Jason David Frank in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Super Megaforce | 25th Anniversary Superheroes

[Jason] Looks like I’m gonna
need all the help I can get. Man, that dude is pumped. Who is he? I don’t know, probably
some new kid in school. He is really cute. [Announcer] Coming up
next, a karate competition featuring Angel Grove’s
finest, and a new challenger! Tommy, I have chosen you! No! (Rita laughs) (chants in foreign language) Yes! [Rita] Arise, my Green Ranger! Prepare to receive the sixth power coin, and become my Green Ranger! And now, morph into the Green Ranger! [Tommy] To the fall of Zordon, and the destruction of the Power Rangers! My turn! Time to meet the Green Ranger. Long live Empress Rita! (explosions echo) (rangers yell) It’s all over, Tommy. You okay, Tommy? What’s happening to me? You’re no longer under Rita’s power. Ah, my head’s spinning. Get up. You’ll be okay, man. What have I done? What you did, you did
under Rita’s influence. You own the power now. Fight by our side and we can defeat Rita. After everything that’s happened? Tommy, we need you. It’s where you belong. Will you join us, Tommy? Alright then, it’s morphin’ time! Dragonzord! [Rangers] Yeah! [Jason] We’re back, and we’re
ready to morph into action! [Tommy] Six, working
together to fight evil! [Zack] And stop Rita! [Billy] And all her menacing monsters! [Trini] From destroying
our planet Earth! [Kimberly] And ruling
the universe with evil! [Jason] Look out Rita,
we’re not backing down, ’cause we’re the [Rangers] Power Rangers! [Zordon] Rangers, with our
new friend comes new power. Use your flute Tommy, and
bring life to the Dragonzord. For when he combines with the Mastodon, Triceratops
and Sabertooth Tiger, a new fighting machine
will be at our disposal. (dragon flute music) [Tommy] Alright, aw man, it’s awesome! (“Go go Power Rangers”) [Jason] Look, they’re coming together! ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ ♪ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ♪ ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ Rangers, I give you
Dragonzord in fighting mode. And now I welcome our newest ranger. Now that you are a true
Power Ranger, Tommy, you must follow three basic rules or lose the protection of the power. First, never use your
power for personal gain. Second, never escalate a
battle unless Rita forces you. And finally, keep your identity secret. No one may know you are a Power Ranger. You can count on me, Zordon, 100% [Rita] Burn, candle burn! [Tommy] No, you can’t
take my powers, Rita. I’m the Green Ranger. [Goldar] Behold, the
flame’s last gasp! (laughs) The green candle has been extinguished. What!?
Aw man. [Tommy] Then Rita’s won? [Alpha] Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! There is only one way to stop the transference of power now. Green Ranger must give up his power coin. [Kimberly] No way,
he can’t just give up. [Tommy] There’s no other choice, Kim. [Zordon] By giving his
coin to another ranger, Tommy can prevent Rita
from gaining its power. It is the only way. [Tommy] I guess this is it, huh? Well, it’s been great. [Jason] Aw, Tommy. [Tommy] Don’t worry, I’ll be alright. Huh, oh. [Rangers] Tommy! [Kimberly] I’m so sorry. [Tommy] It’s over, isn’t it? [Zordon] Yes, I’m afraid so. [Tommy] And Rita? With the coin in Jason’s hands, the power is protected. [Tommy] I feel strange inside. Your body is morphing
back to its normal state. [Tommy] Ah, this is weird. You are a strong and
courageous fighter, Green Ranger, and an honorable man. [Billy] Something’s happening! [Kimberly] Are you okay? It was great being a ranger, Zordon. You’ll always be with me. [Jason] I’m sorry, Tommy. We tried to get the candle. You did what you had to do. My powers are with you now, use them to defeat Rita. Welcome back, old friend. (energy crackles) [Tommy] Whoa, this is amazing, I’m back! [Goldar] You again, green weakling. [Tommy] That’s right, Goldar. You have no chance of defeating me. [Tommy] We’ll see about that. (energy crackles) The power coins! I got you, hang on,
just a few more seconds! Tommy!
Aw man! He doesn’t look good. But he did it, he brought
back our power coins. [Trini] Yeah, look at him now. [Kimberly] Alpha. Our friends are in danger, I’ve gotta do something about it. I’m morphin’ out of here. Dragonzord! I’m all alone. [Turbanshell] Well not exactly, but it’s just you and me, kid. Welcome to your nightmare! (Tommy yells and grunts) You’re through, Green Ranger! It’s the moment we’ve
all been waiting for. You’ve lost your powers! Do you even recognize yourself, Tommy? Do you see what a gallant hero
you used to be, Green Ranger? Always willing to sacrifice, weren’t you? Always ready, always there
when the others needed you. You must have saved
your friends 100 times, and think of all of Rita’s
monsters you destroyed. You and your powerful Dragonzord. Out of your mind! ♪ Go Green Ranger go ♪ ♪ Goldar’s gonna get you ♪ I shall destroy you for that! ♪ Destroy the Power Rangers
and destroy the Earth ♪ I’ve wasted far too much
time on the likes of you! Now I shall finish you, Green Ranger, once and for all! No! I almost gave up on myself, Goldar. But your little picture show reminded me how much good that I’ve done. Not only as the Green Ranger, but as me, plain old Tommy. ♪ Go Green Ranger go ♪ [Goldar] Give me that device! [Tommy] You want it,
come on, come and get it! ♪ Go Green Ranger ♪ [Tommy] Here! And now, my friends, I present
to you, the White Ranger. Welcome, White Ranger. The time has come to reveal your identity. Guess who’s back? But, Zordon, how? I mean, I thought that Tommy
lost his powers for good. [Alpha] Not Tommy’s, the Green Ranger’s powers
were gone for good. [Zordon] That is correct. However, Tommy has proven
himself to be worthy and true. His courage, strength, and
honor allowed us to choose him to be the new White Ranger. This time, his powers have been created by the light of goodness
and can never be taken away by the forces of evil. It’s Morphin Time! Tigerzord! Tigerzord, power up! (Tigerzord roars) Alright, there he is! Alright Saba, let’s start all over. [Both] White Tigerzord,
Tiger Mode, battle ready now! [Tommy] Tigerzord, convert
to Warrior Mode, now! ♪ White Ranger Tiger Power ♪ [Tommy] Power up! Mega Tigerzord Transformation now! ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ ♪ You Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers ♪ [Ninjor] Form a circle
around me and join hands, for your journey now begins. Close your eyes and concentrate. I shall guide you in your
quest for knowledge and power. Older than time itself, as I
become one with the true power. Your journey is complete. Open your eyes and claim your destiny. (triumphant orchestral music) Tommy, observe the skies
and behold your Zord, the mighty Falcon Ninjazord. (falcon shrieks) [Tommy] Right now we
gotta save Angel Grove, how do we call the zords? [Ninjor] Look within yourselves! [All] It’s morphin’ time! [Tommy] White Ranger power! White Ninja, Falconzord, power up! ♪ Go go Power Rangers ♪ ♪ They know the fate of the
world is lyin’ in their hands ♪ [Tommy] The crystal! I’ll get the crystal and
we’ll get outta here. Don’t.
What? Leave it alone, Ranger. [Tommy] I knew it, you’re a fake! Give it up, Tommy, you have too much evil in you
to approach the Zeo Crystal. The forcefield will destroy you. [Tommy] I’m not evil. (thunder crackles) [Zordon] No Green
Ranger, stop, immediately! You mustn’t do this, stop! [Tommy] Long live Empress Rita! (explosions echo) Oh no! (rangers yell and grunt) Man, he’s stronger than he looks. Laugh now, Face Stealer, oh but you haven’t seen the
rest of the Power Rangers. To the Command Center! Yes, I did it! Alright. One of these holds the
object of your quest. The others, will ensure
that you’ll remain here for all eternity. You must trust your heart. But… Close your eyes and concentrate. (ground rumbles) Yes Tommy. You have fulfilled your quest. You have connected to your inner self. You have believed in him, trusted him, and he has seen you through. Only those true of heart can achieve this. One more thing, Tommy. You have also earned this. An arrowhead? To remember your time here. But where’s the other half? One day you’ll find the other side, and your personal quest will be complete. I don’t understand. Keep it with you, Tommy. It contains the secret of– (energy crackles) (rangers laugh) [Alpha] It’s working, Billy! (energy hums) We’re back! Rangers, your courage and sacrifice have brought us the Zeo Crystal. It will bestow upon you powers
beyond your imagination. And finally Tommy, you will assume the identity
of Zeo Ranger V, Red. [All] Power Rangers Zeo! Zeo Ranger V, Red! Go tell King Mondo if
it’s a fight he wants, it’s a fight he’s gonna get, right guys? [Rangers] Right! Power Rangers Zeo! Shift into Turbo! Let’s do it! ♪ Shift in to Turbo ♪ Yeah. ♪ Yeah ♪ Shift into Turbo! Red Lightning Turbo Power! I wouldn’t be standing here today, TJ, if it weren’t for your
courage and strength. I choose you to lead the team as the new Red Ranger. Who is that? That’s Tommy. The Red Zeo Power Ranger. He’s a legend! Let’s do it guys, it’s morphin’ time! Red Zeo Ranger! (rangers yell and grunt) Zeo Flying Power Kick! (Green Hunter yells) Thank you rangers. You’ve done a great service
to the entire universe. Don’t mention it, bro. I guess it’s time to say goodbye again. May the power protect you all. Wow, so that was Tommy. He really is the greatest ranger. (explosion echoes) (tense music) (explosions echo) (explosions echo) Not good. (yells) (water splashes) (explosion echoes) (upbeat music) (bell rings) Hi. Doctor Oliver, I’m Principal Randall. Oh, it’s nice to meet you. It’s your first day too, isn’t it? Yes, and I’m still trying to figure out why a doctor of paleontology would come all the way to Reefside to
teach science to teenagers. Guess I’m looking for
some peace and quiet. If you’re looking for extra credit, you’re in the wrong place. [Mesogog] If you won’t
do it for yourself, perhaps you will for
your precious students. Whoa!
Right! (energy crackles) [Conner] Doctor O! Huh? [Zeltrax] Even the destruction of the great Doctor Tommy Oliver. I heard my name. You missed me, didn’t you, Zeltrax? Yes!
Alright! Awesome!
Right on! [Ethan] You made it! [Conner] Hey, Doctor O, what’s this? [Ethan] A black Dino Gem. Let me guess, the power of invisibility! Looks like it. That gem belongs to my master. There’s two things you guys
need to learn about Dino Gems. One, you can’t choose
them, they choose you. What’s the other? They go real well with Dino Morphers. Hmm. Aren’t you a little old for this, Tommy? I may be old, but I
can still pull it off. Dino Thunder, power up! (yells) Dino Thunder, Black Ranger! [Kira] Awesome! [Rangers] Yeah! Just like riding a bike! [Zeo] Zeo Ranger V. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already. But that’s impossible. [Zeo] Oh, it’s possible, and
I’m still as tough as ever. The question is, are you? What is this? I’m not gonna fight you. [Zeo] Then I suppose
you will be destroyed. Huh? [White] Finally cut
that hair, huh Tommy? White Ranger? But your powers were destroyed! [White] You can’t
keep a good ranger down. Not again. [White] For old times sakes. (dragon dagger music) I thought I might run into you. [Green] It’s been a while, Tommy. See you switched to basic black. Seems to work for me. Let me guess, you wanna fight? [Green] You guessed right. You know better than
anybody how powerful I am. Why don’t you just give up the fight? That’s the one thing I’ll never do. [Green] Then I guess this is over. You passed the test. Test? What are you talking about? [Zeo] You haven’t been fighting us, you’ve been fighting for your life. [White] And you’ve
proven your will to live is stronger than any ranger power. [Green] This is yours. Good luck, Black Ranger. (machines beep) [Rangers] Tommy! Tommy, you’re okay! Yeah, never felt better. Super Dino Mode! Brachio Staff! Energy Orb, now! (explosion echoes) Grab my hand, it’s okay. I’m here to help you. I can’t! I’m scared! Hold on to this. Come on, that’s it. Great job, careful, I got you! You’re brave. You could be a super hero one day. (triumphant music) I knew it, I’ve dreamt about this. Hey guys. Tommy! You don’t have to do it alone this time. We’re here to fight by your side. [Troy] We can’t thank you enough. No, thank you. Earth is safe again. It was an honor to fight by your side. Well, it’s time for us to leave. We’ll always be with you. Thank you. (rangers yell) So much potential. Squandered for so long. [Sentry] My lord,
the generals are ready, they simply await your command. What’s important to me now is my friendship with all of you. I don’t never want that to change. [Kimberly] It won’t, Tommy. You’ll always be one of us. Then it’s time to set things right. We will invade their worlds. We will tear down everything
that might protect them, and then, when it’s too late, when they’re powerless and alone, they will realize the truth. They could have been Gods. (tense music)

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  1. What is your favorite "Tommy" moment in Power Rangers? Should Tommy return in a future episode or season?

  2. White ranger best ranger. Green ranger is very very close for nostalgic reasons.

    For pure cool factor, no nostalgia, Lord Drakkon is slick.

  3. I love the Tommy Oliver story. I prefer him as the green ranger, zeo ranger V red, and the black dino thunder ranger. Nothing against white ranger but it is tough for me to watch MMPR at that point because 3 OGs leave and I can only accept Adam (Aisha was fine but I found her kind of annoying sometimes and Rocky was a HUGE step down from Jason). In turbo he was barely with his friends and spent his at race track. As zeo red i feel like he got a lot of personal trials that tested him: kim's breakup, his long lost brother, being brain washed again. As the black dino thunder, I loved watching him be a mentor. As the green ranger, where do i start!

  4. As a child this was a epic moment when dragon zard combined into dragon megazard it really brings happiness to me

  5. Zordon to Tommy: and finally keep your identity a secret. Nobody may know you are a power ranger

    Tommy: you can count on me 100%

    In Zeo Tommy shows is long lost brother he’s a ranger lol

  6. powers or no powers he's still a fighter
    the black dino germ restore tommy's power
    he was the best of the Power Rangers
    Tommy doesn't know when to quit

  7. They made another rangers movie a few years back at the end was him and Amy were standing in the crowd. Guy just doesn't age

  8. The trippy part is in super megaforce when the legacy rangers meet them there no zeo ranger cause Tommy is the green ranger but pj was the turbo ranger then became the blue space ranger so who is the red turbo ranger?!?!?!

  9. At the end of the the video where tommy was seen to be some sort of emperor.. is it a new movie or series?.. if its either one does its aired already?

  10. 0:40
    Wew lad, I am sorry but even with the power rangers music instead of the sentai music, that is clearly Burai there…not Tommy.
    They should have just cut this part out and had JDF throw his head back and forth as if he was being infected or something.

  11. Revendo essas cenas eu posso dizer q amo essa série, mas a dublagem BR salvou a série nesse começo, pq as atuações kkkkkk

  12. whats funny is that black ranger tommy was so powerful he could fight the giant monsters without a zord the only other ranger to do that was the quantum ranger in his battlizer mode

  13. The scene where Tommy punches Trini point blank is derived from a male vs male scenario in the Zyuranger footage. This scene would have to be one of the most shocking ever because to hit a woman like that is exceptionally violent and I guess we unconsciously sanitize any intergender fights for the most part. Props for them keeping this scene in.

  14. 2:13 Yo these poses are so iconic man. I could loop this a couple times, and just feel so much nostalgia from it. Those whipping sounds are kinda off though, but they tried. Better than it sounding like nothing. 😆

  15. Suka banget dari jaman nya SD selalu nonton mr Tomy
    I like thad see movie power Ranger so versy like… From indonesia,,,, 😄😄😄

  16. Tommy my faviort power ranger and my faviort is green ranger white was good but the red ranger he lost some magic he look diffrent with out a shield but then dino thunder bring him back wearing a shield love that tommy has to have a shield

  17. imo "Tommy" has borderline become the face of power rangers. Jason, the actor, is a legend. Also, I'm not familiar with that last part of the video with some older-looking Tommy where he says "they could have become gods." Which series is that?

  18. ⚡🌈History Olampas Good not ware Evil Tommy÷🛡MA⚡🔴⚡RS🛡⚡X⚡D🌈All 🌈Power⚡Rangers KEEP GOOD Tommy fight for Good😎Legend Legend Slbart Unknown😎Thomas✨McMahon legend Slbart Power Rangers♂️✨♈🔺️🔥♠️fight for Good Owenl Good Power Rangers PACTERD⚪Earthe🛡÷ Defeat Evil Tommy say Gods Evil Power⚡Rangers

  19. Waiiiiiiittt can someone please explain to me how tommy was the green ranger in that big ranger team up towards the end?? Was it supposed to be alt timeline tommy or something? Because not only did the green rangers power get destroyed but also the morphing rangers power was destroyed so I’m confused

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