Jack Stands Up to a Cheerleader – Will & Grace

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  1. Terrific! I remember this scene and it´s very funny because these actors and actresses (besides the directors and all the staff) are brilliant too.

  2. I miss karen we don't really see her as much. And her actress Megan Mulally spoke in her podcast about how in the set of will and grace she's being bullied by her coworkers.

  3. They should have just made this the Jack and Karen show. Will and Grace were just MEH compared to these two that basically carried the show.

    Edit: Dang 113 likes in 24 hours? Im honored and so glad others agreed with me! I seriously just watched the show just to wait for them to be on screen. Especially together. 💕

  4. My mom passed alway last jan 24th 2020. She loved Karen. We are from Brazil. Really miss my mother Olinda. I cant go on without her.

  5. Im not sure I like Karen in the new season. Last season was really good though. I think in general Jack has been the life of the revival, its like time never passed. Karen, who I love, somehow feels a little odd.

    This season's storyline just SUCKS. Getting rid of Mccoy and going back to the whole baby thing (ugh annoying) was a huge mistake.

  6. The original was funnier. This reboot sucks balls. Lol. It's so stupid and not funny at all. I loved this one better. So happy the reboot is over. Thank you next.

  7. Will and Grace "Lord, they're like Siamese twins who are joined at their boring personalities" – Karen Walker

  8. I have been waiting more than 10 years to see this video in the original page of this fantastic series. Love it!!!

  9. The show would not have lasted even without the feud. You guys talk too much but never there to support it when it's on. The show now has ratings of 4 million per episode which is a third of what it used to have and it decreased over a million every season it was back. 'Oh it's cos it's 2020….' No, it's not.
    The conners is doing 8 million and young sheldon is at 15 million, Mom is at 11 million , modern family is at 8 million, your excuse for 'nobody is watching tv' is invalid

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