James Corden Wants an Invite to Prince Harry’s Bachelor Party | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV

James Corden isn’t invited to Prince Harry’s
wedding… but that’s okay. Because he’s looking for an invite to something
else: His bachelor party. The TV host told CBS This Morning that if
he had his choice, he’d take the bachelor party over the big day. As you already know, Prince Harry is set to
say his I Do’s to Meghan Markle on May 19th in what is sure to be the wedding of the year,
the decade, and maybe even the century. And since it’s such a big deal, we can only
imagine Price will have a proper send off. We’ll just go on the record and say James
Corden definitely better get an invite. Regardless the TB host has a full plate. He’s hosting the Grammy Awards on January
28th for the second time after taking over the honor from 5-time host LL Cool J.

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