Jews Try Christmas For The First Time

– Mm mm, good. This is a delicious Christmas tree. (Deck the Halls) – Hey guys! So, it’s Christmas month. Yeah! So it’s freezing. Oh my God, why am I in a tee-shirt? I’ve actually never
celebrated Christmas before because I’m Jewish. We celebrate Hanukkah. Long lasting oil, baby. But then I realized we work at BuzzFeed where 90% of our titles
are “We Tried” blank. So let’s go try Christmas. – It’s the most wonderful time of the year for some. But for others, it’s just another day. Lookin’ at you, Jewish people. (slurping) I don’t care if you love
the correct Lord or not. I just care (laughs)
(studio members laugh) I just care that you spread joy. – Keith is gonna be educating
us on some Christmas stuff. – The thing that upsets me
about Christmas is that it’s just so goddamn imposing. Like Halloween is the
best holiday of all time. And Halloween knows how
to stay in it’s own month. You can hate Christmas but you’d be wrong. – I don’t know what my
opinion on Christmas is. I don’t really have one. But for me, I think I just
got so good at being Jewish. – Wow.
– I was like, you know what? I need to get good at Christmas. – Christmas is great! You put a tree in your house. I mean come on! – I heard it’s the most
magical time of the year. I don’t buy it. – Zach, you’re really bringing me down. – So I want you to get out
there, I want you to make these trees look good, I
want you to sing those carols loud and proud. I need you to get out there, get your friends some gifts. And most importantly, I need
you to sit on Santa’s lap like you never sat on nobody’s lap befo’. – I figured out at a young
age that Santa wasn’t real and I don’t appreciate being lied to. – Okay (laughs). – Let’s teach my Jewish colleagues how to do Christmas right. – Hi Keith.
– Hey! – What a lovely suit you’re wearing.
– Thank you, it’s festive. – There’s a little candle right (laughs). – This little light of mine,
well, I’m gonna let it shine. Part of the joy of Christmas
is lookin’ super stupid. So I got you all some
cute little tree hoodies. Now, how cute is that? Should we rip off the tag or
return this after (laughs)? – You spent $50 on this bullshit? – Well, the company did. – How cute are we? – You know, to get us really
goin’, how about a toast? I’m pourin’ some rum and– – [Zach] Eric can’t drink that. – I know.
– Shut the fuck up, Zach. – [Keith] I already know that Eric is– – All right, fine, Eric can drink it. – I’ve been bar mitzvahed, okay? – I have a Virgin Mary Nog for Eric. – Aw, thank you.
– And I have a (laughs) alcoholic Almond Nog for you, Zach. – L’chaim!
– L’chaim! (Balanchine’s The Nutcracker: Marzipan) – Oh goodness. – [Keith] What do you think? – That is incredible! – It’s like a sweet melted dessert. – And I can see how
this would get you drunk without realizing it. – You’re tastin’ a
little bit of the season, but now, I can’t walk
you through everything. So I need you to go out and
do a lot of this on your own. – Keith! (whining) No,
– But here’s the thing. – don’t leave us. – I know that you guys are
some fuckin’ goofballs. (Zach scoffs) You’re gonna come in here – [Zach] I don’t know
what you’re talkin’ about. – and try your best to
represent my holiday. I want you to take it serious. I want the tree to look
like a tree that you’d want to wake up at 6 a.m.,
run down in your pajamas, and sit around and tear open presents. I wanna hear you guys sing Fa la la la la ’til your brains fall out. And bring each other joy! – Thank you, Keith. – Thanks Keith.
– You’re welcome. – Bye.
– Merry Christmas. – That egg nog (laughs). – You need a break?
– Yeah. – I knew Keith was gonna
make us decorate a tree. I brought some props. I really wanna educate
Keith on how good Jews are at decorating trees. I got some decorations. – Yes! Let’s make this our own! – All right, I got bagels and
I got the jelly filled donuts. What are they called? – I have no idea. – Well, Jews eat jelly
filled donuts, right? – Yeah, we love donuts. What else do you got? – Okay, I got this, wait. Wait, let me go get it. You start decorating.
– Uh huh. I’ll start decorating.
– I’m getting more stuff. – You go get the other stuff, mm. That’s really bad, actually. (laughs) Well, here’s my ideas. I’m just gonna– Just, will it stay? – Oh! – All right, I’m gonna try
one of these jelly donuts. – You can just shove it in.
– I love shovin’ it in.
– Oh. (laughs) Should we have gotten
some lox to put on it and cream cheese too?
– Well, we should have just gotten some lox to eat. – That’s true.
– You know what I’m sayin’? – Ahh. – Mm mm, good. This is a delicious Christmas tree. We’re gonna innovate
all over your holiday. Jews can do Christmas better than y’all. – Way better. Yeah, that’s right, we said it. Check it out, ready? I got the best ending for it. (laughing)
The yarmulke. – Ah yeah!
– Look at this! – Keith! Welcome! Look at our tree!
– Oh wow. – We did it. Say hi to Moises. – Look at what these two dragons built. – It’s not the worst tree I’ve ever seen.
– You wanna take a bite? You wanna try it? – I mean, it’s a good donut hole. I mean, this is very funny and cute. I would like a little donuts in the back. You’re not telling the world
anything about your Christmas. – We’re telling them that
we don’t care about them. – Yeah. And it’s not the message
you wanna send at Christmas. – Oh. Christmas is about caring about everybody. – Oh, okay.
– About inviting people in. Holding hands. – You hold hands around a tree? – No, but you hold hands. ♪ Hava nagila ♪ – No, no, no, no, no!
♪ Hava nagila ♪ – That’s not how we do it.
♪ Hava nagila ♪ – You’ve been Jewed! (laughs)
– Don’t yell, “You’ve been Jewed.” – We need someone to
lift the tree on a chair. – No that doesn’t make any sense. You gotta take the Christmas out there. Maybe some caroling around the office? – We have to find a Carol? – No, no, no. You know, that’s stupid. You’re being stupid. (laughing) A classic Christmas carol, Deck the Halls. – I think I know it. ♪ Deck the halls fa la la ♪ – [Keith] No, no, no. ♪ Deck the halls ♪
♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ Fa la la la la ♪
♪ La la la ♪ You guys are being stupid. People are gonna leave the video. You’re not taking this seriously. The song goes: ♪ Deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ Fa la la la la la la la la ♪ Yeah, go around the
office, bring some joy. – I’m very bad at singing. I actually got kicked out of
my choir in middle school. ♪ Fa la la la la la la la la ♪
♪ La la la la la la ♪ – Oh wow, you’re bad.
– Oh God, no! – I feel like a jackass. Like, people are workin’ hard. – We’re bringin’ them joy. – You think that’s what
we’re gonna be doing? – I think we’re gonna bring them some joy. – Knock knock knock. ♪ Deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ Fa la la la la la la la la ♪ – Now fa la la, there’s
a significance there I would love to hear about. – Does that mean anything?
– Nah, I just fuckin’ la la la, hooray, we’re havin’ fun. – Okay. ♪ Fa la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ Troll the ancient yuletide carol ♪ ♪ Fa la la la la la la la la ♪ – Think of it like a
Sponge Bob type moment. ♪ Strike the harp and join the chorus ♪ ♪ Fa la la la la la la la la ♪ – Ooh boy.
– Ooh! Tough crowd. – You’re in New York City. This city has one of the
most iconic Christmas trees, it has a little skating
rink under that tree. There’s a big lighting ceremony. This is like the
Christmas city of America. Go out, experience it. – So we’re here at the Christmas Mart. It’s not Christmas unless
we buy a bunch of stuff that people don’t need. So let’s go out there and
buy stuff for our friends and our loved ones. (upbeat instrumental music) (upbeat instrumental music) – I like buying myself gifts. – I agree with that. Yeah, it’s way less
stressful ’cause you know you’re gonna love it. – I know what I want. Jesus, look at that realistic baby. – [Doll Voice] Can I have a hug? – Oh my God! Did you hear it?
– Did you say that? – [Doll Voice] I’m not
crazy, I’m beautiful. (laughs) – So I did it, I bought a gift. I don’t know who the gift is for. Worse case scenario, also,
these look pretty delicious. Maybe it’ll just be a treat myself gift. I just got a mini Australian Sheppard. His name is Bowie. And the inside of it looks just like ’em. I co-own him. So I got these socks for Bowie’s mother. – Aw. Dude, I am really slacking
on the gifts then. – Yeah, I’ve got two gifts. I’m crushin’ this.
– Zach, you gotta help me. What do I get? – You have a girlfriend. – I know. – Get her some jewelry. What kind of jewelry does she like? – She likes rings. I’ve been here before and
she decided not to get it. – That’s perfect because
you know that she wants it – I know.
– and you’re gonna surprise her and it’ll show
that you remember her– – I remember–
– and you’re thoughtful. Wow, wow. You know what?
– This is gonna be– You’re a real mensch. – I’m such a mensch. It’s like right around here. I remember, I walked in– – Eric’s looking for a ring.
– Oh, it’s right here. – [Zach] You got this man, you got this. Are you texting her?
– I’m texting her (laughs) – No, you can’t do that.
– No, it’s not gonna be like– I’m tryin’ to do a secret text. – What could you possibly
text her that said, “Hey, what’s the ring that you liked? “By the way, I’m not buying
it for you, surprise.” What?
– That doesn’t work? – No. – She just wanted the swirl. – Oh, they’re both really cool, actually. These are the two you’re thinkin’ of? – Yeah.
– Buy both. – Let’s get both. – See, that was delightful and
not at all stressful, Eric. You did it. – It was extremely stressful (laughing). – Part of Christmas is a
totally non religious figure who’s really the figure of Christmas. Santa Claus. See, you guys gotta go
get your photo taken with Santa Claus. – Wait, so you got the real Santa here? – Yeah.
– Ho ho ho! Look who’s here. It’s Eric the elf. – I’m your elf? – Yeah, you can be my elf. – Wow. – That’s for me, I’m Jewish, so I do– – You’re Jewish?
– Yeah! – Get outta here.
– Yeah. – I’m Jewish. – Really?
– Santa’s Jewish? – Adam Sandler’s Jewish too. (laughs) – You’re Jewish?
– Yes, Santa’s Jewish. – Wait, I’m sorry, what?
– Yes. – Is that a known fact? – No.
– Oh. – So many Jews. – I know. (laughs) Orange Jews. – So, what do you think about
Jews celebrating Christmas? – It’s universal.
– Wow. – Look at all the joy,
look at all the beauty. – Oh my God, your lap is so soft. (laughing) Oh my God! – Ho ho ho! – Ho ho ho! – Santa! This is the most comfortable–
– Santa, this is a body by his wife, Phyllis. – Um, who’s Phyllis? – Phyllis is my wife, she feeds me well. How do you think I got
this wonderful body. – Wait, Phylli– Is that the name of Santa’s wife? – Yeah, Phyllis. – Get outta here. – Okay.
(laughs) (Hava Nagila) – Well, they did it. Kinda. – That was really fun. – I got to experience
so many things today. I met Santa. My face touched his beard. That was one of the most
incredible moments of my life, probably. – I got some presents for my friends. And you know what? It felt good. – Christmas is about
being with your loved ones and having fun. You don’t have to care
about the baby Jesus, but if you do, bonus points. – Of course I get it. I get it. It’s a magical holiday,
it’s a magical time. It’s hard to resist. It’s infectious. – And the coolest thing for me was, I got to make some friends. I met Zach and Keith. In the Christmas spirit, I
just wanted to give you guys a gift for being in the video. I got us friendship necklaces! – Necklaces?
– And it’s a S’more! It’s got a marshmallow
and someone can take the little graham cracker, and someone can take the
chocolate, and it says, “Best Friends Forever.” – Wait, Eric, it’s so tangled. – How do you get it–
– We’ll never be friends. – Oh man.
– No, friends are supposed to wear it like this.
– Like this? – So that you’re truly a best friend necklace.
– We’re just supposed to– ♪ She was only a 17 ♪ ♪ The stuff– ♪ – Everybody can celebrate Christmas. You know, ultimately, it’s a– All the rituals are a
pagan thing that we stole, and the rest of it’s commercialism. So just fuckin’ go nuts baby! It’s Christmas! Let it snow, let it snow! You know what I’m sayin’? ♪ Straight through me ♪ – I don’t know if we got it on camera, but Santa called himself
a chick magnet (giggles). That was weird.

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  1. It’s funny how Keith is the “Christmas expert” because in a try guys video it states that he is 0.04% ashkenazi Jewish

  2. The whole point of Judaism is that we are monotheism. Santa Claus is basically the exact opposite. Also, the whole holiday is absolute Shtussim.

  3. Not to offend, but it almost always seems that all Jewish men have pale pale skin, and dark brown hair. To me all Jewish men look like that!! Idk what it is it’s just to me it seems like it to me. (Remember not to offend.)

  4. A nice joke would have been to say “I want you to sing fa la la la la until you’re brains fa la la la la out”
    you’re welcome Keith

  5. Anyone wondering what makes Christmas so special really just needs to read Dicken's "A Christmas Carol." Still, if most Jews knew how ridiculously Jewish the New Testament is, they would find it a real eye-opener!

  6. I just thought Zach said socks for Bowie’s mother so this was a hint to Zach dating Maggie so long ago. Wow can’t believed I missed that

  7. I'm f*:@*ng Jewish so I celebrate hanukkah and I also celebrate Christmas because of my dad. Next year I am having my bat-mitzvah

  8. “You gotta take the Christmas out there”

    Cuts to me hauling a Christmas tree on a wagon down the sidewalk

  9. Zach is being extremely disrespectful in this video. I understand he is Jewish but that is no reason to be rude and to bash Christmas. He has no right to do that.

  10. When It gets close to the holidays

    I REFUSE to do anything christmas until after thanksgiving


  11. I am Jewish. OK, I have a Christian mother so many religious Jews would not consider me Jewish. But I was raised Jewish and have always considered myself to be so. Christmas (secular) was a part of my life until I was 12 or so. After my Grannie got too old to host the family’s Christmas week at a private ski lodge, Christmas stopped being a big thing in our family. I moved away when I was 18 and almost 10 years later, I haven’t celebrated since. Jewish holidays only! But I think it’s important and also fun for people to experience different religious holidays!

  12. Every Jew wants to try Christmas😂 or is it just me😂 like not to celebrate Jesus to get gifts and have a tree😂😂😂

  13. Btw, I just wanna give props to the Jewish community. It's super cool that they're so relaxed about Jews trying different holidays and just having a good time together no matter the actual beliefs. This is what real tolerance and community is about 🙂 You rock!
    Also: Yes, please, do a version of Keith celebrating Hanukkah with them!

  14. No, they don't because they're not Christians. Eating and opening presents isn't Christmas. Even without those things, it is still Christmas. Don't let the Jews mock you in your streets. Let them seek the truth in the scriptures and never find it because a veil is over their eyes.

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