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Happy birthday… Oh my gosh.
We go bye-byes? Looks like you got yourself a doggy. Oh, it can’t even move. Cassie, how’s your Fruit Roll? Did you get it back?
He ate the whole thing? No, no, no. Whoa!
Phoebe go bye-bye? Susan go bye-bye?
Whoa. Whoa!
Whoa, watch out for Little, Susan. Oh my gosh,
did he get stopped on? Get her!
Get her! – Is that for Little?
– Yes. Happy Sunday, guys! We’re going on a walk
and going to get our exercise in because it’s good for you. And Jaedyn,
your party is tonight. – Are you excited?
– Yeah. – Are you so excited about your party?
– Really. What? Really?
Really what? – Really excited.
– Oh my gosh. Shall we go bye-byes? Want to go bye-byes? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, you want to walk yourself, Phoebe? What just happened? Don’t put me down for cardio. What up, guys?
We are on a Sunday morning walk. We don’t do this very often
but I think we should because every time we
go on a walk like this, it’s a lot fun,
but yeah we’ve got our babies. – Who’s your baby?
– Who’s your baby? He’s just a poboy. He’s just a poboy. Cas, what happened? I got stuck up here
and I want to show you something… You got stuck?
Where’d you get stuck? Over here. – In there.
– You drove in there? Uh-oh. How did you get stuck in that? Uh, I turned and I went down like that. Oh, dude! – Are you okay?
– I’m okay. – Are you sure you’re okay?
– Yeah. That was a bad spot for you, dude.
You’ve got to stay away from that spot. So, Cas doesn’t want to ride
down this hill right here. So, Andrew’s going to do the honors. Babe, oh my gosh. – Look out, below!
– There he goes, Cas! – Oh, it can’t even move.
– Struggling. Oh my gosh. Nice, babe. – You already did it?
– Yeah. Okay, go. And now, me and Nash. Wee! The baby stroller. Here we come. Phoebe’s tongue is so massive. Instinct, I guess.
Instinct. Why didn’t you take the quad? Roly Poly!
Roly Poly! He left his bike
to come find the Roly Poly. Look, dude, right here.
Here it is, catch it quick! He’s right there. – Caught it.
– Got it. Did you get it? Dude, we should mod your four-wheeler
and put a bug catcher on the back. – What do you think?
– Oh, it’s a Roly Poly. Yeah, it’s a Roly Poly dude. – It’s a ball.
– It’s a ball? He turned into a ball now? That’s so cool, man. Aw, it’s a little girl. Cassie, how’s your Fruit Roll? Did you get it back?
He ate the whole thing? – Oh, it’s a really big chunk.
– Where is it? – It’ll make him throw up.
– Don’t let him eat it. There’s paper on that. You got it?
Mom got it. He got your Fruit Roll, dude. Let’s see how far you can throw, dude. As far as you can. Whoa! – That was a good throw, man.
– Cas, look. Uh-oh. He’s eating the Fruit Roll. At least it’s organic. Nash! Hi. This is Nash’s first time on the park. It’s not a dog park but it’s a big
open park and literally, no one is here except for us. Whoa, Jaedyn almost ran me over. We’ve got a lot of stuff
that we’re doing today but we thought it would be nice to
get out as a family and take a walk, and just hang out
before Jaedyn’s party. Cassie, a lady bug! Phoebe, you find some shade,
Phoebe girl? Go! Potty break. So, everybody,
I’m playing with the puppy. Aw. Look at your son. Someone with huge feet jumped right there. Puppy fountain. – Look at that truck!
– What is it? It’s the American flag. So, good news,
everybody. We are going to make
a musical.ly account and I think we’re going
to make that today. And we’re going to do fun,
cool stuff for you. All right, guys, we are getting
ready for something very special. – What are we getting ready for?
– My birthday party. – Happy birthday to you…
– Cha, cha, cha. Jaedyn’s birthday party. Her birthday the 14th,
which is Tuesday, so we are celebrating her birthday today
with all of our friends and family, and everyone that we’re closest
too and that is so special to us. But I first painted her nails. This is cool. So, this is called like Boop-Boop
or Bo-Po. Bo-Po.
You brush it on and peel it off. So, Jaedyn actually has a problem
with her peeling her nails off… – Don’t touch them!
– No, it’s hard… and there’s some on my skin. So, hopefully this’ll stay… Just leave it,
it’ll be fine. – There’s some on my skin.
– And it’s your favorite color. I almost got pink but then I was like,
“That’s not her favorite color.” – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. So, we did blue on her nails. – You’re welcome.
– You’re welcome. I wanted to say the party’s beginning, but the party is not
actually beginning just yet, because we are putting up big number
10s and we are decorating everywhere. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, my homeboy,
right here, Colby, my BFF is in from Utah with his wife,
over there. They’ve got a little bun in the oven,
if you know what I’m saying. If you guys know what bun in the oven is,
leave it in the comments below. I’ll give you one hint. Bun in the oven.
That’s your hint. Looks like you got yourself a doggy. You got that puppy doggy
you was always wanting. So, it’s Jaedyn’s birthday and we are
at Get Air with all of her friends. We’re about to eat pizza but for
right now, everybody’s getting crazy. I saw Zack and Colby
parkouring over there. – They parkouring?
– Did you see that? Yeah… – I didn’t see the parkours.
– Zack almost split his pants. – His pants are so tight.
– Zack’s getting ready to try… – There he goes!
– Whoa. Go Jade! Oh, dang it! All right, as you guys can see,
the party has started. Things are crazy.
We’re going wild. Everyone’s jumping,
everyone’s flipping, and Caspian is doing… What are you doing man?
What are you doing? – Playing.
– You’re playing? You getting crazy?
You want that red ball. Look at the focus in his eyes. He’s getting crazy.
Get it dude, get it! Get them! Oh! You having fun Jaedyn?
You look a little overheated. – Yeah.
– Overheated? – Yeah.
– Yeah, you see some water? – I can’t believe you’re almost 10.
– Jaedyn! Whoa, there’s your friends. I got like really emotional a minute ago because I thought about you turning 10, and it really makes me kind of sad because it makes it feel like
you’re growing up too fast. Nothing to say, huh? I guess she’s happy
to turn 10 and I’m sad. Caspian is still in the same spot,
kicking the crud out of this ball. I think it’s time for him
to play a little soccer. Soccer, dude! – How hard I can kick it?
– Yeah, that way! All right, you hold the camera. So, everybody,
my dad is going to kick as hard as he can. That’s right,
high-five buddy. All right, here we go. I’m going to kick it as hard as I can,
here we go. I’ve got to get a little
further than this. Ready? Higher! I might have a 10 year old, but I think, maybe,
I can still do a back flip. So, I’m going to try right here. I’m going to hold the camera. I’ve got to flip the thing down. Here we go. Oh! Still got it. Caspian, you ready to get some food? I think that means yes. It’s good to know we’re still ninjas. We got pizza.
We got kids. That means it’s birthday party,
probably, right? – They have pizza’s here.
– I know. – It’s 8:00
– Are you going to eat any pizza? – I thank you mothers for hanging in there
– It’s 8:00? It’s 8:00 and we’re not
feeding their children. Oh my gosh. – Sorry.
– We love you all. Look at the Prego’s. We got the Prego’s over here. Cas, how you doing, man? You doing good?
Was that fun, kicking that ball? I had no idea you could kick so hard. Did you know I could kick it
all the way to the ceiling? Did you know that? Did you know I could
throw it to the ceiling? – I love you, Cas.
– I love you, dad. Happy birthday, Jaedyn. Happy birthday, Jaedyn! Happy birthday sis. Happy birthday Jaedyn,
I love you. – Happy birthday to you,
– Cha, cha, cha. – happy birthday to you,
– Cha, cha, cha. happy birthday dear Jaedyn, happy birthday to you. Blow them out, Jade! Good job, Jade! I turned 1! Yay!
Almost 10! Woo-hoo! Happy birthday, Jade! So, Jaedyn has decided
that she wants to cut her own cake. Just going to cut your own, Jaedyn? There you go,
nana’s going to help you. There you go.
You’ve got to cut it into slivers. – I’ll get it.
– There you go. Are you tired? Fail. Oh! It got me! I’m the cameraman and it got me!
You’re out! Okay, so there’s a… There’s a diet coke bottle up there,
somewhere back there. And uncle Zeazy thought he could
throw a water bottle at it and knock it down,
but no. It didn’t work.
It was a fail. All right guys, we just got home
from Jaedyn’s birthday party. I hope that you guys enjoyed
coming along with us today. First of all, thank you.
It was a blast. You made her birthday even better. So, make sure that you guys subscribe,
give us a thumbs up, you know what to do,
all that good stuff. And we will catch you guys later.

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