Jen’s Surprise Birthday Party | The Little Couple

Do you hear mom? She’s gotten into the elevator. She can’t see me behind the bag. Surprise. Surprise. Hey. ALL: Surprise. [GIGGLE] I think their
surprise went well. They definitely surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to
get off the elevator and go straight into birthday. Come sit by me. I’m coming to you. Let me give you a kiss. Don’t blow ’em out, William. Who made that beautiful cake? Only when mommy says it’s OK. Oh. Very pretty. Is that cream cheese frosting? Yeah. One, two, three. (SINGING) Happy birthday to
you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday,
dear mommy Jennifer. Happy birthday to you. Careful. Hot. Blow. Cha cha cha. Oh, hurry, Will.
More. More. Oh, I think the smoke
detector is going to go off. Jennifer deserves
a good birthday. She’s either working
really hard at work or she’s working
really hard at home. There’s nothing that gets 90%. It’s always 110 for her. It’s good to see a
smile on her face. Oh, you got cards? We’ve got a couple
of presents here. Oh, very nice. OK.
Thank you. – Cards first.
– Open it. Open. Cards first. By Zoey Klein. Oh. Thank you, Zoey. Ah, magical underwater world. That’s so cute. Look at that, a dolphin. Aw. Yes. It’s so sweet. I love it. Oh, my goodness. Her dolphins are very good. This from you? Thank you, Will. Happy birthday, mom. Love, Will. Magical underworld. Dear, Mom.
I love you. Happy birthday.
Love, Will. Look at all those pretty fish. Oh, Zoey you made
a beautiful gift. I love it. Wow. That is beautiful. I think homemade
presents are the best. I’m sure there’s not many more
years that I’ll have to look forward to homemade presents. So this is definitely
a perfect birthday. I love it, Zoey. It’s gorgeous. Thank you for making
that for mommy. Do you have the
best husband ever? I do. Totally. I’m a keeper. Most days. What the–

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