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-Finally. -I’m so happy
to be here. Finally. I am beyond excited
to have you here because, like, you have come in
and genuinely changed, in many ways,
that people perceive, not just late night,
but television. ‘Cause I remember when you
started on the show, everyone was like,
“Oh, who’s this guy? “He’s starting at,
like, 12:37 at night, and what’s this thing
gonna be?” And overnight, you took what
was once considered a fringe timeslot, and turned
it into the biggest explosion, thanks to your ideas,
including Carpool Karaoke. -Have, like… Yeah.
-(cheering and applause) Like… Has that changed the way you see
the medium as a whole? Uh, I don’t think so. I think we always thought
that’s what we were, we were gonna do when we were… We were gonna try to, you know,
we didn’t know that we would– it would happen. We had no idea that it would
or could happen -as quickly as it did.
-Right. But our, I mean, essentially, my-my ego won’t allow me… to recognize that I’m making
a show -that airs at 12:37 at night.
-Right. I… If I think
about that too long, -I’ll just really get depressed.
-(laughter) So, we were like, “Well, there’s nothing we can do
about that, so we… Hang on, wait, the Internet.
We’ll use that.” -Right, right. -Then… And, so,
we only really think of our show as not really being
in a time slot. We think of it as, well,
it launches at that time, and people can find it
whenever they want to, -whether that’s years
down the line or days… -Right. …or the next morning
on their journey to work, lunch break, whenever. It’s the kind of wonderful thing
about making shows like this right now
in this particular time, -you know? It’s lovely.
-Definitely. And here’s the thing.
It’s not just about, uh, time. I think it’s also about place. You know, your show was one
of the first that really blew up on an international level
the same way. Everywhere you went, people were
talking about Carpool Karaoke. It had the sense of what,
you know, a rap battle was, and the whole vibe had changed. When you are making
Carpool Karaoke, though– a lot of people
don’t know this– you guys struggled
to get people on that show. Oh, we couldn’t get anybody.
Yeah, we couldn’t get… -I mean, honestly.
-‘Cause now everyone’s like, “James, when am I coming
on your show?” Yeah, it’s kind of lovely.
But we couldn’t… I mean, honestly, we… I really… -I really always believed
in the idea. -Yes. I always thought,
“Oh, this is a… I think this is a good idea.” -Yes.
-But there’s, um… It’s quite an interesting game,
actually, you play with the audience. If everybody in the audience…
if everybody now, just in your own mind,
don’t say it out loud, -just– and you do it, Trevor–
just think of a… -Okay. …think of a recording artist,
a living recording artist. Has everybody got one? -Yeah.
-They said no. (laughter) And… It’s not a lie. It’s the tru… absolute truth. And, so, then we-we… And it was just a chance meeting
with Mariah Carey’s publicist, and she was about to put -some new dates on in Vegas,
and… -Yes, yes. And I showed her a clip
of me doing it in a sketch with George Michael
that I’d done at home -for Comic Relief.
-Right, right, right. And, um… and she-she loved
George Michael. And Mariah Carey was like,
“If it’s good enough for George, it’s good enough for me.”
And-and that was it. And-and nobody thought
that it would ever become the thing that it’s kind of
become, but it’s kind of… -it’s crazy.
-It-it really is amazing. I mean, it’s gone from just
being musicians to politicians. -I mean, Michelle Obama
has done it, you know? -Yeah. -That was fun. -(cheering)
-You-You’ve been in the car. I mean, everybody from–
look-look at this list– Paul McCartney, you know, you-you’ve had Tom Hanks
on the show. You’ve had everyone–
It’s become this thing that is larger than life.
The next step, you do realize, is you and the Pope
in the popemobile. -Oh, man.
-And you just– -You can only sing the one song.
-I would love that. (chanting in gibberish) -I would absolutely love it.
-My man. -I would love it.
-You have to do it. If he’s watching–
and I think he is… Um… And if he’s not watching this, he’ll be watching the Tonys
on Sunday. So we’ll talk–
We’ll-we’ll really get– -I would love nothing more than
to do it with the Pope. -I– That-That’s something that
I have loved about your show, is that it really is
an expression of all of your talents, right? So, a lot of people
were surprised– I remember, like, the first
few times Carpool Karaoke really blew up,
people were like, “Wow, this James Corden guy
can almost sing.” And it’s like,
“No, no, he can really sing.” Which has shocked people.
‘Cause there’s some artists who have come on and been like,
“I’m gonna sing with this funny guy.”
And then they’re like, “Wait, wait,
he’s hitting the notes.” You sing better
than some people, and then you have
to d-dial it down. I won’t say who, but you do. And that’s why you have won
Tony Awards, because you are an actor. Yes, we know you as a host,
but you’re an actor, you’re a performer, and you’ve
loved theater your whole life. Yeah. I mean,
I’d never really hosted– Uh, I used to host
a show back in the UK, -which-which you came on,
actually, -Yeah. uh, but that was my only
real time hosting anything. But, really,
what I’d ever do is be in plays or-or I would– I would write, you know, uh,
sitcoms and things in the UK. I never thought that I would– It never even entered
my-my brain, -in the same way that I don’t
think it entered yours. -No. In many ways, you don’t think,
“Oh, I will host -a-a daily show in America.”
-No. It-it feels too far away. -It feels too far.
-Right. It’s out of reach somehow,
you know? -And I think we both had
that feeling, when– -Mm-hmm. ‘Cause we essentially got
announced at, basically, -the same time, right? And…
-Right. And it was both, -“Who the hell are these guys?”
-Yeah. -Yes. I remember this.
-And, um… And we both had to really deal
with that in our own way. -Yes, definitely.
-But, um… Yeah, I-I don’t…
I would love to go back and act at some point
and go and do a play again. Every time
I come here to New York and I… you know, I try and go
to the theater as much as I can. I’m gonna go tonight.
And I miss it. I miss it, uh, hugely, but at the same time,
I’m feeling no place where I want
to stop this kind of… -glorious journey that I’m on.
-Yeah. I love it. I love…
I don’t know what I’ve done to sort of deserve
such memories. Do you know what I mean?
That’s-that’s how it feels -every day, really, you know?
-That’s beautiful. But the Tonys is, like,
an expression of a world that you’ve adored
for a long time. -This is your second time
hosting. -Yeah. What’s impressive is
that you’re doing the Tonys and you’ve done the Grammys. It feels like you have
more fun at the Tonys. The Grammys are fun, but it
feels like you have more fun -at the Tonys.
-Oh, yeah. What makes them special? Well, everybody wants
to be there. (laughter) That’s… that’s
the first real big difference between the Grammys
and the Tonys, -Right.
-is everybody wants to be there and they’re thrilled
that they’re all doing this. No one’s going, “I didn’t
(bleep) win. What?!” You know? Um, so it’s… it’s a very,
very supportive community. That entire community
of Broadway, they are… these are a load of people
who are squeezed into 12 blocks. -Yes.
-Back-to-back theaters, and they know each other,
and they’re friends, and these are people who,
eight times a week… All right, look,
you think you work hard, I think I work hard, but, like,
when you’re doing a play -Right. -or a musical
eight times a week, with one day off, that is absolute craft, and… the reason I want to host
the Tonys and the reason I want to really try and make it
the best show I can is, I believe
that per square meter, there is no room on earth that
holds as many talented people -as that room does.
-Wow. And it’s a show where,
and you just want to celebrate these people who are so gifted,
they are so talented, that they put on a show
every day, -Right. -and in a world where
we are living increasingly on our phones and, uh, tablets,
iPads, all those things, we are all searching for a live,
collective experience, an experience to be together, and these are the people
that provide that. So we’re really gonna try and make the best
and biggest show we can. I mean, it’s terrifying. I’ve had real moments this week
where I’ve said, “Aw, I should’ve just left it
at the one I did with Hamilton. -And that was a real success.
-(laughter) You know, I should’ve
just gone out there, but I-I really hope
we’re gonna do it… we’re certainly gonna stop at
nothing to make it a celebration of a group of people that I
think, at the absolute minimum, deserve to be celebrated on
television at least once a year. Right. I’ll tell you this.
I’ve never seen James Corden not do something at 110%,
so it’s gonna rock, man. -I hope so.
-We’ll see you at the show. -Thanks. -Thank you for being
on the show, my friend. The Late Late Show airs
weeknights on CBS, and The Tony Awards will be live
on CBS June 9 at 8:00 p.m. James Corden, everybody.

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