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  1. I’m in love with how joe Jonas sang to his wife “you’re a real life fantasy” and Nick Kissing his wife, and Kevin’s intro is spot on!

  2. Me: When you still don't know their names and you've watched them since they were on Disney…
    Also me: their music as always been just…. okay.

  3. Love how Danielle has been around the longest even before the bands breakup and yet she still fangirls over the brothers and her husband lol

  4. My Favorite Highlights to Their Performance!!!

    0:42 Joe Singing Nicks Jealous
    1:05 Nick Plays Joes DNCE Cake By The Ocean
    1:42 The Ahemmm 😉
    2:17 Joes Vocalizing <3
    2:20 – 2:39 Kevins Entry Is The Bomb!!!!!
    2:22 Brendon Urie Watching Kevin Rockin The Stage! Is Love!!!! Feel Awesome!!!
    2:32 Joe n Nick Join Kevin In This Firey Performance…
    3:33 The J Sisters Appear!
    3:49 Nicks AhhYEahh….
    4:01 The Bros Symphony
    4:04 The J Sisters Again..
    4:43 The J Sisters Cheering for The J Bros
    5:05 Brendon Urie Rockin To Sucker <3
    5:18 Kevins Rock-N-Rollin Wid his Guitar!!! Swooooonnnn!
    5:23 The J Sisters "About You" Funnnnnnn
    All In Alll Magic!!!!! <3

  5. This is what I've been waiting for YEARS since the Jonas Brothers Disney show ended and they went their own paths. 😂

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  7. Just had to listen to this one….sucker… Have a T shirt with this message on it…. Lol…love it….

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