iWall – Fitness gaming is fun!

We introduced our iWall in June and
it’s been in constant use ever since. We heard about it from our colleagues and realized that
we need it for our gym as well and as soon as possible. iWall brings the long-needed variation to our adult customers’ work
out but it’s also a great way for adults and children to exercise together. I bumped into iWall at a trade show, got really excited
about it and thought that it would fit well for our school. We got project funding for it and iWall was installed
last spring. We all have been really happy with it. iWall completes our range of services incredibly well. It can be used as a warm up before the workout or as a fun way to
raise your heartbeat and have a laugh during your gym visit. iWall is perfect for schools.
It combines virtual reality and exercising in a fun way. Our school received iWall only couple of weeks before
the summer break and the children were super excited about it. They actually asked us to postpone the summer
holiday so they could play iWall a bit longer.

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