Japanese meal for cats

Wanna try? Here you go. No no no no! I know you don’t have chopsticks, but nooo! Aww, you got a piece. Okay! All right, enjoy! Furikake… Poki, don’t hesitate. What, are you trying to be a good boy now? Poki, it’s okay! It’s okay. Nagi, where are you going? This is Nagi’s thing. He ran away and then eat it where no one can see him.
Where’s he going?! So I need like an extra plate here… Maybe one more on the bar stool, too. Did you see, he just took the whole thing. Yeah, that’s how he ate my sushi, too. Oh my god, Nagi… All right, guys!
Do you wanna do zōsui? Japanese-style risotto. Now you’re eating! Neko manma! How was it, guys? Well, I hope you guys liked it! Yes! See you guys later! Bye Fluffy butt

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  1. Au début je me demandais pourquoi je regardais ça. Maintenant je suis déprimée parce que ces deux chats ont un meilleur équilibre alimentaire que moi.

  2. 3:32
    Is this the really rusty knife he polished? I don't know why I am happy hes actually using it not just having it there just because. 😂

  3. I´ll guess, it was hard for you and the cats to stay there on the stools and for Rachel to keep the cats there 😀

    Good work and amazing dinner for the cats, Jun.

  4. How do you know which food is cat safe? 🙂 I have difficulty finding information on the internet. 🙁 And I love your videos. I wish my cat was as well behaved. xD

  5. 猫寿司の動画好きだったので新しい猫ちゃんのご飯動画うれしいです☺️✨

  6. Poki?! Is this the same cat? I'd expect him to be screaming for food, but it seems he's learned some manors.

  7. This a whole new level of cats meal! You put so much effort for it like a give once a month for your cat~

  8. I don't think those were mini sardines , they looked more like anchovies used to make dashi ?correct me if I'm wrong

  9. Pour tout les commentaires français écrivez les ici ainsi on s'y retrouve par rapport au autre commentaires

  10. Rie : makes it fancy for humans
    Jun : makes it fancy for cats
    Me : drools fantasizing fancy foods be it for cats or humans…….😅

  11. It's not easy for them to eat on a table like this. Either put them on the table with the plate or put the plate on the ground.

  12. My cat blondie loved this video. I had to stop everything I was doing and let her watch it with me. She really loved your cats!

  13. i tried cooking for my cats they gave it a thumbs down. I put the plate outside and the neighborhood cats came by licked it clean.

  14. 99% people: *Feeds cats cat food*

    Jun: "You get a real meal because I'm the best cat owner alive and like nobody else"

  15. Can anyone tell me what breed the orange cats are? My little sister had one just like those but someone stole it, I want to get her one

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