Japanese Dinner at Ryokan in Hakone Yumoto 箱根湯本

Here are prawns and these are scallops, pickles, and this is red snapper. and there’s also octopus tentacles and octopus. And there’s also wasabi right here. There’s a big variety of seaweed here and some of them I tasted it for the first time. So this seaweed is clear and this one is really crunchy, and this back here is white. And there is some more clear seaweed and this is also purple seaweed. It’s really good, the meat is really creamy and it tastes really sweet. There’s ginkgo nut and there’s also some crab meat. There’re little chunks of onions and crab inside and it tastes like cheese. So this is called Shabu Shabu and you are suppose to put vegetables and meat inside of the water and when it’s done you dip it in the sauce, and then you can eat it. (Pretending to be drunk) Cause if your like drunk you probably asleep. Ok so this is the dessert. So here there is melon, here there are Concord grapes, and here it’s a fig but it’s skinned. Also, in here there is custard, like this.

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