IV Anniversary Mega Crab – Global Leaderboard – News From the Front Bumper Edition

This is Rita Reporter, live from
the waters of the defeated Mega Crab, with a story of the world’s best
Boom Beach Commanders! The world’s number 1 player globally
reached stage 120, for the IV anniversary Mega Crab! Way to go, Commander! In second place
on the global leaderboard, who reached stage 119
with a feat of crustacean cracking. Your heroism is world class, Commander! And in third position worldwide, who reached Stage 118 and really left
their mark on this Mega Crab. What a claw-some effort! Everyone has taken bravery and battle
to the next level. We salute you, Commanders! That’s all from me. Back to News from the Front
for more intel from around the bea… The Lunar New Year was celebrated, and many seasonal gifts were given. First out of the box was a cheeky turret that terrorized enemy defenses
by dropping on them… Commander Soliman Elsayed reported: “I finished imitation
with turret only and GBE!” That’s astounding, sir! Many troops got something
in their breakfast that turned them
into base-biting maniacs! Footage here
of revved-up Warriors at work. And here of Critters going crackers. Makes you itch, doesn’t it? Commander crazyzooca caught the mood: “Total Madness!”
Four loved-up pussycats and thumbs up! Busy Commander Daniel Koron
sent a telegram: “Is great.” As a festive gesture, troops voluntarily worked
for a lower price. Unsurprisingly, many ops were launched. As Commander renslyfrancisbarco put it: “Really cool I love this I keeps
on attacking with the troop mania.” Now, something peculiar. Tired of Blackguard attacks, Commander MikeyNuNu
tried to call a truce. But he didn’t use a telegram,
he used his own buildings… Do we know if that worked?
Apparently it didn’t. Finally, February 14th saw
heart-warming messages to troops from loved ones. Renee Chung wrote sweetly: “Warrior is mine. So sneaky and strong!”
Winking face. Osman.yari.69 seemed to lose
his head however: “Gearheart.” Big shining heart. Really, Mr Yari? Good night!
May your health points stay high. Now, a message from our sponsors. Ever been frustrated
by a very tough crab? Try these stylish new Crab Hammers, hand-crafted by Warrior
as exact replicas of his own. Twenty gold each. Magic crystal
needs magic batteries, not included.

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  1. Ok guys I have a task force that has open spots if anyone wants to join it's called random nation looking for people who play at least 3 or 4 times a week our team is great and we are always looking to make it better

  2. Boom beach should dress hammerman's just like him it will nicer and funny if you think about just imagine heavies w hats and the suit

  3. This game is dead there's nothing to do for higher level players it's just destroying bases over and over again

  4. Бляха муха в игру войти не могу!!!! Какой краб???? К е….ям!!!! Удаляю игру на х..й!!!! Уже слов нет!!! Эмоции только!!!!!

  5. Do I get free diamonds for this? MikeyNuNu here. The fame has gone to my head, the paparazzi are on the front waiting for a glimpse of me.

  6. Someone know if we are going to be like zombies again.
    Are they going to give us attacks every 30 min Like the last crap.

  7. Why do not I have any dark statue of the gunship energy?
    Is it harder to get or something??
    I only get the probability of stones of power -_-

  8. The monthly crab has got to be the best thing in boom beach since it started , player against player …. 3 day booming ….. near instant log & player comparison 😎👍👍

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