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  1. I feel like Michael is gonna die…or something DRASTIC is going to happen to keep him and Jane from getting married. I just don't see it happening.

  2. What I really want to know is what happens with Petra!
    Side note it was so sweet of her to buy Jane's house. She does have some a heart somewhere in there.

  3. No I want to know about Petra! I knew she had post-pardem from the start of last episode. It was very clear as she wouldn't hold them and take care of them. Hopefully they treat the delicate subject with dignity as it is a really important issue that impacts a lot of new mothers. I saw it on another show so did a whole bunch of research on it so I am really interested to see where and how they take this.

  4. I think right now my favorite part on the Show is Jane and Petra's friendship. It's been so sweet and funny to watch. I hope Petra is going to be okay!

  5. In the beginning they were so cute together.. Like when they kissed for the first time..idk I'm just watching season 1 all over again and I see them together and they r adorable …

  6. I love how everyone enjoys Petra's new role in the show 😀 I liked her from the beginning but now she is growing into a genuinely good person. Even if we can't agree on who is the better man for Jane cough Michael cough , we can agree on Petra and Jane have great friendship chemistry.

  7. I like this show so much ……but it feels good is Rafael will gonna win in Janes heart ……honestly they have a good electrifying chemistry…….

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