Jeremy Corbyn | Labour Party Democracy Review

Today we are launching our
Party Democracy Review. The top-down model of organisation
in politics, the media and business is being challenged and
is breaking down. New technology is opening up
participation. New social movements today are
horizontal not hierarchical, networked rather than
top-down. When I ran to be Labour leader
I said I wanted to transform our party
into a movement. We’ve began that transformation. Since 2015 we have almost
tripled in size, with well over
half a million members. At the General Election we campaigned in
communities across the country, and helped secure gains in every
region and nation of Britain. Now we must build on that to
win the next General Election so we can transform our society
for the many, not the few. We must encourage participation of
our members at every level, to harness the talents and enthusiasm
of all our members. So our Democracy Review will put you,
our members, at the heart of our party, at the heart of decisions about policy,
and how we campaign and organise. Over the next few months
we will be looking at what we do well and
how we can improve. We will be looking at everything
from how members can more effectively campaign and
organise at a local level, to how we make policy, to how we relate to the challenges
faced by the whole world, to the way our National Executive
is made up, and how we elect
our Leader. We will be asking for your views
on issues like how we improve the
diversity in our party, how we can stand more
women candidates, and how our representatives better
reflect the communities we serve. We will also be looking at how we
use the most modern campaigning methods and technologies
to win the next election. There will be many different ways to
get involved in this review including through events
organised by us and events organised by you in your
Constituency Labour Parties. Follow our webpage for
updates and information. Together, we can, and will build a country
for the many, not the few.

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  1. And yet the people in Northern Ireland still can't vote for a Labour party or any party that actually represents them and not secterianism. Northern Ireland too is part of the Union , if you want democracy- run labour candidates there .

  2. We need a Labour government – as a disabled person, I know I do! We have to stand (and sit!) together, work together, to get the Tories out before they do yet more damage to our nation and all it's citizens… For the many, not the few!

  3. Tory Tortuous the hard workers at all level; all the one who control the poor are corrupted; No surprise if the head of the fish is rotten as Tory.

    I am living Lutterworth where Tory stand up for rich people 🤑;that is the end of power in democratic country; NHS is full of corruption from the top of CEO till the smallest employee (it is very easy to find witnesses if Trust wanted to victimise anyone)
    My MP doesn’t like the Truth ;equality; or justice if the one is asking for it is poor then he is not entitled for any of the above moreover if the one who find out corruption in NHS & you are concerned for public safety then the MP is using his power of FOI & Not the Power Of FOS!

    He threatened me if I take the recording meeting with his staff in his office located in Blaby he will punish me based of “breach” of FOI for One MP ? !

    What about NHS Breaches the same FOI concerning public interest & health safety?

    I am busy now with courts against;
    1-Shameful dysfunctional firm called GMC as Judge Dam discriped them 2005.

    2-NHS who are unethical their hands is fully socked with doctors & patients blood;minimal charges against their minimal crimes as forgery; misconduct; lying; hiding documents probing with doctors nurses & staff in NHS/GMC/BMA/CQC/ET…etc will take them behind bars for at least 7 years If law was used without prejudice ;anyone is interested to see the evidences with me ?
    Call me on [email protected]

    MP advices me to take it to his colleague Solictor who are good for nothing except taking your money & Betrays you!

  4. Purge the blairites. They can join the tories . In reality they are same as tories anyway .

    They smeared Jeremey so much .

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