Japanese Food Tour – HIDDEN-GEMS in Tokyo, Japan | Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Hope you’re having an amazing day It’s Mark wiens in Tokyo Japan And I think the best reason to travel is for food and to experience the local culture And local food in a typical day and so today I’m going to take you on a japanese food tour of tokyo where we’re going to eat my typical breakfast lunch and dinner Meal set for would eat on just a normal day Living in Japan and living in tokyo that’s about 8 a.m.. Time for breakfast In the first restaurant for breakfast. Yeah, this is a typical Japanese diner, and you come in here You can get a variety of different dishes And I think this place is actually open 24 hours grab a tray and then you can pick and choose whatever dishes to watch One of the reasons I love coming to a diner so much is because they have such a different selection of different Japanese Foods pre cooked Foods you had like a whole Countertop full of different deep-fried Foods But I kept it pretty traditional this would be a very common breakfast in Japan some grilled fish I just couldn’t resist ordering two types of grilled fish with a bowl of rice a couple sides of pickles and then miso soup what? You do actually some of the food is it kind of sits and gets cold so they actually have some microwave the front I’m going to go microwave my fish real fast I’m going to adapt these fish in microwave real fast 30 seconds should do it. Oh yeah that brings out that to fish aroma I’m going to start with the saba Mackerel one. This is a this is a very common type of fish It’s grilled or you can just see the buttery juices coming out of it. I’m a huge fan and It’s commonly served with Daikon, and this is like a puree Daikon radish. Oh Yeah, that’s all that’s oily juicy fishy goodness Oh, yeah It’s wonderful, and then you gotta Gotta Follow with rice of course It’s good. You know just It’s just good fish it’s not too salty it pairs well with the daikon because the Daikon is sort of a Refreshing refreshing taste to it. Oh Yeah, that’s like. It’s actually kind of sweet and a little bit salty um that kind of kind of works as a garnish for the whole meal miso soup, and they’re All kind of hanging weaker. I also got some eggplant is because well, just because I love eggplant oh Mm-Hmm mmM Has a nice and ginger flavor to it and that just as usual the reason I love eggplant so much is because it just melts in your mouth. Okay next fish And again, this is a grilled fish. It’s a quite a long long little fish That fish is a little bit drier than the saba Microbes Still very good it has that kind of almost tuna dry texture to it Either way either fish you you take it’s a good choice They do have some seasonings in the center of the table as well in the center console you have some soy sauce and pepper and going in for the chili flakes Probably my favorite thing on this plate is the classic the Saba the grilled Saba Mackerel It’s so I love the texture of it. I love the oiliness of it with that with some daikon and Onto My my rice with chili What a combination, you just love the butteriness of that natural law mmM. It’s a it makes a wonderful breakfast Breakfast was excellent. I feel ready to start the day and this is just a very typical Japanese food diner You can get a selection of different food this particular. Dye no, I’m fucking sure it’s open 24 hours a day so you can come here at all times of the day and eat a Simple, but filling meal you see people from all walks of life in there. That was the fantastic way to start the day That breakfast held me over nicely until lunch and for lunch today. We’re in Ginza Which is one of the central business districts of tokyo and we’re going to a restaurant which looks like it’s a traditional place It’s an old restaurant a real classic, and I can’t wait for lunch now. We’ve down this small little alley This is the sign for the place right here It went Sashimi attention Used to call me son shoe. Yep. They’re really very shortly It’s pretty packed at lunch, but we got the last two seats and we got here at 11:30 third I think they just opened and they are already packing all they specialize in Especially it’s mostly seafood and fish and then they have a chicken puck here. Oh How she means hanging in wow I got the low Okay, the class of this restaurant is absolutely amazing and we ordered some of their lunch specials here I didn’t know we just we just talked with a friendly again tea here and she kind of just ordered for us, and we got some of their specialties, they’re Edible, I think this is my new favorite place in tokyo and even I’m not only of those pages right now I’m so excited. I can I don’t even know what I’m talking about okay? We got started eating here something that they’re famous for is their chicken soup even though most of the food here is people if you chunk the chicken Okay, I’m going right in for that our pot Overall that is incredible that tastes like roasted chicken soup. It’s salty It’s so pure and that chicken literally melt in your mouth Oh, that’s like the cleanest chicken to buy I’ve tasted in a very long time This is a beautiful another beautiful plate of fresh sashimi those Justice pointed and then there’s some fresh muscat be over here on the side. I’m going to take some of that Wasabi It onto that Which is the thickness of that just tuna? Man a little dip in it’s like That’s the texture of a slab of butter, but so much better tasting there’s zero strain and in that whatsoever It’s so thick and so extreme you It’s almost like crab and things are there and they also have a sauce here that you’ll add to this well and for the final dish of lunch that I think this is fish as well look at that shit so meeting and Seemed it looks like it’s team oh That this is is the texture of butter again it just melts in your mouth. You can taste all those fish oils It’s so like light and fluffy that is Impressively fresh and clean and just the texture is insane The background is silk That’s one of the most tender pieces of chicken I’ve ever had without it being mushy Just look at the size of this piece of tuna That is a huge thick slice Hey, we got those We’re just coming out of the restaurant. Oh, that’s one of the the best meals. I’ve had in tokyo hands down that was Impressive that is the type of like home-cooked japanese food meal that like you would dream about The Sashimi was unbelievably fresh straight from ceg Market. I’m sure this morning The fried shrimp were were like some of the medias like almost crab tasting shrimp that I’ve had The chicken soup oh yeah that you can see if not even a seafood dish But I don’t even I don’t even it’s almost unexplainable How pure and how clean and how like perfectly salt chili? Addictive that was and the chicken that was literally like chicken that melted in your mouth It’s it was unbelievably soft and tender without being mushy whatsoever I want to quickly say thank you to you Go for recommending this spot saying that this is the traditional place that I needed to try that was just awesome For dinner we headed over to shibuya a busy business and shopping area of tokyo to eat at a popular after work Izakaya serving Yakitori right now crossing over shibuya crossing this is one of the world’s busiest Pedestrian crossings And I’m on my way to go eat at a yakitori restaurant. Which is a Japanese grilled chicken restaurant We just made it into this yakitori restaurant So cool, and I was lucky they if they actually have one they have two tables back here, but most of the seating is armed Let some time with my family. I’m glad they had an open table So we’re sitting at the table although the bar counter seating would be the ultimate experience here, but you can just hang all here We’re not drilling chicken in here They have a oh Arigatou~. Thank you. – yes, please – people – ah – I thought they have a couple of many courses which are the omakase which that chefs inside and just give you a course And let four course a that is the main one it includes a bunch of things well I’m lime times like that Okay, the surprise the first course on omekata menu is chicken Sashimi So normally just about anywhere You are in the world. You want to make sure that your chicken is cooked fully cooked cooked all the way through But Japan is the one place for where they take such care of their chickens and especially at a special chicken only chicken restaurant like this where they source their their chickens from From reliable sources and that’s a certain breed organic chickens that they know where they’re getting their chickens from You can eat chicken Sashimi, and I’ve had it one other time before This is beautiful presentation served with a dabble Wasabi on the side she said to put in some soy sauce the Bowl We did with lime and just enjoy Wow oh It’s so tender Well, I was expecting it to be a little more chewy. It doesn’t have any kind of an off taste or anything like that they are moving along with the courses this one is the “Tsukune” which I think is the type of meatball the Decision like most like sausage Form oh Yeah Like taste the “Yuzu(柚子)” under which is a Japanese citrus That’s so juicy as well こちらが皮ですね~ Educators when is about in Arcola to know from now on? Baby welcome no more tears, okay in water We had nothing to the course and keep moving along. I got I gotta eat Meatball is fantastic It’s like a sausage shaped me ball You do not need Any sauce or anything on that and moving along to my next birth this one is chicken Gizzard And you can see it’s a little bit bloody you can actually see like some little little like Bubbles of grilled Grilled bubbles on there, and then maybe some stone that’s on there I’m a big fan of kids or kids one of my favorite organs that has a nice crispness to it It really even has a minerally taste of it That’s just like like like crunchy chicken these ones look pretty pretty fatty and pretty crunchy I’m not sure if one of them is chicken skin, and then this one looks like that the back tail of the chicken looks like A Productive mixture of fatty chicken skin, but it looks you can see those like crunchy bubbles of them. I’m pretty backward I think that chicken tails Yeah, that is like like juicy fatty, but crunchy at the same time where it’s been grilled It’s oily definitely, but it’s packed with liver you can taste the pureness of the chicken in that bite next when we were and this looks Might be the chicken skin skewer just skin just like crunched up onto a skewer It’s glistening Wow Wow It is rich its crunchy its gooey its Total bit salty you got that crispy layer from where it’s been ripping sizzle over the charcoal that Is it’s very greasy, but it’s very tasty and this appears to be Maybe chicken thighs mixed with their flesh room on here, and there’s the week isn’t just a beautiful media Midi skewer join us That’s just as good as it looks are just Dark meat chicken, I got a shiitake mushroom in that bite Smokey it’s salty and I love how they they use such such little seasoning I suddenly. It’s really about the technique of how he grows And about the quality of the ingredients including that the chicken that they’re using That’s what really makes the up you tori special in Japan. I was waiting for the next course I was wondering when this was going to come because chicken liver well, I just love Chicken liver This is gorgeous. You can see even how they arranged it on the on the skewers. It’s like from small to bigger That’d be a different part I don’t even know how they’ve just say they know all the anatomy of the chicken and you can see how it Inaudi It’s actually better if they like Wow Okay, that’s the bite of the meal right there Paul it has like this kind of almost like leathery skin around the outside from being grilled, but then on the inside of just literally like Bursts, I get a picture in my mind of like one of those is it called the Lava cake Where you break it open and like juice like like like liquid chocolate just flows out of it That is what this liver like sort of does in your mouth except of course instead of chocolate. It’s liquid deliver This was a complete surprise to me. I won’t ever say no to eel and then she sprinkled on pepper cement a spiker there It just falls apart it has a wonder wonderful Smoky flavor to it as well Okay, next thank you, er. And it appears to be chicken breast nice big chunk sizes Forgot to mention, but you can see there’s some Wasabi on there as well, and that’s not just your average dry piece of chicken breast It’s so juicy well it just gushes with juice. Oh And that’s only how cooked chicken breast it so as you can see how Rod is on the inside These are quail legs. I think they’re quail eggs, and what looks like They appear to be Bucco nuts right off the Grill That’s just like Explain they’re just straight up quail eggs and gingko nuts, and this is our final course. Thank you kaki mushrooms They’re big, and they’re really big in the Media And how much of potato or juicy sauce and like silky? silky rubbery at the same time We just finished with the yakitori Corson. Come outside. I didn’t even know it’s raining out here Oh, I was in like a little bit of a chicken Paradise heaven inside there without even knowing what was going on on the on the outside What just amazes me so much about Japanese food in General? Is that how they take just simple? Single ingredients like chicken and just do amazing things with it, but you know like I’m a spice guy. I love spices I love like overpowering spices which Japanese food is not, but I love it because it’s so It’s so precise. It’s so quality and they just focus on the single paste of those ingredients but they know how to enhance it so well and Yakitori is a perfect example of that Japanese cooking expertise that was amazing and that brings us to the end of this japanese food tour video including breakfast lunch and dinner in tokyo and While I was there that night it started raining And then we had to get home, so I actually completely forgot about making an ending to this video. So I’m back at home now But that was a fantastic day the food was amazing and it was Lots of food I’m going to leave all of the information in the description box below all of the restaurants at yet And all the details so you can check that out there, and I want to say a big thank you for watching this video Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below and if you’re not already subscribed Click subscribe now for lots more food and travel videos, and I’ll see you on the next video. Thanks again for watching

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