It’s Sexy Time | FAMILY GUY

Permission to begin a day of
epic love-making, sexy lady? Permission granted, sir. [music playing] [squeaking] OK. (SINGING) See, see
your [inaudible].. Yeah, it is getting late. I guess I’ll go home
and rub out a giggity. Well, actually, I think we
need it for more than an hour. Or do we? Right, Lois? [laughs] I– I do not last very long. There he is, the reason
my bed post is so shiny. Here. Let me help you to the door. I’m a [inaudible] And who
has better sex than people who don’t use toilet paper? Ah, Peter, I want
you to do me so hard that we have change churches. Gross. You see that, Brian? That’s going to be
our penis [inaudible].. Right? I want to wreck you
so bad you’ll look like an exploded hot pocket. Oh, my god! And now we wait. Can I interest you
guys in a 2 and 1/4 way? Happy birthday. Hey. Hey, where’s that
pinky going, huh? Peter, Quagmire has
a name for that cabin. He calls it his sex cabin. No, he doesn’t. He calls it the Stuff-It-In. Hey, you want to
blow this joint? – Sure.
– Oh, wow. Really?
All right. Go for it. Come on. Let’s go.
– Oh. Oh.
You mean leave. Yeah, no, yeah, sure. No, let’s go. Well, I guess you can call
me the Man of La Muncha. [chuckles] I think she’s choking. Should we wake her up? No, she’s gotta learn to
breathe out of her nose. She’s getting it. Ah! That was amazing. I’m going to have to
crawl to the bathroom. Strike 2! And Ricky, you have got
the best ass on this field. How are you girls
doing on popcorn? I’ll take some. Here you go. Archibald Meatpants? He’s– he’s dead. OK, well, either
way, I’m getting paid and somebody is
getting torn open. Hey, I thought I told you
kids to go plow in the field. But Dad, we’ve been
plowing all morning. Yeah, I can’t take
any more plowing. I can barely walk. Look, I know it
seems like dirty work, but Chris, you gotta spread that
seed until your sack is empty. And Meg, you gotta clear away
all that brush so he can plant it deep where it needs to be. OK, we’ll keep at it. But I think that hoe is
pretty much worn out. Well, flip it over. You can use both sides. Ta-da!

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  1. Animation on FOX The Simpsons and the loud house crossover in May 26, 2019
    Can you do make this episode special crossover?

  2. Do you know Pokemon the series got 1,053 episodes and 19 B movies Pokemon the series got more episodes than the Simpson and family guy I mean this is after the Simpson get made maybe do family guy episode about Pokemon the series and 19 B movies because is so BAD now in season 20 21 22 and main character ash ketchum get WEAK and main villain Giovanni get STRONG and ash defeat five villains but he missed one in the beginning just do episodes just how bad this is nothing but lies and do same lines over over again and the Simpson need do same with and say good stuff of Pokemon the movie i choose you because look like the first Pokemon movie but not Pokemon the movie the power of us and Pokemon the movie mewtwo strike back evolution they are not sequel to Pokemon the movie i choose you! Period.

  3. If you can get Seth MacFarlane to answer this question, that would be nice!

    Hey Seth, what was the font you used for the credits in the episode "And Then There Were Fewer"?

  4. There were some corrupt, racist, foolish, obscure presidents in American History, but He (the chosen one) has it all. No one is more complete than Donald Trump . God save America ! Wait a minute, he claims he's been sent by Him……Doh

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