Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Prepare For An Important Dinner

– I am so excited for the ball tonight. – It’s not a ball, Jared,
It’s a state dinner. – Right, not a ball, state dinner. And I’m not Cinderella, I’m Jared Kushner. – I do think that there will be some great business contacts tonight, so it could be a good night. – Yes, hand me my pearls. – Yes, of course. I’m sorry, just gotta (chuckles nervously) Sorry. Oops. Oh no. – Leave your fucking pants on the ground! Just leave the pants, Jared. – Sure, yes. – Not those. – Here you go. – Not those. – Your pearls.
– Not those. – Here you go. – That’s a bracelet. – Is it? – Thank you. – Well, I guess I’ll just go
draw a bubble bath for myself. – Didn’t you just take a bubble bath? – Yes, thank you for reminder. I might still squeeze in just
like a quick little bubble B if that’s okay, so I’ll just. I’ll just be only a minute. – Just leave your pants. – You’re right then. (sighs) – I’m rich, but I’m sad. Oh no wait, no I’m not. (chuckles) Wait, where are my fucking kids? Maria? Have you seen the, any of the kids? – 104 eagle, take one. – Loving it, loving it. Loving this lifestyle. Where the fuck are my kids?

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  1. If a conservative man dressed like a liberal woman to parody her, there would be a lynch mob outside the White House and a candle lit vigil for everyone offended by it……


  3. it was geeky but i dont get the point. the fact that they both work in the white house now isnt made clearly if thats what u were going for.

  4. That's the guy btw that was the mastermind behind Trump's campaign. You know, that orange cheeto joke candidate that you thought had a 0% chance of winning. He made possible what most of you never saw coming and all the lame jokes are that he's an idiot. Nah

  5. Not funny….. if snl do trump fod does trump if snl does ivanka fod does ivanka…..this channel needs to be improved or closed for the sake of humor

  6. You should make more videos about Jared&Ivanka things,love watching it.But why chose a man to be Ivanka?????That ivanka is so ugly,you should pick a beauty……….Love it though

  7. Truly hits home, Kiddie Kissinger Kushner and Imperial Ivanka are lost in mad Trumpworld, delusional thinking they have power–REALLY in hands of Satanic Steve Bannon, could represent him  lifting footage from Star Wars series of Jabba the Hutt, dub in.

  8. Was that supposed to be funny or even entertaining? Why must people even try to imitate the tragedy of this administration. We all should be in the streets demanding impeachment of this Russian puppet.

  9. These are VERY funny. I hope they go on as long as this inept administration is in the WH. By the way, just do a little research on what little Ivanka follows through with in her big promises she made on how she would take action for women and the 'common' folk. JOKE!

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