Japanese Sister City Cooking Celebration | LIFE IN JAPAN// Mayllie

Sugoi ne? [Cool isn’t it?] So much food. American people eat the hamburger, do you eat all? Oh yes, of course. Really? I couldn’t eat all. Really? Yeah, I just had half of it. Yes, many Americans can eat one or two. One or two? One or two. So, eat one, sugi wa [next] mouikai [once again]. I see. So, so, so [It’s true.]

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  1. I literally just found your videos and then you uploaded, this must be fate! I binged your Japan videos and you’ve totally shown me a new and beautiful side of Nagasaki~ now I’m hoping I get placed there if I make it through JET hahaha! Looking forward to your next video~

  2. How are you finding the JET experience? Would you recommend it? I'm in my second to last year of my degree and planning on applying end of next year.

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