JAPANFEST, K-POP Party in MUNICH #Vlog (Eng Sub)

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! It’s long ago you’ve seen a video from me. That’s because I was quite busy. But this weekend something turned out… …I went to Munich with a friend of mine. This evening we will go to a K-Pop Party. And tomorrow we’ll also visit the “Japanfest”, so we’ve planned a lot this weekend. Soon, we will go out. But before that, I wanted to show you our hotelroom. I’ve never been to such an hotelroom. It’s kinda old, but have a look… That is the great…entrance xD On the top is an air conditioner and I think that’s pretty cool because it’s not often available. Here is a wooden door. Also the closet consists of wood. And here is me… “Hello.” 😀 Yeah…spacious. Nothing special inside. The fun fact: This tv is way too new, so it doesn’t really fit into the room. xD Anyways, I think it’s cool that we have one. A little selection of snacks. The curtains are also very funny. They have a pattern. Our view…um yeah… Trees, Trees, Trees and houses… And that’s the funniest part… The bed. The bed also looks like… …it’s from medieval. Anyways, it’s kinda special. I think it looks cool. And there are… pictures. Perfect fits into the room. Yeah like I said, the doors are all like wooden doors. Also the bathroom door. And that’s the bathroom, with a wonderful, medieval mirror. A sink. Shower. Toilet. And that’s my friend Denise. (Denise: “Hello”) She came with me today. And tonight we will… Denise: “Party!” 😀 (I agreed) Yeah, we will go into the city now and see you later guys. So…we are going to the Japanese grocery store, I’ve already been to before (another video). Inclusive Denise and we will see if we find something delicious… And I think I am walking on the bicycle path. See you later. So guys…that’s also very funny… When I take the tram or the subway… We have to take any exit and it’s a suprise where we will come out…so let’s see! Guys, the LGBT community is here behind us. Right now we are walking here…did I adjusted zoom? – Lol, I think so xD Right now we are walking through a very loud parade. And the people are throwing things after me…great! (laughing) Yeah, that was the LGBT (meeting?!) CSD (Christopher Street Day) And now we are walking straight on to the Japanese grocery store. I have to take care that nobody crashes into me. We will see what cool stuff we will find in there. We arrived at “MIKADO” grocery store. Let’s go inside! Look guys, I’ve always wanted to have this. Denise: “This one is very cute.” Denise: “That’s nice when it’s winding, then it’s playing.” Some of you guys may already know this stuff from another video by me, but… …here it also has a lot of home stuff. Cups, bowls,… …also jewellery. Everything has to do with Japan. Here are the refrigerated things. There are many things, like greentea. I’ve already bought it before. Yeah! These are cream puffs. (Denise: “They look very yummy.”) They are very tasty. mostly filled with milk cream or matcha. And Omusabi is sadly sold out. (sad inside) Here are organic “Umeboshi” like salt plums. But, I don’t wanna buys them, so… …I will buy a “Dorayaki”, Mochi with strawberry cream and Greentea. And here is a lot of rice xD Also a reason I came here is because of this “Okonomi” sauce. Which I really like to put on omelette. Here is also “Yakisoba” sauce and “Takoyaki” sauce. The “Takoyaki” sauce is for the balls filled with octopus. Here you can see, how Ramen looks like. There is a picture. And here are noodles over noodles. So…very big selection. Also Udon noddles or Ramen… Everything what you need and all the noodles, Japanese people have. Ah…there’s something from “Gintama” (anime) on it. And don’t forget… SWEETS. They have a lot of sweets. Also crisps… and chocolate. And what is that? “Thank you” (In Japanese for sure xD) And again “Thank you” (in Japanese) Oh no, guys. We just came out of the grocery store. And it’s raining (even if it’s not looking like it is). We really aren’t happy about that. …we don’t consit of sugar but… …it’s sh*t. The rain stopped very fast and the sun came out. We will get a Crepê now at this shop behind us. Let’s see what’s available here. You can get “sweet” crepê… …and aromatic crepê. And I will get one of these, because I already ate a lot of sweet things. You can also get smoothies here. The shop is kinda hidden. If you would go this way, there would be the “Marienplatz”. And the name of the store is “Crepê fruit”. Thank you! Thanks! Bye. Yeah! I got my crepê with cheese and ham. Yum Yum Yum! I’m gonna try my crepê… Denise: “The cheese isn’t advantageous at all.” :DD Denise: “Is it good?”, Me: “Delicious.”, Denise: “Wonderful.” Denise also got a crepê. Cinnamon and sugar. Mmmh! Looks a bit strange haha We are going to the “English garden” now. And we want to chill out there until we go to the K-Pop party tonight. So we have to find the way now. Ah…there we go! Let’s go up here. We will chill and go to the river, cling feet in… Just doing nothing because it was very crowded at the “Marienplatz” (CSD). So let’s go on… So guys, we just arrived at the “English garden”. And we are looking for the river now, where you can cling in your feet. It will be far I think… xD …but we will hopefully find it, right? (Denise: “Let’s see if we find it.”) A bush surrounded by two chairs (?!) xD Where are we, guys? Where are we? Which path do we take? Denise: Like the tv show “Dora” xD Now there is a dog at our side. So fleecy. I think it is fascinated by the water. Denise: He can be stroked easily. Oh my god! Hello

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