(happy music) – Jackson came into my
room this morning at six and he was like, “I’ve
been in my bed all morning, “I watched a show.” He was so excited so he cuddled
in bed with us for a minute and then I said, “You gotta
wait ’til seven, though. “We’ll get up at seven.” So him and Jack, Calvin are outside. Ready, Jar-bear? – Yup. – We have a five year old! Happy birthday! – [Jared] Happy birthday, buddy! Give me a hug. How does it feel to be five years old? You feel different? – Yeah. – Good. – [Ellie] Oh, he was so excited. – [Calvin] And I am four now?
– Not yet, you’re almost four. In May you’ll be four. – [Ellie] He laid in my bed and you just couldn’t even sit still, you just kept saying,
“I’m just so excited!” – It was 11 o’clock last night, he woke up and went on the couch and wanted to watch a show. And I was like, “Get in bed!” You are so excited for today, huh? – Yeah. Can we play hide the fish? – [Ellie] You wanna play hide the fish? – Right now. – [Ellie] How do you know
we have fish? (laughs) – ‘Cause, when I turned four we played it. – [Ellie] Yeah, we can
play hide the fish today. – [Calvin] Mommy.
– [Jared] What do you see Cal? – That! – [Jared] That. – Happy birthday to me! There he goes! Only one we can open first? – [Jared] Maybe just
this morning, we’ll see. I think we’ve got some
good stuff over there, too. We’re having an early, early
start to your birthday, so we’re kinda spreading your birthday throughout the entire day, aren’t we Mom? We wanted to have on
breakfast just for you, because we’ve got an early day. – [Jackson] One present, two present. – We gotta get going here soon. – [Jackson] Three present, four present. – And so we thought having a little donut. – Five present, six present! – He’s like, I don’t care
what you’re saying, Dad. I’m counting presents! – [Jackson] You said
there’s four, but there’s– Okay, we’ve got everything ready. We’ve got hot chocolate, we’ve got little goodie bags, we’ve got a present, we’ve got donuts. And Mom’s here and ready. Now Jackson, why don’t you go ahead and open up the donut box first? And you can pick the first donut. Does that sound good? – Yes. – [Jared] And then Calvin,
you can pick the next one. We’ve got a candle and matches and we’re gonna sing Happy Birthday. – Is that the five? – Uh huh. – Can I see? I don’t know how to open this thing. – Just try. – [Jared] Yeah, try it out, you can do it. – Is it okay if I rip it? – [Jared] Sure, that’s just fine. It’s like a present! (laughs) – I’m going to pick the big one. – [Jared] Whoa! You got the donut you want? – Uh huh. – [Jared] Oh that’s a
nice original classic. High five! – [Jackson] Dad I want– – [Jared] Jackson, you’re five years old and your first request
today is to light the match. (match striking) Hey! Good job. – Okay, blow that out. – [Jared] Good job! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Jackson Clark ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (Ellie squeals) – [Jared] Good job! – Look how tall I am. (Ellie and Jared laugh) – You grew! – [Jared] Are you as tall
as a five year old, now? – Look at you! – [Jared] Hey, if you want
to eat your donut you can. If you guys wanna look in
your goodie bags you can. The day is yours Jackson. – You are so excited. – Snap bracelets! (Jared laughs) – [Jared] There’s one for
every appendage of your body! – I got a balloon! – [Jared] (gasps) Whoa! I know what kind of balloons those are. Let’s blow ’em up and I’ll show you. You got the Flash slap bracelet? That’s awesome. – I got the blue one! – [Jared] Nice! – And I got tape!
– What are these things for? – [Jared] Yeah, that’s a roll of stickers. – And I got this. – [Jared] A slap bracelet too? – And I got– – [Jared] Another slap (gasps)
a Batman slap bracelet. – Jackson, do you got this one? – Mom, you can have this one. – Thanks! – [Jared] Which one is that one? – Is that Wonder Woman? – No one wanted Wonder? I will have her. – [Jared] They wanted to give it to you ’cause you are Wonder Woman. – Thank you. – Sweat bands! (Jared blowing) – Hold please, I’ll be right back. So you just grab it right here and punch, punch, punch, punch, punch! Oops, sorry Calvin. Give it a shot. There you go! Okay, do you want me to
do that to yours now? – No. – [Jared] Okay. (laughs) – I hold it when it’s like this. – [Jared] You only want
to hold it like that? (Jared laughs) – Punch, punch, punch! – [Jared] There you go! – I got your banana. – [Jared] What’d you just put on? – Flash bracelet. – [Jared] The Flash slap bracelet? And what do you think it’s gonna do? – Make me so fast. – [Jared] I think it might.
Do you think it will, Mommy? – It make him fly. – [Jared] Whoa. Okay, let’s
see how fast you are now. On your mark, get set, go! How did you get all the
way over there so quick? – I do not know. I felt the air. – [Jared] Oh my gosh. How did you get back here so fast? That was amazing! – [Ellie] Good morning Tom Tom. – Good morning! – [Ellie] Say, “Happy Birthday Jackson!” – Okay Jackson, do you wanna open your
little present this morning? – I think it’s a book. – [Ellie] It is a book! – What? How do you know? – Because I felt it. – Calvin, come look. – A book! – How to make airplanes? – [Ellie] This is for mom and dad to help you make awesome paper airplanes! – [Jared] Now we can
finally make different ones that don’t look the same. Does that look so cool? – [Jackson] Yeah, look! – There’s a bunch of paper so you can fold cool paper ones. – Where are all the papers? – [Ellie] They’re in the very back. It’s right back here. So we can do really fun paper. We can make cool paper airplanes. – [Jackson] I’m gonna make one right now. – [Ellie] Okay. Penny ate your paper airplane? – Yes! – [Ellie] You weren’t laughing then. – [Jackson] Awesome, chuck heads! – He’s reaching, he
wants to say hi to Penny. – This is the best party ever! – [Ellie] What did you say
you’re excited for today? – For my… Five birthday! – [Ellie] What else did you say? – I can’t wait to go snowboarding! Am I taller than I usually were? – [Ellie] I think you are, Jackson. – Am I really? – [Ellie] I’m being very honest. I think you are a little taller today. – It feels like I’m not. – [Ellie] Wait ’til we go
snowboarding, you’ll feel taller. – [Jared] The reason is because we grow really,
really, really slow. But maybe last night you grew just a little bit more than normal. Alright Jackson, there’s
the first airplane. – [Ellie] That looks wicked cool. – Why is it so small? – [Jared] ‘Cause it’s a flying ninja. Woo! Here we go, three, two, one, blast off! – Ready for blast off! – [Jared] Let’s do it! – Three, two, one! – [Jared] Oh, it just curved the corner! – Rock Dog it is. – Rock Dog it is for Jackson’s birthday! Can we make sure everyone’s in the car? Let’s do a quick roll call. Mommy?
– Here! – [Jared] Jackson?
– Here! – [Jared] Calvin?
– Here! – Tommy?
– Here! – Daddy?
– Here! Let’s get going! Jackson, happy birthday! You ready to go skiing or snowboarding or whatever have you? – Yeah! – Let’s do it! You guys, I am so excited. This is gonna be so great! – So we just got done watching,
while I was getting ready, I had the kids watch Jackson’s
four year birthday video. – [Jared] Aw. – And this year we’re
going to the snow resort that is actually open, so we
won’t miss the opportunity. – [Jared] I can’t believe that happened. – And every single day this
year, almost, almost every day, Jackson says, “I can’t
wait ’til I’m five.” On his four year old
birthday, that’s what he said. He has been so excited to turn five. You were up at 5:00 a.m. – [Jared] Sounds fitting. – We watched all the
footage of him waking up, watching a show, coming into our room. He is excited! And as you should, you are five, mister. – [Jared] One whole hand. – [Ellie] That’s a big deal. – [Jackson] Calvin can
open the one with the bow. – [Jared] Are you letting Calvin
open one of your presents? That’s so nice. (Grandma chuckling) – Five years old? Five! Let me see! Five. Five, a whole handful! – And I’m three. – Young man, come hither,
come close to your father. We have a very important task for you. You’re gonna stay here with
Grandma and with Tommy. I need you to make sure that Grandma keeps a really close eye on Tommy, okay? – Okay.
– Do you think she will? Yeah, okay, good. You make sure Grandma has
a good time too, okay? – Okay. – You play really hard with Grandma because Grandma can
sometimes, she’ll be like, “Oh I’m just sitting you on the couch, “I need to have fun.” And that’s where you come in and you have lots of
fun with Grandma, okay? These guys are hanging out here. Jackson, are you ready to rock
and roll for your birthday? – Oh yeah! – [Jared] Let’s go, we’re
gonna go snowboarding. Then we’re gonna come back
here and continue the party! You ready to rock? Let’s go, pound it. Ow, ow, ow, too hard. Pound softer. That’s better. (laughs) Okay young man, are you ready to celebrate
your fifth birthday? – Yeah! – [Jared] You ready to rock and roll? – Yeah! – [Jared] You got your skis on? Okay, we’re gonna to take
the lift all the way up to the top of the bunny hill. – Is the bunny hill the bumpy hill? – [Jared] They’ve got some
bumps on there, for sure. – He wants to go down the big bumps. – [Jared] Yeah, he wants
to go on the jumps. And it kinda makes me nervous, but we’re gonna practice a little first. You got a sick helmet, young man. We made it on the lift! Are you having a good time? Yeah, look good? What do you think about all of this? – This is cool. – You like it? Cool. Is this your first time on a ski lift? – Yes. – Yeah, you ready to go skiing? Let’s do it, say, “Yeah!” – Yeah! – No, say, “Yeah!” – Yeah! – [Ellie] Whoa, whoa,
whoa, awesome bud, awesome! (upbeat music) Awesome, awesome, awesome! Woo, you did awesome! – [Jackson] I’m just learning. – [Jared] Yes, you are just learning. You’re doing good, bud. (upbeat music) – [Ellie] Oh my gosh. – [Jared] Wow, you can squat down. Okay, now you can turn. Woo! French fry. There you go! Pizza. There you go! Good pizza, buddy. Are you ready to hit the slopes now? – Yeah.
– [Jared] Okay, let’s see it. That way we can get onto the
back flips and stuff, okay? – Yeah, I do not wanna do back flips. – I thought you said a back
flip was what you wanted to do. – No, no. I was just telling you about it. – Oh, okay. Maybe one day you’ll
do a back flip, right? Maybe we’ll just try and
start with turns first. Good pizza! That’s great Jackson! – [Ellie] Good job! – [Jared] You’re doing great! Yeah buddy! I like the arms. The arms help, don’t they? How was that? – That was awesome. – [Jared] You like that? – Yeah! – [Jared] Okay, ready, let’s do it again. Woo! Okay! (upbeat music) Hey! Good, keep going. Whoop, whoa, near miss. That was awesome! You okay bud? Pump those arms, get that speed up. (upbeat music) All Jackson wants to
do is go on the bumps. So, young man, are we gonna
go on the bumps together? – Yeah. – Now’s the time! Are you ready to go down the bumps? – Yes! – Yeah, let’s do it! (cheerful music) Wee! (laughs) (energetic music) There you go! Okay, watch out for these guys. (laughs) That’s okay. And we’re back in the action. Up and over, getting lots of speed. There you go! Okay, that was a big one Jackson. Go for it, get lots of
speed, lots of speed! Yeah! One more and we’re clear! Oh, get there, get there! Yeah! Yipee! Good job bud. Jackson, you cleared
the whole terrain park. How do you feel now? – Good! – Good! Where do you wanna go now? – Pick up my cake. – Pick up your cake! – [Ellie] Woo hoo! – [Jared] Yeah! One last time, let’s do it! Here we go bud, go for it. (upbeat music) – [Ellie] Awesome, buddy. (upbeat music) – [Jared] Yeah! Oh yeah, good jump! Yeah, nice save! Jackson! – [Other Skiers] Woo hoo! That was awesome! That was amazing! That’s my boy! – You got all of the
veterans cheering you on! – [Jared] I know, did you
hear all those guys up top saying, “Woo hoo!”? – No. – [Jared] No? They were
cheering you on, bud. Okay, follow me this way. Does that feel better? Oh, my lips hurt real bad. You did so good on the terrain
park, I cannot believe it. I’m so proud of you. The only time you fell was
when someone got in the way. (laughs) That was pretty funny. But now, it’s time to go home and officially start the party. Birthday cake, presents,
brothers, family, and more! High five. High five. Yeah! – [Ellie] Let’s see who’s here. – [Grandpa] Who is that? Who is that? – [Ellie] Knock, knock. Who do you go to? – [Jackson] I’m five now. – [Jared] He was about
to go to Jackson first. Did you guys miss each other? Hi bud, hi Calvin. – Guess what, I did a fun thing. I jumped some of them. – I want to see them.
– [Jared] You want to see? We got video of it. We can show ya. Hi Grandpa, how are ya? – Good, I can’t wait for that
birthday boy gets over here. – [Jared] Yeah. Three, two, one, hug blast off! – Robots and everything! – [Jared] Boom! Oh, you knocked him right over. – Happy birthday, guy! – [Jared] How’d he do? – Perfect. – [Jared] Oh good. Hi bud! – He spit up on Grandpa, though. – [Jared] Uh oh. – Let me see if this
here is perfect or not. – [Ellie] Ew! (Jared laughs) – Yeah, he was perfect. Who’s at the door? Did you hear the doorbell?
– [Ellie] Who’s at the door? – [Jared] Who is it? – Grandma and Grandpa! – [Jared] Let’s go say hi to ’em. Whoa! It’s Grandma and Grandpa Mecham! Thanks for coming! – Oh yeah, of course. – Good to see you. Hi, that’s a nice sweater. – Thank you. – Come on in. – Pew, pew, pew. – [Jared] You’re Iron Man. – [Jackson] Yeah. – [Jared] Look at these candles. They spell out happy birthday. How cool is that? – They spell out happy birthday? – [Jared] Yup. – Do you wanna put ’em in there? – Yes, yes, yes. (cheerful music) – Thank you! (Ellie laughs) – You got this toy. – Oh! – You gotted it. – Face! – [Jared] This is supposed
to say happy birthday, but right now, it currently
says Happity Papperdy. Happity Papperdy everybody! Jackson, Happity Papperdy! (everyone laughs) Alright, do the honors, Mom. – You might need a few. – [Jared] Yup, we need a few candles to light up Happity Papperdy. Do you remember the video
we watched yesterday? – Yeah. – [Jared] What happened
when we sang Happy Birthday? – Reached and grabbed it. – [Jared] Yeah. Ready? ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (magical music) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (magical music) ♪ Happy birthday dear Jackson ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (everyone cheering and clapping) Yay! Good job, Jackson! – Here, you can lick one. – [Jared] Oh, that’s so nice. – Here Mom. – Grandma, here’s that one. – I’ll give that to Grandma. Oh, thank you, thank you. – [Jared] That’s so nice of you, Jackson. Wow! – [Grandma Meacham] Look at that! – [Jared] That’s a good sharing. Do you like your cake, bud? – Yeah. – [Jared] Okay. – I’m gonna take the whole thing out. – [Jared] Awesome. Oops, Iron Man fell out. – Yeah, now (laughing drowns out speaker) – Mom, how does this work? – It’s like a holder that you
can put on your nightstand at night and this will hold your ring. – [Jared] Yeah! That’s
what we’re waiting for! Okay Mom, you’re next. – Meenie, meenie, miny, mo,
catch a tiger by the toe. Meenie, meenie, miny, mo. – Okay. – [Ellie] That’s a good cake! – That’s a good cake! That frosting is awesome! Dad, take a bite. (everyone laughs) – Eat the T, eat the T. (everyone laughs) – [Ellie] Don’t ruin! – [Grandma Mecham] Oh,
you got it on your nose! (everyone laughs)
– Can I take a bit right here? – Yeah. – I mean, it’s not like
we just had Strep throat in our house, anyway. (everyone laughs) – Oh, yay! Take time off work. – I ate some of the letter. – Oh, yours is staining. – [Jared] Okay, Grandma. – I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it. – [Ellie] You want some Tom Tom? – Uh uh. – Okay, here I go. – [Jared] It looks like
he already had some. – [Grandpa] That is good. – Mom’s scared because she
thinks Dad might (laughs) This isn’t how it was growing up. – [Jared] You have to
keep a five foot barrier from Grandpa in every birthday. Happy birthday Jackson. – Five, five. – [Jared] Yes you are.
– I’m five years old, I’m five – [Ellie] You’re five years old! – [Jared] I’m five alive! Who’s this from Jackson? – Grandma. – And Grandpa. – [Jared] Grandma and Grandpa Mecham. What the? (gasps) No way, Jackson. – It’s a remote controlled fish. – [Jared] Like you can
use in the bath tub? – Yeah, you use it in water. – [Jared] What? And you can control it? – [Grandpa Mecham] Yeah. – I don’t think he’s too excited about it. – [Jared] He just
doesn’t quite get it yet. – Oh my gosh. (laughter) – [Jared] That turned around real quick. – It says, “I could look everywhere “and never find another
kid as awesome as you. “Happy birthday.” – [Jared] Look at that eye ball! – Thanks Grandma.
– When you’re in the water, you can move it and make it swim around. – [Jared] You can make it swim like a real fish in the water. – [Ellie] That’s so cool. – Now I know (laughter drowns out speaker) – Onto the next present. – We didn’t have any wrapping paper, so we got some big– – Can someone help me open this? – [Jared] Oh, that’s awesome. – It looks great! – [Jared] Calvin, you
helped Grandma with this? – It looks great. Do you want help? – Yeah. – So Calvin, you know what this is? – Yeah. – [Jared] Good job for keeping a secret. – What? – [Grandma] He’s so surprised. – Monster trucks and tractors? – [Grandma] Monster trucks. – [Jared] Let’s see the front. – Oh wow! – Tommy likes it. – [Jared] Yeah, Tommy does. – [Jackson] Thanks Grandma and Calvin. – [Jared] He said, “Thanks
Grandma and Calvin.” – [Ellie] Thanks Grandma and Calvin. – Now can I open the ones from you two? – [Ellie] Yes. – [Calvin] Present. – What is this? – What is this have? – [Ellie] That’s a stomp rocket. So you can put a rocket down, and you and Calvin can jump on it and see how high the rocket shoots. – [Jared] And look– – [Ellie] That’s your Daddy. – [Jared] There’s a big
one and a few little ones so we can do ’em inside too. We can launch rockets inside the house. – Now I’m gonna open this one. – [Jared] Okay. I’m moving on. Are you letting him open this one? – A robot box? – [Jared] That’s so nice of you. – Holy hachas. – Holy hachas. – [Jared] Holy hachas.
Happity burpity (laughs) – Okay, let’s give it to Jackson. – It’s for Jackson? (everyone laughs) – [Jackson] Whoa. – [Jared] He’s like upset about it. That side eye. – Birthdays with you
little kids can be rough. – [Jared] They can be rough. – He’s sharing with you, huh? – [Jared] Yeah, I betcha
if you ask Jackson to play with those, he’ll let ya. – Yeah, we’re gonna share them. – [Jared] Whoa. – [Grandma] Oh, a dart board? – [Jared] What? – [Grandpa] How’d you
know what Grandpa likes? – My friend Cody has one
of these down his stairs. – [Jared] That’s awesome. Careful. Now look, these are special kinds. If you look at this, they’re magnetic and you guys can do the
red ones and yellow ones and you and Calvin can play
against each other on darts. – Yes. – And when Grandpa comes to visit, maybe you can beat Grandpa with it. – [Jared] Happy birthday bud! – You’re five years old! What one do you wanna open first? – I can do the fish. – [Jared] You wanna do the fish? – Yeah. – [Jared] Okay. Do you want to do the tub or the sink? – [Ellie] Oh, fill up the tub. – [Jared] The tub? – No, no, the sink. – [Jared] Okay. Woo! Jackson, we have a pet fish! (magical music) – [Ellie] Jacks, that’s cool. It’ll probably last
longer than a goldfish. (everyone laughs) – [Jared] Houston, ready the rockets. – Three, two, one. – [Jared] Blast off! Whoa, where’d it go? Are these little inside ones really cool? – Yeah. – [Jared] I can’t wait
to launch this big one. This one’s gonna be awesome! Woo! Woo! – [Jackson] Here Dad. – [Jared] Oh! (laughs) – [Ellie] Got your eye? – Got my face. (laughing) Let’s see if I can… Oh, gotcha! (Jared laughs) Launch it. – [Ellie] Catch it. – [Jared] Oh, so close! Try again. Three, two, one. Bloop. I love the sound it makes. Should we take it outside and
see how high we can get it? – Yes! – [Jared] Alright Houston,
we are clear for launch. The rocket is ready. The launchpad is ready. The launcher, the rocketeer,
the astronaut is ready. Give me a countdown. – Three, two, one, blastoff! – [Jared] Whew! – [Ellie] Okay Cal, ready? Three, two, one, jump! – [Jared] Woo! That was good! Good catch, Mom. – Three, two, one. – [Jared] Whoa! Go for it. Woo! Good job boys. – Watch, this is gonna go so high. One, two, three. – [Jared] Whoa! Oh! (music drowns out
Grandpa Mecham speaking) Butter fingers! Three, two, one, blastoff! Ow! – Three, two, one. – [Jared] Oh! – [Calvin] Whoa! – [Grandpa] Aw!
– You guys, this is so cool! – [Jared] This is so cool! – This turned out to be
a really fun birthday. – [Jared] Go Cal! Almost. Wait, wait, wait. Just please don’t break an
ankle or anything like that. This is the mundo rocket, it’s going all the way to the moon! Whoa! (everyone laughing) I think you have a job at SpaceX, Dad. (everyone laughs) Good catch, Mom. You want to be a rocket
just like we launched? Ready?
– [Ellie] That’s like a doll. – Three, two, one, blastoff! Blastoff! – [Ellie] It’s getting higher and higher. We could do it with him. We could never do that with Calvin, huh? – Oh no, he would grab on so tight. Let’s see if he tries it now.
Three, two, one, rocket ship! (Calvin laughs and screams) – [Ellie] Yeah. It’s kind of fun, the sun
is getting ready to go down and we’re sitting here building
one of Jackson’s gifts. What’s his name? – Jackson. – [Ellie] Jackson the robot is built. Mom just built a pretty little lady. Look at her teeth! (laughs) Did she just do a brand ad
for teeth whitening? (laughs) She looks wonderful. Calvin, are you building one too? – I built this. – [Ellie] These are so
fun, these are Snap-Bots. Okay, ours wanna hold hands. There we go. – [Jackson] That’s you and me. – [Ellie] Aw. – The feet. – [Ellie] Mommy and Jackson, going skiing. (swishing) Ah, skiing hurt! My legs broke! – My head broke! (laughs) – [Jared] You’ve got the
home court advantage. Oh, nice shot. We’re just hoping we don’t hit the clock. Hey, Grandpa’s got a good aim! – Oh! What are you doing throwing twice? – [Jared] Hey, Jackson, that was good. – [Grandpa] You got some on that one. Hey! – [Jared] He moved
Grandpa’s out of the way! We’re gonna call you Robin Hood. Your birthday was better than Christmas? – [Jackson] Yeah. – [Jared] Oh my goodness. – [Ellie] You were more excited. – Yeah. – He got in my bed this
morning at six and he was, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. “Is Grandma and Grandpa going
to give me two presents, “there’s two of ’em?” And I said, “No, they’re
gonna probably get you one.” “Okay, Grandpa’s gonna hold one “and then Grandma’s gonna hold the other.” And he was like, playing
the whole thing out. – [Jared] He had the whole
day planned out in his mind. – He just couldn’t handle not getting out of bed at 5:00 a.m. – The next five birthdays that Jackson has are probably gonna be the best, you know. Between five and ten years old, those are probably the
best birthdays you have. Do you feel ’em push against each other? (everyone gasping) What? Did you do that? – Yes! – [Jared] Did you get a bull’s eye? – Yeah! – [Jared] Good job, that’s great bud! – Dad– – He would, he would get a bull’s eye. – He would go down the
terrain park and do a jump. He would get a bull’s
eye on the dart board. Good job! (laughs) Hey, you got it! There you go. Wow, good shot Cal! So Jackson and Calvin are 16
months, just about, apart. And we’ve always known Calvin’s had bigger feet for his size, but we didn’t realize
how much until just now. I have the boys laying
down next to each other. Look how close their feet are in size. That’s so close. You’re gonna get tall. You might be tall like Grandpa Griffiths. – I want to compare his feet to Lincoln’s ’cause they’re the same age. And Bonnie and Joel always say, “When Calvin comes running
you can hear it cause it goes “boom, boom, boom.” – [Jared] He’s got big feet, huh? – Whoa, bull’s eye! – [Jared] Oh my gosh, you did it again! What in the world? – That was my first try. – [Jared] That was. You’re good at that. – Oh! – Too tight, too tight! Oh, it was you Calvin. – [Calvin] I have fun with you. – Okay. Too tight, too tight. Say it, too tight. (Calvin and Grandpa laughing) – Thank you for sharing your day with us. – [Jared] Well that is a fun day, huh? – Happy birthday, five year old. – [Jared] Happy birthday. We spent the whole day
playing and having fun. Celebrating Jackson’s birthday. – This is your birthday month. – [Jared] Oh yeah! – We’re still gonna have
fun on Saturday, huh? – [Jared] Yes, we will. – We’re going out to Chuck E Cheese. – [Jared] Maybe, we’ll see. Hey Jackson, happy birthday, buddy. – Thanks. – Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed Jackson’s
birthday, his fifth birthday, give the video a big thumbs up. We’ll have all of his other birthdays in the description down below, so you can see his whole life. Isn’t that amazing? Your whole life is on video. We can look at all of your memories. Pretty incredible. Thanks for watching guys, and we’ll see you guys next time. Bye! – [Everyone] Bye!

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