JBL Partybox 300 Review and Unboxing – Lets Get The Party Started!

So…. one second. So…. This is the JBL partybox and it’s huge!!!! hey what’s going on guys the Shivam
here and JBL just released the JBL partyboxes. The partybox 300 and
the JBL partybox 200. and as the name suggests they’re meant for parties. These are two big speaker which can easily run a house party. or you can also use the
speaker in your living room for casual music listening. One thing I do want to
mention about both of the speaker is that the party box 300 and the party box
200 are exactly same except there is just a small difference. The party box 300 have an inbuilt 10400 milliamp hour battery. But the party box 200 does it
have one. And all the other specs of the speaker are exactly same. Now before we talk more about the speaker, let’s unbox this and see what else we get in the box
if you buy one up. So here, This is the retail packaging of the speaker itself. This is that gigantic box in which the JBL partybox came. I have to say that
this is the biggest unboxing ever done on the channel till now. And for this
video I ran out of space for this unboxing. But anyways this is the retail
packaging of the party box itself on the front we can see how the speaker is
supposed to look. And above the image it says party box 300. Now we also have
couple of features below this. Here it says Bluetooth, JBL signature sound, light shows, portable with a rechargeable battery, mic and guitar inputs, wireless bluetooth streaming and battery playtime of a 18 hours. Now let’s move to the other
side of the box and here we have the same exact features as mentioned earlier. So I think it’s pretty much it for the reading on the box and now let’s quickly unbox this Partybox and get the party started. shall we? So… this is the party box 300 itself and I have to say it’s a great looking
speaker. And with light effects turned on it looks sick. Now then finding the
speaker itself in the box we also get some extra accessories along with that. So in this box we have a car cable to connect this cable to your car. Second up we have the European power cable to connect this directly to a
power outlet. We also have a power cord for UK outlet as well other than power
cords there is one more thing left in the box which is user manual and you know how we treat this on the channel. So yeah.. That’s it for the
unboxing part and let’s move to the review of the JBL party box. So let’s
start this review by answering what the JBL party box is and for whom the
speaker is designed for. So the way I would define the JBL party box is by saying it’s a gigantic speaker which is made to rock any house party. With this
speaker you can organize a house party. Or if you are more into inviting everyone
to your house on every festival and you want something like a solid speaker to
keep up the vibes then this is the thing you need in your life or even if
you’re not into so much of parties like myself…. But you are in everyday music
listening person even then you can consider the speaker. One way I could also think of this is by putting it in the back of your trunk. So you can also
enjoy your music on the go. Also the bass level on this is excellent and more on
that later but for now, let’s talk about the design of JBL party box. So the JBL Partybox is also a very modern looking piece of tech which you can easily put
into your living room or bedroom. Although the speaker is bit big with
dimensions of 310 millimeter by 320 millimeter by 690 millimeter d With an extra weight of 15 kilograms. Now the front of the speaker has a dual 6.5 inch
woofer and 3 X 2.25 inch tweeters. And they’re also preset to change this
lighting effect, and if you want to keep it low profile then you can also turn
this effects off with a touch of a button Also with the speaker JBL found a
really cool way to display the volume. Other than lighting effects, partybox
300 has an outstanding design. The device feels very rugged and it feels safe to
move the speaker around the house. Now the speaker does come with rubber feet on three sides so you can put it any side you want. We also get all the
buttons on the top to control the speaker which includes standard power
button, volume up and volume down, play/pause, lighting effect button and
bass boost button. Now just like any other Bluetooth speaker you can connect this to your phone via bluetooth or you can take a look at the back and see all
the inputs and the outputs of this device. So here you can connect the DC
input, USB input and output Aux input, left/right channel switch, 100 to 240 volts power cord input, RCA input and output, and 1/4 inch mic and guitar input with gain controls. So because we have so
many inputs and outputs, there are so many ways you can connect this speaker to. You can connect via bluetooth, RCA, aux USB and you can also connect your guitar
and mic and go karaoke with this. And if you want to check out a small speaker
with inbuilt songs and karaoke thing, you can check out our review of the Acoosta
Uno, in the top right corner in the info card. Other than that if you want to take
full advantage of the speaker, you can also connect 2 Partboxes together bluetooth or the RCA cable and enjoy the full stereo experience. Now as mentioned
earlier, the partybox 300 do comes to the built-in battery of 10,400 mAh which takes roughly around five hours to charge full and after a full charge, it will gives a playtime of 18 hours. Which is a great feature if you want to take this to a trip in your SUV or anywhere. Speaking of SUVs, you can also install this included cable permanently into your car and use the speaker in your trunk. One thing I did notice was when
you are using this one battery and DC power, there is a slight drop in sound
levels but even on batteries, the speaker is so loud that you have to turn down
the volume anyway. Now speaking of sound quality which is an essential part of
any audio device, then partybox 300 and the party box 200 are great sounding
speakers. They produce an excellent frequency response of 45 hertz to 20
kilohertz or in layman’s language you can say this speaker performs well in
producing sound, the high frequencies are clear mids are good and the bass is very rich. and if we turn on the bass boost, it will shake your walls off. The speaker is also excellent in clarity and at any point I
didn’t felt like it was getting muddy at all. And for the loudness the speaker has
a 120 watt rms output which is exceptionally loud. The speaker is so loud that you will hardly hit the max volume. I’m using my Yamaha HS5
which are 45 Watt each and I rarely go beyond 30% of volume. Now to give you a
bit of a perspective this is the sound comparison between my Yamaha HS5 with sub woofer and the JBL partybox. Do keep in mind that there are a lot
of factors involved in this recording like mics, acoustic and this won’t be a
100% accurate representation of the sound. for better experience you should
check them out personally in the store. So that was all the sound testing and now if
you talk about the price for a second that it is priced at 449$
dollars or 33,000 rupees. And everyone have their own language of price, so this might be cheap for some and expensive for some. But I think it’s a great speaker for all occasions, blasting parties, every day music listening
a great speaker for a trunk. or anything that requires spice up a music. I do want
to put a quick disclaimer if you don’t like loud music just stay away from this. Anyways for more info you can check out the links down below in the description. And that’s for today’s videos you can also enter our ongoing giveaway on the
top right corner in the info card. And… Hope you guys enjoyed this and if you’re
there just click the like button below Share this video with your friends and
subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet. And I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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  1. Here comes our review of the JBL Partyboxes, Enjoy!!!
    And did you like your new channel intro?
    Amazon.com: https://amzn.to/2TgPYLc Amazon.in: https://amzn.to/2RQ4UDG
    Amazon.ca: https://amzn.to/2TgPZ1I Amazon.co.uk: https://amzn.to/2Weliw6

  2. What should I buy? This or a jbl karaoke. I like my music with bass. But not to much like I can’t hear the music no more and only the bass

  3. I have it for one week and suddenly it closed and an orange light turned on(in manual says its standby button but i donnt know how to reverse it) . . .whatever i press all dead wtf HELP

  4. Suggest a good speaker for a dance studio measuring 500sq feet. I have been suggest the partybox, suggest any other option as well, for comparison. TIA

  5. Your accent is fine. Good video man. Thanks for doing something we can all enjoy for free.

    TL;DR – Fuck the ungrateful fucks.

  6. Hi great review I just bought a pair of the partybox 200. Got them in my bedroom they sound amazing and look great, just a quick question you mentioned that you can pair both speakers by cable wire what leads do I need for this as I would like to keep the speakers further apart from each other and to pair them both you need to hold down both bluetooth buttons at the same time??? So hopefully with the lead I won't need to do that??? Thanks

  7. I feel like you're wasting a lot of time talking about insignificant features features features features… People only really care about: 1- Its Power, 2- Sound Quality (Bass, Mids, Treble), 3- Battery life

  8. I got the partybox like 5 days ago but when I play music I can hear a light distortion, is the speaker broken?

  9. I have philips 5.1 smart blueray player . i am confused about jbl party box should i buy this its have only 2speaker

  10. Guys I have a question, I am going to buy 1 of Partybox next week but I was wonder that "If I use AUX line from my mac to JBL partybox, Can I actually use Output line from Partybox to another Speaker to make my party louder? " I don't know my english is well enough or not but hope you guys give me the answer before I buy it <3 " thank you beforehand :,)

  11. I have this speaker I love it but the only thing that killed it was the battery I wish they made it we're you can swap out like the SoundBoks

  12. Have it and the LG rk7, go with the rk7, the price is better and there are so many more things you can do with the rk7.

  13. Just found your channel because I was looking for a review on the 300! Props to the editor on this video, awesome transitions 😍 Im getting this speaker now!

  14. I have a question. There are 3 lfm modes. The third makes it go louder. It can blow the speaker or not ? Even at Max Volume with a bass boosted song?

  15. im not sure how I got here and I never knew this existed… but DAMN !!! I don't want one… I want 2 for the biggest stereo sound. thanks for your video and introducing me to a lil piece of heaven. and I looooove loud music !!!

  16. I have one partybox 300
    The sound is really amazing, but, the features sucks, no app, Mic and guitar inputs has a lot of echo and delay, plus there's no way to browse the tracks on usb stick, only go back and forth

    Jbl should improve those issues

  17. Confusing.. Either partybox300 or sony xb72.. Can u sir help me? Jbl 120w.. Sony 500w.. But the sound louder almost the same.. Using for outside picnic party

  18. Great review 👍 so there's basically more sound fidelity in a JBL Boombox, which i know you , i , and all of us prefer 😉

  19. Can it power a giant party? I do have the JBL boombox. But i also REALLY want the JBL partybox 300. I've heard that the Partybox 300 can get up to 130 db. While the jbl boombox can only get to about 90 But idk if its the actual difference

  20. Just bought it tonight has a nice sound but not as loud as i thought it would be, we played it wide open for a couple of hours and it is fine in a living room but don't expect feeling heavy bass vibes, not worth the price

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