Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson Answer Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

This is so exciting. I was so excited. First of all, I loved the show. I hope you love
how it turned out. It’s great, right? Thanks for giving us this job. Oh my god. And I I was like, I get
to have them on the show and talk about it. It’s so great. And you haven’t been here
since the end of “The Office.” Yeah. And I haven’t seen
you since Season Two. Oh that’s right. It was a long time ago. But, my mother. Your mother and your
sister I’ve seen. Yes yes yes. My mom. So they see each
other at a party– His mom is Goldie Hawn. Sorry. My mom is Goldie Hawn. And she comes home
and she goes, honey. This show, congratulations. It’s been picked up. And I said, mom,
this isn’t happening for like another two weeks. We have no idea. She goes, no, I saw Ellen at a
party and she said it’s a go. And I said– now of course, my
mind is going, is this real? Does Ellen know
what’s happening? She must, but maybe she doesn’t. So. I got the news on the internet. Really? Yeah. No. I didn’t. Someone called me. Someone called you. I didn’t see your mom or I
would’ve told your mom too. You didn’t see my
mom at a party. I saw your mom when
she was here, though. Yes. And by the way, my mom– you were so sweet to my mom. It’s her 70th birthday today. Oh happy birthday! Yeah. Yeah. So, happy birthday to my mom. There’s your mom. Yes. OK. So do you see this picture? Do you see her hair
in this picture? What is that? OK. So, that was back when I
was super into the bump it. Do you remember the bump it? Yes. It was like a hair thing. And when I came on the show, you
styled my hair with a bump it. Sure did. Yeah. And as a bit– there, I’m
getting my hair styled by you. And afterwards, you took
a picture with my folks. And they have that picture on
the wall in our house at home. There’s no context for why
my hair looks like that. Well I should do something
to your hair every time we take a picture with
your mom so it’s different every single time. Always insane. Yeah. So you grew up– I think everybody grew
up differently than you. But, obviously, you all
grew up very differently. Yeah. I grew up in St.
Louis, Missouri. My mom’s a schoolteacher. My dad’s an engineer. Yes I grew up in Hollywood. Uh-huh. With famous parents. Yeah. But I think they’ve
been to St. Louis. Oh, so it’s like
almost the same. Yeah, they probably shot a
movie in St. Louis or something. They did. They did. So but you all shot
here on the lot. Which is amazing, because
you used to hang out here all the time. I grew up here. I grew up on these sets. I have no choice
but to do what I do. What a lot. Which was, like, that was
like fascinating to me. Because, so I mean,
because I’m a mom. I have two little kids. And my modeling for raising
kids was St. Louis, Missouri. It wasn’t Hollywood. And I was like,
well, what do you do? Do you bring your kids to set? Do you not? Do you– what do you–
how much of this world do you let them see
and be a part of? And when we did the show
together, I got to ask you. And you said, it was great. You loved going to
work with your parents. And he– you– he
turned out great. Oliver is amazing, I’m OK. He’s an amazing dad. No. You’re amazing. How many kids do you have? I’ve got three. Three boys. How old? 18– three– two
boys, a little girl. 10, 7, and 4. And you have– I have two. I have a little boy
who is 6 and 1/2, and a little girl 3 and 1/2. And so, well, first of
all, talk about the show. Because it’s interesting. Because the show is about– you both actually have
the same parenting styles as this couple on the show. As our characters. But explain the show. Yeah so– yeah, go ahead. OK. Go ahead. So. Oh thank you darling. Thank you. So, in the first
episode, you find out that we’re getting a divorce. But we can’t afford
to sell our house and live in two
different places. So one of us is going to live
next to the garage each week. And the other person is going
to live in the house taking care of the kids. And so it’s called bird nesting. It’s a new thing. Yes. Where this is–
rather than to make the kids go to different
houses, the parents go to different
houses in divorce. And we are trying
to co-parent in this new interesting situation. Yeah, but they cast this
show very, very well. Because we soon
realized how similar we were to our characters. And not only that, but Jenna
is so similar to my wife, the way my wife handles the
kids and deals with her life. That she’s so wonderful,
and she’s amazing. She’s beautiful, and wonderful. And attractive. And I can’t stop
thinking about her. That’s right. Yes. Yes. And you’re so much like
my husband, actually. It’s weird. I feel like I don’t have to do
a lot to get into character. Because I just leave my real
husband and then I come to you, and you’re like,
kind of the same guy. I mean, that’s why the
chemistry works so well, too. John Krasinski was
here not too long ago. And I brought up the
possibility of the return of “The Office,” because
there’s all these reboots. Of course, I don’t
want that to happen, because I want this show to go. And we don’t want
this to happen. But people love that
relationship between the two of you. The Jim Pam relationship. Yes. Yes. You’ve got some
heat, haven’t you? When we– when I tweeted
something about the show, and I tweeted out a clip. And then there were
a lot of responses. Like, he’s not Jim! Anger! Oh it’s horrendous. I’m getting like, hate
tweets, and anything else. I haven’t even done anything. I think even– I
really think people are going to be won over. I really do. I think this
relationship, people are going to just as invested. I believe in it. And I think that if– I know it’s making people angry. But I think they should
just hate watch the show. Yeah. Just hate watch it. And be mad. Good idea. And then, all of a sudden,
you’re going to fall in love. You are. And then I think you’re going
to kind of root for this to work out. I don’t know. That’s what I’m saying. Yes. That’s what I’m saying. All right. So Oliver, you’re a– we established
you’re a great guy. Yes. You’re a great husband. I think so. I want you to
explain what you did to show your wife how much
you love her and I mean, this is above and beyond. OK. I got a Brazilian wax. A full on– Because? Well I just– it’s– I wanted to know
what it was like. And did participate in– What she goes through. What she goes through. There, oh there, she’s this
beautiful Italian woman who barely speaks English. And it was– There she is and
there are your legs. And– No, I’m– How did you– How was it? How did you find it? It hurt. Yeah. I hurt very, very, bad. It hurt very, very bad. So you only did it the one time? One times five. Wow you’re keeping it up. I kind of like it. Really? It’s very clean. And, you know, there’s
some nice things that happen when you are fully– there’s no hair. You know? I love him so much. It’s– it’s– These are the stories
you come to set with. I know. You’re so entertaining. It was a very nice
bonding experience. Wow. So do you and your
wife go together and get the waxing done? Yes. I’ve never done it alone. Oh so you go together
and get it done? Yeah, it’s sort of a–it’s a
marital to keep our marriage spicy. Yeah that’s sweet. “Splitting Up Together”
premieres this Tuesday, March 27th, at 9:30 on ABC.

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  1. I really hope their new show is funnier than this was. They really have no chemistry in this particular clip.

    Nom nom nom nom nom…
    ( Eats crisps while scrolling down on more comments, not even paying attention to the video)
    Hey, the vid is already done? They should make longer ones.

  3. Are we just going to act like that recreating her meals out of Play Dough isn’t dope AF?! Like what kind of angel talent?!

  4. you watching demon possessed Ellen n celebrities sell out actors look shape shifters and Illuminati in everything food drinks.. you name it etc

  5. Ok I have a few issues. It is obvious she wanted to say John Krasinski but would be too awkward to say it in front of her new co-star. She basically also said she would like to go on a road trip with herself and John Krasinski. Back to the kissing issue, if she was backed into a corner, she could have easily said her husband. I haven't watched the show nor do I plan too, but has she even kissed oliver on the show yet? If not, it's a little fishy she didn't say, "well I haven't kissed you yet, so john." I am starting to think the letter to pam said that if he (John) and Jenna ever found themselves divorced, they should hook up

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