Jennifer Lopez Fangirled over Her ‘Fixer Upper’ Anniversary Present

You know what, let me
give you a gift first. A gift? Yeah, because you and A-Rod
just celebrated your two year anniversary. We did. Congratulations. Well let’s just
bring out the gift. I’ll explain. Oh god. Is someone going to pop out? What’s happening. This is a clock. And it’s basically to remind
him that time is ticking, and he should hurry
up and propose. Or you should propose. I’m going to put this– I’m going to give him
this for Valentine’s Day. That would be great. All right. Your time is almost up. Hurry up. When A-Rod was here, he said
it was Christmas coming up. Right. He was going to give you a
romantic, but not expensive, gift. Do you remember? What did he give you? What did I get for Christmas? I think he gave me earrings? Were they not expensive? He said romantic,
but not expensive. I don’t know romantic that was. They were probably more
expensive than romantic. But he’s romantic,
I would assume. He is. And what did you give
him for Christmas? | actually gave me
something really nice for our two-year anniversary,
which is really nice, which I haven’t told anybody. You want me to tell you? Yeah. No, no. I don’t want to know. I could tell you later. No, tell me. I don’t want to take
over your show time. Yeah, well, you are the show. No, this was really sweet. So I’m obsessed
with Fixer Upper. Do you guys know Joanna Gaines? So I’m obsessed with it. And my sister got me like
that– that’s actually what I remember getting for Christmas. My sister got me her new book. And I’m like, obsessed with her. I’m like in bed
every night looking. I’m like, oh my god. This is so amazing. So we got this– we actually got a little
fixer upper next to the water. And we were like, oh,
we got to fix this up. it’s really a house
that needs work. And I was like, wouldn’t
it be amazing to like have her do it for us. But she doesn’t do
anything outside of Waco. Yeah. Nothing. And I was like, no, no,
no, and I didn’t even know that honestly that Alex
listens to me half the time. When I’m talking and stuff. Talking to my
friends and my sister or whatever over Christmas,
and then come our anniversary, he goes hey, I want you to–
and it was like a Sunday, and he was like, I want
you to do a meeting. He loves meetings. He loves to do meetings,
and I hate meetings. And he’s like, I want
to do a meeting with me. And you know, I’m always like
dragged into these meetings, these business meetings. And he goes, I want you
do this meeting with us for this architect
for the house. You know, we’re not going to
spend a whole bunch of money, but we’re going to do– and I was like, OK, great. And he opens up the FaceTime,
and it’s Joanna Gaines. And I was like, are you kidding. Hi. I totally fan girled out. And she was like, hi. Just like she’s on the show. So cool. With her long hair,
she’s like, hi. And I was like, oh my god. Are you kidding me right now? And I’m looking at him, and I
was like, oh you listen to me. I love you. Like, you are so amazing. It really blew me away. Like, that to me is more
romantic than anything. He was like trying to
get her on the phone. She’s like, you know,
I don’t do things. She was like, but I will
help you with this and that and whatever. And I was like,
yeah just help me. Just a little bit. You don’t even have
to come out here. I know you had the baby. How’s the baby? It was amazing. It really is the
most important thing is when you know that
they’re listening to you, and they remember things
that means so much to you. More than– You love houses,
too, and decorating. Oh, I love it. So do I. It’s a passion of mine. So, I’m looking
forward to how can you make this little place nice. It’s not that– that
was an awesome for us. To y’all have the same
taste in the same aesthetic? He’s a little bit more of
the modern, masculine side. He just goes all the way modern. Like stones and marbles. And I’m like, can
we have a pillow? Yeah. And a blankie. But his place in
Miami is really cool. Gorgeous. Really good. It was in Architectural Digest. Yeah. Should we do this
before we go to break? What are we doing? Well, we’re doing this. Because you went to the premiere
for Second Act, for your film. And the dress you wore
didn’t even fit in your car. But you don’t care about stuff
like that, because you love– It was so much fun. You had to take a van in
order to wear that dress. But listen. Ellen, Ellen, I mean,
look at that dress. I know. I mean it’s like a fantasy. What girl in here does not
want put that dress on? I know. I was like– Yes, that’s the one. All right. But you’re going to
present at the Oscars. And that’s hard to
pick out a dress, so we went ahead
and got you a dress that you were going to love. That is so– Yes. How long does it go? I need to know. Bring it down. Bring it down. Oh my god. Bring it in here. Come on. Come on. Hold on. Let’s just fix this
right here because I know how to do these things. Look it, oh my goodness, yes. Oh, that’s going to
look so good on you. That’s going to
look so– oh, yeah. So whoever is
sitting next to me– That’s right. It will be fun for them, too. Someone under you
trying to look. All right, we’ll take a break. We’ll be right back.

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  1. Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

    Ecclesiastes…God's laws must be kept, whether keeping them results in happiness or sorrow.

  2. I find it a little hard to believe that someone like JLo would buy a fixer upper and have a farmhouse-chic designer do it.

  3. Ellen got money…MONEY cuss im sure that dress cost! and she had it made as a JOKE! ….financial goals lol

  4. !I loved this! I love Ellen and I love Jennifer! She made me cry when she talked about Alex listening to her!🥰😭🥰 and surprising her with Joanna Gaines! Best wishes to them!

  5. I am OBSESSED with J-Lo and I don't care if she has a Man!! I'll steal her like a thief in the night!! Let's hope I never get the chance cuz I WILL!! BLAZE green flowers Ya'll! ! BLAZE 'Em Up!!

  6. The real gift he listens to you……what a great couple I wish you a life time of love and happiness for you both and your whole family

  7. Seriously Jennifer Lopez is an amazing lady she sweet, hardworking,and can laugh at her self and goes with the bunches

  8. Jlo is how celebrities should be unfortunatly sometimes they are too shy, fake, mean and egotistical for us regs to really get to know them on a down to earth level. But Jlo definetly gives a very humble energy.Ive always heard nice things about jlo she truly is an amazing and she is never boring.

  9. HOWDY ELELEN!! I luuuuvvvv Jenni'$ OUTFIT in this show. she must be IRRESISTIBLE in reel life!! BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL!!

  10. HOWDY ELELEN!! I luuuuvvvv Jenni'$ OUTFIT in this show. she must be IRRESISTIBLE in reel life!! BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL!!

  11. If I could choose any celebrity body parts I would choose jlos legs lol omg they are perfection or maybe just everything 😘

  12. Oh HAVE MERCY! ! jenni's out fit is the BOMB! Sorry Ellen I luuuuvvvv U and Jenni!! I kinda only watch u and Jenni episodes!! BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL! !♧÷♧

  13. happy birthday my dear JLO and that happiness and joy and happy birth day for the next anniversary I love your Children y you're a real star with your voice and your body and I'd bien that you come to my country 'cause me I can't come because I don't have a Dinero to come to you and see you sweetheart and I'm Chahinez Algerian muslim but I like all your job in this space all my love , hi
    Gracias mis amigos

  14. i dont think ive seen anyone say the word "marbles" in such an aggressive yet hilarious manner in my life lollll

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