JAMAICA GOOD LIFE – EP419 – Celebrating Life in Kingston, Rally Set Up with Kino

the purpose of this film series is to
spotlight the positive aspects of the Jamaica we love so much in most cases we
hear negative stories coming out of Jamaica which has a direct impact on
returning residents this film series seeks to explore the natural ways people
care and share on this beautiful island we call home thank you for watching and
hope to see you in all the future episodes share with your friends and
when you do subscribe hit the bell on YouTube so that you’ll be notified for
future episodes take care Rhonda passenger all right so let’s do this tonight
settings big manraja manraja we’re by cancer tonight and secondary tomorrow
the Elda pass away by kamsa incentives tonight I get some footage
tonight I’m set they’re big money maybe six this lm6 was
my second equation insect tonight generally I know if I set up another set
of you know a new head and say really really since time was automatic settings
which is right is it me Allan celerity No she ah Oh couple dozen first set down home I the prize oh yeah steamy purse so I wanted up with money no major Contee vendor name thing to do or if I even said welcome like is it good enough 101 orgy on
it’s a people obviously pissed about you yes chickens in the chicken where’s the near pajamas somewhere though it is to use the key
Meredith yeah yeah yeah a pretty see this for
what were able as your horizon from down for the poor people didn’t before cried
too bad this is my earth yeah yeah yeah yeah I
came off a cheetah to jelly to come back all right ple the new mayor so let’s do
this it bugs me a cup of life said no the our ally aka Ronnie bugs
alright if you’re new to the channel you have to
click on season 1 playlist it’s

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