Since AOC has such a good friend in Ilhan Omar, she should move to Muslim districts where she could show solidarity with another group hating our country. Actually, the Muslims might move to their home country in protest. I hope she goes.

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  18. nothing will happen to aoc. i'm seen all of these adds about the democrats and the illegal things they've done and nothing happens. no arrest, no jail time, only headlines… no action!! crap!!

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