Jane’s Walk NYC: Celebrating Jane Jacobs and New York City

Jane Jacobs wasI guess a warriorVery passionate about communitypassionate about the built environmentand fearlessJane’s Walk is a tribute to a great womanwho helped save our city in many waysJane’s Walk allows people who arepassionate about the citywho are curiousand who are knowledgeableto really share that with a wide varietyof peopleJane’s Walk keeps history alive byus telling the storiesof the neighborhoodthe pastand linking them to the presentI think Jane’s Walk is a great opportunityto talk about the history of peoplesand to show howthe people in the neighborhoodis what makes up the communitynot the locationI love a lot about this citybut what I really loveis the diversityand being able to highlight and upliftthe diversity that makes us strongI want people to know our neighborhoodjust likeif you’re giviing a tourof your neighborhoodthat’s what you wantyou want people to know your neighborhood

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