Jensen and Misha Dinner Story HonCon 2017

Misha: Hi. Fan: Hi, I was wondering as far as for the many years you guys have been filming together… …what was the most memorable moment for you that changed from a working friendship to a friendship to making it a family? Jensen: I don’t know if I can beat the question. That was… Misha: It’s a good question. Jensen: It’s a great question. Misha: I have this thing that I do… …which I think I’ve shared with you this before, but I have this thing that I do which is… …every year around New Year’s I write down my goals. And I think it’s like a “goals for the year”, things that you wanna do for the year. And the year I got on Supernatural I wrote down the goal, the goal that I had that year was “I want to be a series regular on a show… …with a cast that becomes my lifelong friends.” And I don’t know why I picked that thing to say about being on a show… …’cause it really isn’t necessarily part of a career move. But I did and I was actually just thinking about that earlier today. It’s like, that’s really strange because I actually feel like… …you guys and this whole crew… are like… what a– such a remarkably tight group of people. We love hanging out with each other and… It’s been a gradual evolution to get to that point. Like we all have grown to know and like and trust each other over time more and more… But I personally feel like we really have something very special in this… cast. The extended cast. I mean all the people that show up at these conventions are people whom I love. I love them. And that wasn’t– it wasn’t fast and it didn’t happen at moment. We hated each other for quite some time. Jensen: Yeah, there was a moment when you were like “Wow, when I make those lists I need to be much more specific.” There’s– It’s… you know what it’s a series of events, I think, that leads to friendships. You know, you can meet somebody and right away have an instant connection or you can meet somebody and be like “Yeah… …that’s a cool person, wouldn’t mind hanging out with them again.” And then that opportunity presents itself. And then now you– you’ve just furthered that relationship and– ’cause relationships need to be nurtured and… when we are– when, you know. When you have a show that has fortunately been on as long as it has… you’re able to nurture relationships properly. And I think that when you have the right people nurturing those relationships you get friendships. And that’s what we have– we’ve found. And not only with, you know, a few people, with a lot of people– (baby noises) I know, I know. I feel ya. And you know that it– one of the moments that… -because he’s up here- one of the moments that jumps out to me that was like… one of those moments that kind of furthers a relationship… into a friendship was: he and I were getting to know each other, we went out for dinner out of the… Where were we? Gastown? And we sat down at this– we sat down on this– this table, and it was this really kind of cool bar and… the waitress came up, she says “You guys know what you want?” And Misha takes my menu out of my hands, takes his menu, hands it to her and goes: “We’ll take the three least ordered items on the menu” Now that would be fine if it was, you know, a burger joint or… You know, a steakhouse or something to that degree. This was like a very kind of… New Age kind of a restaurant. Misha: They had brains on the menu. Jensen: Yeah, you wonder why we know that. So we had that. We had sweetbreads, which is basically fried glands. And I’m like “Man, this–” Misha: I’m like “Man, this friendship is gonna be a lot of work. Jensen: Then, and I remember there was a piece of me that was like “I hate him right now… …but I kind of love him a little bit more too”. Like this just- and– and it’s– I think it’s moments like that that– that we’ve been able and very fortunately enough to have a… Lot of and those– those really, you know, they solidify friendships, and that’s what we’re very thankful to have. Fan: Thank you. Jensen: Thank you.

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  1. thank you so much for captioning this! i'm deaf, and most videos of them at these conventions aren't captioned so i can't understand them (my sister translates some of the basic funny ones for me) this made me super happy!

  2. Awww Misha. Sassy!Jensen 😀 OMG New Age restaurant. I did that with some friends and we went for Ethiopian food…It was so good 😀😀😀. I love how pretty much all the cast like each other.

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