(upbeat music) – [Jared] Good morning, Jackson! – Good morning. – [Jared] Happy birthday, buddy! – Thank you.
(Jared laughs) – Happy birthday! Hi Calvin! Hi bud! – Does he have presents for me? – Maybe, he might!
– It’s in my box? For me?
– Do you have a present for Jackson? – Yeah! – [Jared] Oh good, he said yeah! Are you so excited for today? – Mm-hmm. – [Jared] How old are you today, Jackson? – Four. – Four years old, yay! – [Jackson] Am I four now? – [Jared] You’re four now! – Yes! – [Jared] And you’ll be
four for one whole year. – Year! – [Jared] Are you so excited to be four? – Yeah. – [Jared] Yeah? Happy birthday! We got some fun stuff
that we’re gonna do today. – Yes! – [Jared] And I can’t wait
to celebrate with you. – Then these workers are at home, taking out to go to Lee’s, and Mommy’s gonna pick
up my birthday cake. – Yep, your birthday cake is at Lee’s and we’re gonna pick it up later today. – Yep.
– Yep. – Oh, ow, good morning. Happy birthday breakfast! We’re having oatmeal all together because, Jackson, you need to get
some energy built up in you. You need to have all
the energy in the world, because guess what we’re
doing for your birthday? Me and you are gonna go skiing today! – Right now? – [Jared] In a few minutes, yeah! – Yay! – So once you’re all done with your cereal and Dad is all done packing
up, we’re gonna go skiing. And guess who’s gonna go with us? – [Jackson] What? – [Jared] Uncle Joel and Boston. – What about Cody? (Jared laughs) – Cody’s gonna be at school today.
– Yeah, he’ll be at school. – But you’re just excited to see Boston? – [Jackson] Mm-hmm.
(Jared laughs) – I promise they like each other. – They do like each other.
– Cody’s important too. – [Jared] Yep. It’s been a year since we’ve gone! – Where’s my skis? – [Jared] We’ve gotta go rent them. Sound good?
– Mm-hmm. – [Jared] Okay, finish your
breakfast, and we’ll go, okay? – Mm-hmm.
– High five! – Bam!
– Happy birthday! – Happy birthday. – Jackson just asked, how
long will it be when I’m 20? And I was like, what age will I be? I’ll be 42 when Jackson is 20 years old. 42 is young, that’s crazy! – Someday I’m gonna turn 21. – [Ellie] I don’t want
you to get that old, ’cause then you won’t
be living in my house. – But I don’t wanna be gone. – So you better not turn 20. – But I wanna turn 22. – Okay, you turn 22, but not
for many, many more years. Okay?
– Yes! – [Ellie] Sound like a plan? You stay a kid? – I don’t want to stay a kid. – [Ellie] Sounds good. I have Jackson’s stuff all laid out, and I’m putting a little
granola bar in his pocket, because sometimes when
you’re up on the mountain, you’re hungry. ‘Kay, you have a granola bar in here in case you guys get up there
and you want a bite to eat, okay? – I want it. – [Ellie] You want it now? – Yeah. – [Ellie] Okay, wait till
you get up there, okay? Let’s get dressed. Are you excited? – Yes! – Let’s go! Whoo! Okay, let’s go get in the car
and we’ll go pick up our boys, okay? Pick up Joel and Boston. – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Look at the beauty of the mountain. We made it! We are here at Cherry
Peak, and if you saw that, that’s the parking lot. No one else is here. I’m excited, I’m a little nervous because
there are no lights on. Oh, but the door is open. The door’s open. Hello? Um. This is kinda crazy. They’re supposed to open
at 9, and it’s like 9:40. This is kinda weird. Uh, let’s see. I am positive it said 9 o’clock. – I’m sure somebody is here. Maybe they just need one
person for all four of us. – I mean, I would not mind
having the mountain to ourselves. – Did you reserve it, Jared? – Just for us. I think maybe we’ll drive, maybe go up to the top
of the lodge and see? – [Joel] Yeah, is there a
parking spot over there? – Yeah let’s go. They can’t be closed, they
would not leave that door open. – We have to climb those rocks! – [Jared] No, that’s why
there’s stairs over there. We’re here, bud, you ready? – Yeah! – Let’s go over this way! So FedEx is here, and they
are just as confused and lost as we are. There’s no one here. If FedEx is here, I mean, they come on this route every day, every week?
– I would assume, every couple days. – Yeah, so it’s like, if FedEx is here, there probably should be someone here. – [Joel] There is one car over there, but I wonder if it was left overnight. – Well yeah, and that’s
what I’m wondering too. There’s a couple of options
that I can think of. One, we can just play right here. – There’s tubes that are out. – Tubes, have a little fun. Two, the door to get skis is open.
(Joel laughs) we could grab some skis, the
power’s right there to turn on the lift. Maybe we do that.
– Maybe just take over. – Or three. – I’m gonna homestead this, Jared. – Yeah.
– Squatter’s rights. – Seriously. Would you have a flag we
can plant and claim it as our own? Isn’t that how you do it? That’s how they did it on the moon. – That’s how they did it in Far Away. – So it is 9:55, technically,
the lifts open at 10am, but the lodge opens at nine,
so I’m wondering if someone just didn’t show up or something. (kids squeal)
I’m kinda suspicious about all of the doors that are unlocked. It makes me feel like
someone should be here. And there’s a light on at that lift. – [Joel] Yeah, there’s a light
on in the parking lot too. – [Jared] Yeah. Hey, are you still having
fun on your birthday? – Yeah.
– Good. It is well past 10 o’clock. Gosh, their website, everything, said nine o’clock for this magic
carpet where they go skiing right down this bunny hill. We’ve got to do something. – I’m assuming there’s lack of snow, so we’re just gonna
play instead on our own. – Yeah, exactly. So we’re gonna take these tubes, they’re just sitting right over here, and we’re just gonna do a little tubing, just a little tubing, no harm, no foul. I don’t think anyone will get mad. – [Boston] Hey you guys! – But we’ve got these tubes,
and we’re gonna push the kids up the hill just a little bit, and then we’re gonna let them go down. Just so we can say we did something today. It’s his birthday, for pete’s sake! – It is.
– You know? It’s his birthday.
– Happy birthday. The thing is, he’s having the
time of his life right now. – [Jared] He is, he really is. Look at that smile on his face. Okay, you guys ready to go up the hill? Just a little bit, just to
have a little fun, okay? Right there, I think that’ll be just fine. (Jackson grunts)
Nice, ooh, careful! So you go right here,
we’ll wait for Boston. And then we’ll let you go. (upbeat music)
(kids squeal) Here you go, Jacks! Whoo! Okay! – Yay! (Jackson laughs) (kids laugh) – [Jared] Was that awesome? Go go! I got Boston! – I jumped! – You did! Oh, you know what, I
think this is turning out better than skiing. This is pretty dang fun. – They’re already drenched. – Dad! I never jumped! – [Joel] Okay, go jump again. – Okay! (Jared laughs)
– Okay. – [Jared] There we go, those kids. – [French Voice] Meanwhile. – [Calvin] Um, let’s do it! (upbeat music) – [Ellie] I think Jackson
is going to love this! Are you ready, my birthday boy? – [Jared] Hi! – What do you think?
– What? Look at this! – Why did you do this while we were gone? – [Ellie] Because I thought you’d like it. – [Jared] Jackson, the Spiderman is as big as you are! Look at that! – [Ellie] Do you see your present? – Look how big this present–
– I see it, I see it! – [Ellie] Good! – [Jared] This present is
as tall as you are, Jackson! – I wanna open it up. – [Ellie] Let’s wait for your cousins and grandma and grandpa, okay? – [Jared] Happy birthday! – I’ll take this off. – Oh no!
– He can do it, that’s okay.
– That’s all right. That’s so cool, huh? – What is this? – [Ellie] I dunno, a little Spiderman figurine.
– A little cake topper. – [Ellie] He’s more excited about his cake than anything.
– I know. ‘Cause he knows he gets to eat it.
– Ooh, perfect, just like that. – [Jared] Happy birthday, bud. – [Ellie] Did you have
a fun outing with dad? – Yeah. – [Ellie] I heard the
skiing place was closed. Did that make you sad? – It makes me sad because
the website said it was open. But, you know what’s funny? – What?
– Boston said, he’s like, Jackson, that
was the best birthday ever. – [Ellie] Be nice, let go. – Mom, we should put some candles on. – [Ellie] Do you wanna do that? – Uh-huh.
– Okay. – [Jared] You finding
the candles up there. – [Ellie] I pray we have some. – Uh-oh.
– Oh crap. Please don’t tell me we… Oh look. – [Jared] Hold please,
while we find the candles. Yay! Mom found some! Oh, are you hiding your
eyes so you don’t see them? It’s a surprise. One.
– That’s a good spot. – [Jared] Two. Three. Oh yeah, get ’em spaced a little bit. Four.
– Perfect, that’s perfect.
– Good job, buddy. And then when everyone’s over here, we can light them, sing you a song, you make a wish, and then
you can blow them out, and we can have some cake and eat it too. – And open the presents. – [Jared] That’s a great idea. Look how big that number four is. That is just for you, Jackson, and that Spiderman is so cool, huh?
– Uh-huh. Nope. – [Ellie] What about, see all these people, these
all go together somehow. – [Jackson] This one goes
here, this one goes here. – You are doing awesome with your puzzle. I asked Jackson what he wanted to do before his cousins came over, and we sing him his birthday song, and he wanted to do a puzzle with me, so we are sitting down and
he is doing an awesome job at this puzzle. Grandpa would be proud. Jackson is such a fun four-year-old. Almost, once he blows out his candles. I enjoy having Jackson around. He is a good listener, I love
when we go into town together and we have lunch dates together. If it’s just me and him,
or me, him, and Cal, or if Dad joins. We just have a lot of fun together. – I need a mouth. – [Ellie] You need a mouth? He’s not worried about what I’m saying. He’s worried.
– See? – Yep, you need the mouth piece. He’s worried about his puzzle. I am always amazed at
how young Jackson is, but how considerate he
is towards other people. He understands emotions, and
I feel like I don’t often see that in kids, and I’m just so proud
and impressed with him. You did an awesome job. – Thanks mom. (door clicks open) (kids squeal) – That’s so cute!
(women laugh) – [Ellie] It’s like as tall as him. – The pizza is finally here so our party can officially start! You guys ready? Hi mom and dad! Hi guys! – Hey!
– Okay, everyone got their birthday singing voices on? – [Ellie] Do you want your toy
here or do you wanna hold it? – I wanna hold it. – That’s a good idea.
– Okay. – [Ellie] Okay, don’t blow it out. He practiced outside of Grandpa’s. – [Jared] He was doing
so good, it was so funny. – [Ellie] Don’t blow it out, okay? Don’t blow it.
– Yep, Jackson. – [Ellie] Jackson blows it out. – He’s just told not to, and he’s like, he’s like, you better not. – I already know. – [Ellie] Ready Jackson? What are you thinking? – [Grandpa] Are you gonna make a wish? – [Ellie] Are you excited? Okay. (match burns) (all sing “Happy Birthday”) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Jackson ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – You can blow ’em!
(soft instrumental music) – It’s my little Jackson boy. (all cheer) Good boy! – [Jared] Happy birthday, bud! He gets down to business. – [Ellie] Do you wanna eat one? Lick it?
– I wanna lick one. – [Ellie] Wanna lick one? There is enough for
each of you to have one. – [Jared] Yeah, how fun is that! Don’t bite it, don’t bite it! (women laugh)
Is that good? You gonna take another bite now? (all laugh) – [Ellie] You want a bite, Bos? – I want a bite! – [Jared] Okay, take a bite. Yeah, all of you at the same time! Do it at the same time! – [Ellie] Okay, on the count
of three, everyone take a bite. Get in there, come on, get in there! – [Jared] One, two, three! Take a bite!
– Take a bite! (all laugh) – That’s so funny!
– I get this end. – [Jared] Mom, go ahead, take a bite. Yeah! – [Jackson] So good! – [Jared] Okay, okay,
everyone has to do it. Go ahead, dad.
– Hey, I like our tradition! – [Jared] Okay, mom. – It is so tempting to, like, shove. – [Jared] I know! Okay, Bon. – I have lipstick on!
– You have to! So does Ellie. Just a little bit. Yeah! (upbeat music) – I open this one. – [Jared] Out of all of them, you wanna open the one from Boston first? They’re having so much
fun with that Spiderman. – [Ellie] That was nice of you, Boston! Ooh! – [Bonnie] Boston picked it out. – [Ellie] Boston! He loves it!
– What a great idea! – [Ellie] What do you think, Jacks? – I wanna open this. – [Ellie] That’s so cute! – [Jared] Spiderman pencils. – He wanted pencils?
– He will love it. He will love it.
– Yeah. – [Ellie] Okay, maybe your
cousins can help open them. – [Grandma] Who’s that from? – [Ellie] It’s from momma. – [Jackson] Hot Wheel cars! (Jared laughs) Hot Wheel cars! – [Jared] Wow, oh my goodness,
how many are in there? – [Ellie] Look at how many! – [Grandpa] Wow, look at all of those! – Look at that.
– I think maybe it would be fun if Boston and Calvin
helped open all of them up. – [Jared] The box is
at the front, I think. – Discs.
– Discs? – You wanna open that one?
– Let’s move this, let’s move the wrapping. You know what, Jackson? – [Jackson] Huh? – [Ellie] We can get these
cars all out in a minute here. – Ooh, foreshadowing. – I want you to open this one. – [Jared] You want me to
help you open this one? Okay. – Open this one.
(Jared laughs) – [Jared] You’re covering your eyes? Okay. Okay, you can open your
eyes and open the box. – [Boston] Open it. Squirt gun. – [Jared] What is it? It’s a blaster! – [Jackson] What the heck? – [Jared] The heck. (Jared laughs) That’s like one of those blasters
that we had at Dart Site, huh? – I wanna open it up. – Okay, here I’ll open it up for you. So you can put all your discs right here, so when you’re ready to shoot, you can pull one out, and I
think you put it in there. Oh, that’s easy. – [Ellie] Wow! (Ellie laughs)
(gun clicks) Whoa! That was great! – [Ellie] He wants to do it himself. – No no no no, wait wait wait wait. Look at the blue card,
can you grab that card? – [Ellie] Yeah, open that card. – [Jared] Do you want
us to read it to you? – Hey, there’s a little book! – [Ellie] That’s cute, that’s cute! Perfect! – [Grandma] He can use the pencils he got! – Yeah!
(Bonnie laughs) – [Bonnie] Wow! – [Calvin] I give one! – [Boston] What’s that? – Oh my goodness.
– It’s a little– – [Ellie] It’s a little wristband. – What?
– Is that from Grandpa? – It’s gonna make me cry. – Look, see, this is petrified wood. That your grandpa Gray
found a long time ago, and he brought it home, and he cut it, and he polished it, just like
you’re polishing your rocks. You know your grandpa Gray did that too? – Uh-uh. – This is for you.
– Do you remember Grandpa Gray?
– To hang in your room. And you can have something
that grandpa Gray did. – [Ellie] That is cool. – [Jared] Isn’t that so cool? It’s beautiful.
– Open your big ones. – [Ellie] That is cool, he will love that. – I feel like I wanna take it. – [Ellie] We’ll hang it up. – Thank you.
– Oh, you’re welcome. – [Jared] It’s time for the grand finale. (paper rips) – [Boston] Whoa! There’s a little monkey! – [Jared] Jacks, turn it around and you can open the other side. – Blue monkey!
– Whoa! – [Jackson] I wanna open up this box. – [Jared] Yeah! I do too! It looks like you can put all
your Hot Wheel cars in this. Isn’t this awesome? And you can put your cars in
here and you can send them all the way down these loop-de-loops. Is that cool? – [Jackson] I wanna open it up right now. – And then you can bring them over here and the dragon can eat them. – Oh my goodness!
– Whoa! – We’ve got King Kong, we’ve got a dragon, and
we’ve got a little brother. All equally dangerous. – [Boston] Should we open this? – I think we should. Maybe Grandpa and I could
set the up for you guys while you play with your other stuff. (Calvin babbles)
Yeah, isn’t it so cool? (upbeat music) It’s done. Are you ready to see this? – [Kids] Yes! – [Jared] Let’s go! Oh you guys are so much faster than I am! Let’s run, let’s run! Oh, you’re closing your eyes. – Oh, you’re my cutie patootie. He loves to do that. – [Jared] Yeah, he likes
to be surprised, huh. – [Ellie] Keep closing them, don’t look yet.
– Don’t run into the couch. – [Ellie] Close your eyes, close ’em close ’em close ’em. What do you think, Jacks? – [Jackson] Wow! – [Jared] Is this so cool? Oh my goodness, look at it go! Wow, wow, wow! – [Ellie] Jackson, this is so cool! – [Jared] Look, and King
Kong tries to knock off your cars! – [Boston] Really? – [Jared] Yeah, look. – [Girl] Cool, I love
that it like spins around, it’s like, we’re the Hot Wheels! – [Jared] King Kong’s gonna
fall all the way down! Oh no! – [Boston] Oh no, get in the jet! – [Jared] There he goes, whoa! Workin’ at the car wash. – [Grandma] That’s so cute! – Look, you gotta fix your car! Look, you got to work.
– You gotta detail it, okay?
– Mom, I wanna eat it. – [Ellie] Oh my gosh, look at this! (kids gasp)
Here, wait! – [Child] Look here! – [Jared] All right, kids,
you have fun with that, okay? That’s my favorite part right there, seeing them all go down so quick. Hey, let her rip, Jackson. – [Boston] Hey, how do
they get to the top of it? – [Ellie] Zoe, look! – [Jared] Ooh! And look, it goes right
into the driveway, the lift, the elevator, that’s what they’re called. (Jared laughs)
– I’m comin’ down! – This is so cool.
– Yeah. – I may or may not have
seen Brian and Missy talk about it, and their
advertising totally works for me.
(Jared and Ellie laugh) – Jacks, look!
– Plus, we got it on sale! – We really did, it was
right after Christmas, it was awesome. But this is right up Jacks’ alley. – Yeah.
– He loves cars. It’s awesome.
– A gas station, a car wash, car detailing, a jet and King Kong?
– Who could ask for more? – I don’t know! I don’t know! – I think I wanna Tweet already and say Jacks’ birthday is not
sponsored by Hot Wheels. (all laugh) ‘Cause that’s all he got. – Have you had such a
fun day today, Jackson? – Mm-hmm. – Happy birthday. – Thank you! Am I four? – Yes you’re four!
– You’re four! – You’re gonna be four for an entire year! Is that so crazy? – [Jackson] And then next
year I’m gonna turn five. – Next year. – Five is in a year.
– You are already looking ahead, aren’t you. I wanted to tell you something. I wanna tell you that
your mom and me and Calvin love you so so very much. And we are so grateful for you. We are grateful that we
have you in our lives, we’re grateful for the miracle that you and your brother are, and I’m so happy that
you’re such a good example to your younger brother and
to your next younger brother. – [Ellie] We love you, bud. – I love you very much. – I love you. – Happy birthday buddy. – Thank you. – He is so anxious.
– He’s so wiggly. Let him go. – Go have fun!
– Go play. – [Jared] Go play with your cousins. – Jackson’s cousins are
getting ready to head out and we’re gonna put on Cars 3. We’re gonna finish playing with our cars, watch the movie. I’m gonna post a picture,
but there’s a picture of a Hot Wheel car that
we always got growing up at Christmas, and then Jackson’s, all of his Hot Wheel cars. It’s just fun to see, like, I have a bunch of my own that
are now his and Calvin’s. And now they have all new ones. It’s just so fun.
– Yeah. – Today’s been awesome.
– Today’s been great. – It has been such a fun day. It started off, we’re like,
what the heck is going on? We took a negative,
turned it into a positive, and it’s just been fun to see
Jackson play with his cousins. – Jackson, happy birthday. – Happy birthday, buddy. – We love you, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Thanks for watching, bye! – Bye!
– Happy birthday!

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