Jake Tapper on Sources & White House Correspondents Dinner

– How are you? I’m great.
I’m great. How are you doing?
– I’m doing well. On Saturday night,
were at that White House Correspondents’ Dinner. I was. Were you outraged? Were your delicate
sensibilities offended? My sensibilities are
not particularly delicate, but I will say this– that it’s really interesting how
many people in the Trump White House, and the Trump
supporting media who are very offended about what they
consider to be a very indecent performance by the comedian. I’ve been trying to have
a conversation on my show about decency, and about
insults, and smearing, and people saying things
about other people that are not true, and are
just beyond the boundaries of good behavior. And if the Trump White House
and their allies in the media want to have this
conversation about decency, I welcome them to the
table to talk about it. But there’s a bunch
of stuff that they need to get caught up on
before we get to a comedian at the White House dinner.
There’s– – They’re there to be funny.
– Yeah. There’s– you know, we want
to talk about whether or not it’s appropriate to say
that John McCain isn’t a war hero because he was captured. And whether or not it’s
OK to make fun of people with disabilities, or to make
light of people who have drug and alcohol dependency issues. Minorities, talking
about womens’ appearances in inappropriate ways. There’s a backup of
material, if the Trump people want to talk about it. Then we can get
to the comedians. Then we can get
to the comedians. Well, that’s not
how it works anymore. Is it less fun
when the president isn’t there at that event? Oh, I don’t know. It depends on the president. – I see.
– I guess. I guess. You were the
recipient of an award. We all focus on on the comedian,
but there is an award ceremony, and you won the
Merriman Smith Award? That’s right.
For breaking news coverage. Me and a team of reporters– Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez, and
the legendary Carl Bernstein won an award. We broke the story
in January, 2017 that the intelligence chiefs
had heard about this dossier– we all know about
the dossier now– and that they had briefed
President Obama, and then president-elect Trump on the
existence of this material that the Russians were
claiming was compromising. Yes. And was this the biggest
story that you’ve ever broken, would you say?
– It was pretty big. I don’t know.
It’s tough to compare them all. I’ve won this award a few times. And there were other– I did one about– during the Obama years, when he
was about to fire his director of national intelligence. Yeah? And I knew before the Director
of National Intelligence that he was about to be
fired, so that was one. That might have been– You should get an
award for not screaming when you interview Kellyanne
Conway, because that alone is a remarkable achievement. I don’t scream every time. I appreciate– I
appreciate your noticing. I want to show
something, because this– I don’t know if
you’ve even seen this, but this is what happened
when you got your award. Now, let’s run the video here. You and the other guys,
and you say saying hello to people up there on the dais. And there’s Sarah Sanders, and
she just kind of like, doesn’t even– she doesn’t stand, she
doesn’t even seem to see you. Is it a good sign
when you’re being ignored completely by the
White House press secretary? Well, you know,
theoretically no president, and no press secretary should
be comfortable in that room, I guess. I hadn’t seen that
since then, and I didn’t notice it at the time. But I don’t know if
you’ve picked up on this– the president is not
really a fan of reporters sharing facts about him
to the American people. They don’t like that. Why do you think that is? Well, the facts aren’t
always all that great for him. When you get information
from a source– Yeah? How does that
information typically come? Is it in writing, is it a text,
is it an email, a phone call? Do you meet at a
secret location? How does that go? I’m not going to tell you. I’m not asking– so it’s a secret location?
– Sometimes. Oh, really? Sometimes it’s on the
phone, sometimes it’s email. Sometimes it’s texts. There’s lots of, you know,
encrypted devices these days. Encrypted apps that you can use. Do you have an encrypted app? I’m revealing way too
much about this procedure. Yeah. Well, I guess– but I’m
just curious about it. Like, when you see,
then, that person– that man or woman at
an event or whatever, maybe you’re interviewing
that person– do you guys have, like, a thing
where you try not to– you know, it’s like, a
little bit weird? Maybe, you know– because you
probably want to hug them. You know you’re going
to win this Merriman Smith Award again– for the fifth time, or whatever
the hell you’ve won it. Is this something that like,
you like, go, hey, thanks, man? Or has it got to be
completely under the radar? Completely under the radar. Completely under the radar. I mean, I’m thinking
back about all the– you know, tips I’ve gotten. No, you don’t
acknowledge the person. You don’t thank them. Seems ungrateful. Nothing at Christmastime, or– They don’t want to be thanked. They don’t want to
be acknowledged. They don’t want to be
rewarded in any public way. Everybody wants
a little reward. Some kind of
acknowledgment in public. You should do that on your
last show, whenever that is. Just out every
source I ever had? Say, I just want
to thank my sources. When I retire. I want to thank my sources. They are– Right. Thanks for watching. And remember, every time you
click the Subscribe button, one of your enemies
gets destroyed.

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  1. Proud to claim Jake Tapper, a fine journalist in the Canadian tradition, as a fellow Canadian. His mom and grandparents are Canadian.

  2. I like you,Jake. You're a good journalist and seem to be pretty fair. One thing, though: grammar.

    "Me and my team … " Shouldn't that have been "My team and I?"

  3. The award they won for reporting on the dossier was based on a report that was called false by both comey and trump. They won an award for for a story that was simply not true. Absolutely rediculous.

  4. A disgusting Jew posing as a journalist. His old job was with Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law. He also worked for a gun grabbing organization. Just another political operative pretending to be a journalist.

  5. Let's be honest, Michelle went EASY on them…this was the POLITE version. Sanders is LUCKY Wolf's jokes gave the privilege of two meanings because in regards to Sander's appearance, there is an abundance to work with. Everyone with eyes sees it. You should see Sanders read to children at the White House on Easter (look it up on Youtube). This woman has the grace and stature of a gorilla. Why are the members of the White House Correspondents dinner and politicians in attendance SUPERIOR and ABOVE being roasted like the rest of us? That's what a "roast" is. Sorry, not sorry. She went easy on them, SHE WAS GENEROUS….you're welcome, press and administration!

  6. 90% of the comments on this page are Soros bots. 9% are middle-aged, divorced cat ladies.

  7. Or CNN could just report a litte less about the non-sequential trump news and start to report real news

  8. Do you know what Jimmys baby and Trump have in common? They both need a heart. Hahaha. That jokes okay jimmy says jokes are supposed to offend. That's why he defended Michelle wolf after she made fun of the southwest plane accident that killed a mother of small kids a few day's ago. Why put Jimmys baby in the blender feet first? so we can watch the expression on its face😂. Just jokes right. No boundaries right

  9. Aw, come on Jimmy, You cringed me. Tapper was asking you, for real, twice, to stop asking him about his sources. you ignored him, and kept right on

  10. Well something must of be wrong with the Correspondents dinner because they are now debating about canceling it all together. So……something wasn't right about it Right Jimmy and Jake?

  11. No matter what all you people say The majority of Americans voted for Trump, all the losers get there information from Jimmy Kimmel, Yer right………….Now for all the nasty comments.

  12. The White House Correspondents Dinner is a circle jerk where fake journalists, stenographers to power like Jake Tapper get together with corrupt, war criminals you call politicians and have a good old laugh. The only reason people were offended Michelle Wolf's jokes and language was because she not only attacked Trump and his friends, but she dismantled the corrupt Democrats and the complicit media. FLINT STILL DOESN'T HAVE CLEAN DRINKING WATER!", yet the media focuses on "smoky eyes". Yes, you're a bunch of useful idiots!

  13. Jake's right, no government should feel comfortable in that room and they have been. The WHCD should stop inviting politicians.

  14. Not really Mr. Tapper. You can't say that you will not change if others don't change first. You need to be first, even if others are worse. Saying that others have to change first is a non-starter. Being a grown up means that we change, whether or not others do – it's called maturity.

  15. jake is fake …he's missed it….remember,"Dead babies can't take care of themselves
    Dead babies can't take things off the shelf
    Well, we didn't want you anyway

  16. That is what real hate looks like. Michelle Wolf was absolutely disgusting. She has no class, no grace and she certainly was not funny. She is most assuredly a very low-quality individual.

  17. Reporters shared fake news, CNN fake news. Im glad he did this Interview, we know how he thinks.

  18. Conservatives put trump in our highest office and now complain about the low moral levels in our country. What did they think was going to happen? Next vote based on 'character'.

  19. Does anyone out there give a flying F*** for the students that NEED the Scholarships this event is supposed to raise. This group of Rich Celebrities and High Ranking Politicians only raised (correct me if I am wrong – someone PLEASE fact check this) a measly $100,000.00 REALLY that's the best you could do. I understand Ms Wolfe is going to gain immensely (New show) from this GIG maybe she could donate some of her Paycheck (Does any one know how much she got paid)….. Forget about all the whining CRAP and get back to the kids who work hard and deserve a break in the DEBT they incur for a decent education….

  20. I wanted to comment about Trump and his supporters that are offended by Michelle
    But only thing I can think of now is that Jake Tapper is sooo fine 😍

  21. Conway and Sanders work for a vulgar white trash con man, how could they not expect to be the butt of jokes.

  22. Jake Tapper is part of the problem. Journalism is dead. There are no more journalists… these people are just PR representatives. When was the last time any major news outlet reported on Flint? The "press" and the government are way to cozy.

  23. Ah yes, let's fill the airwaves with nonsensical issues and not talk about the crimes of the Zionists. Who could blame them? THEY OWN THE MEDIA 😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Jimmy: Here's you and Sarah Huckabee Sanders completely ignoring each other….

    Jimmy: Do you ever acknowledge your anonymous sources in public?
    Jake: Never.

    Did Jimmy do some sleuthing??????

  25. But of course, Tapper and Kimmel. “So comrades, come rally; And the last fight let us face”. 
    (-) Obergruppenführer Chuck Schumer, The Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

  26. No sources want some kind of acknowledgement, while reporters reporting their material receive Merriment Awards? I guess not since Trumps goons might go after them.

  27. It is not funny that Democrats and Liberals have increased their lying about Trump and his administration.  These lying folks wouldn't know a lie if it hit them in the head… My Father was a goat herder.  My school in Indonesia was Christian. There will be no lobbyists in my administration.  You can keep your Doctor.  We don't want to take your guns.  I am tough on terrorism. No one stole the nomination from Bernie.  Of course the elections will not be rigged, what does that mean. I did not send or receive Classified emails using my personal server.  We can get coal to be a fuel that can continue to be sold. Obama helped cause my defeat because he should have gone on TV to tell people our democracy was under attack.  We don't record millions of Americans, wittingly.  Democrats support Dreamers and DACA.  I have never been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation.  There was no "wiretapping" of the Trump Campaign.  The Nunez Memo is false.  The FISA Court was fully aware of the political nature of the Steele Dossier.   The Obama administration was the one recent administration most free of scandal.   If you think your going to help impeach the best President in modern history, think again Jake Tapper and Jimmy Kimmel.

  28. I think it's a disgrace that the media and the late night talk shows are still whining over the stuff that they feel insulted spoiled individuals of the elite class but don't at all talk about the insult of ignorance and greed that leaves Flint and other communities across the country without clean water to drink and what about Michelle's comment about having to leave quickly like an immigrant brought here as a child who has done nothing wrong has to? …and these are issues that are only the tip of the iceburg and that's what our media should be talking about!

  29. Utterly ridiculous that tapper would even speak about "decency" when the network he works for has repeatedly misled the public by either outright lying or omitting information.

  30. Sarah doesn't look at Jake Tapper at the WHCD but will give homemade pies to April Ryan? #WhatGives

  31. I would have been interested in Tapper's response to Wolf's well-aimed critique of news journalists in the age of Trump. Is it even appropriate to have a Correspondents' Dinner, with reporters engaging socially with the very people on whom they're supporting to be reporting objectively. Did we learn nothing from the movie "The Post"?

  32. Michelle was hilarious. If she offended you, at least listen to her whole set instead of the snippet FOX gave you.

  33. Jake talks out of both sides of his mouth. First he's attacking Obama when he was in office and now he's attacking Trump.

  34. Ignoring the fact that Democrats also feigned outrage over the dinner too, nice move Tapper. Andrea Mitchell called for an apology from Wolff too, you partisan hack. Less time patting yourself on the back, more time learning what's really happening in Syria.

  35. I love Jake Tapper. No nonsense, hard-hitting journalist with the grasp of facts and articulate. God Bless You Jake!

  36. I see, Since when did CNN become the moral police. Disgusting anti Trump hatred pretending to do comedy

  37. President Trump is absolutely correct – CNN have a habit of completely inventing sources. 'Unnamed sources' means CNN just completely made it up, typically.

  38. This is the same dude who hosted presidential debates and basically did nothing but ask other Republicans also running for the presidency.. "what's your reaction to Trump saying this, and Trump saying that…" versus having a thorough substantive, policy-driven debate to help inform Americans. This is the guy that helped to cover and played a part in Trump's $2 billion dollars worth of free media that had a huge impact on the outcome of the election. Tapper is one of the guys who's in part responsible for us getting Trump to begin with.. so don't pretend like your SO pro-1st amendment and pro-Michelle Wolf. Dude works for CNN for godsakes… they're notorious for not doing their job. The fact that these people get awards is just more proof that award shows are meaningless tokens.

  39. Of course Sarah Sanders wouldn't stand to say hi or congratulate Tapper. She's been saying that dossier is nothing but a lie since the getgo. Funny to see her sitting down and just peeking over.

  40. I HATE liberals.. all they do is. Hate and criticize.. decency? Are you kidding me. Jake Tapper your existence is insulting. So is Jimmy Kimmel's

  41. "Jake Tapper's WORST FAIL EVER As He Defends Trump On Jerusalem," on Jimmy Dore Show. You just showed your true color and it's not pretty!

  42. Jake is NOT a journalists because he doesn't cover both sides equally. He is a known leftist and Democrat and works for CNN which is ran by the Democratic party (same goes for Fox). He wins a leftist award from a leftist organization…wow. Bottom line, Jake tapper is fake news.

  43. Jake Tapper is someone who is ordinary in a level where I get really bored. He simply says nothing really interesting. I want people in his situation to give us more facts and explain it in a very talented way. Jake must be missing a lot of information, he should be able to give us more. I'm not referring to this interview only.

  44. I could listen to Jake Tapper talk forever, he is so intelligent and interesting. I wish the president could be a quarter as intelligent and interesting as Jake, at the least. As it is, trump's conversations are close to those of a 4 year old, sadly. THANK YOU JAKE FOR YOUR GREAT WORK IN KEEPING US INFORMED. You are admired, whereas trump is not, not even slightly.

  45. Jake Tapper is one of the most indecent people that exists on this planet. His employer is CNN. A company that pays their correspondents to lie. I would say journalists but you can not call them journalists. Jake Tapper knows this but continues his mis-directrion. Wake up people! I would be considered a "Conspiracy Theorist" for suggesting that one of six media companies is compromised. Good thing for me is i prefer an oatmeal. breakfast, somewhat similar to a bullshit breakfast but oatmeal provides much more fiber and none of the excrement .

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