Jimmy Fallon and Seth Talk About SNL’s Famous Parties

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  1. Was Jimmy Fallon drunk? He was mumbling and at the end he had that pale, drunk look. Anyway, I like when the late night hosts get together…they always have good stories. Maybe that's why Comedian's in Cars Getting Coffee is fun to watch…there are usually some good stories. I think the episode with Larry David might be my favorite, but the one with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner is pretty good, too. The one with Jimmy Fallon actually made it easier for me to watch him on his show because I realized that his excitement is honest — he over does it with the laughter sometimes, but after watching him on Comedian's in Cars Getting Coffee, I feel different about it. But, I can watch the show and never notice him at all….so there's that. lol

  2. Just realized that Kimmel, Colbert, Corden, and Conan are the power players of late night. If Fallon ups his interview game, we could start using KFC to refer to the late night hosts!

  3. We have Fallon's Dada book. My daughter's first word was (SP) "búho" and first EN word was "balloon"; you totally dropped the ball, Fallon.

  4. The moms try to teach the babies more words so they don't have to spend too much time figuring out what the babies want/need. It's more effective than pulling out their hair, sobbing uncontrolably out of exhaustion and bawling "Please… tell me why you've been crying for the last six hours!!!" I'm guessing dads who have the chance to spend more time with their kids will do the exact same thing.

  5. Guys, Loki, Gamora and Heimdall die in Infinity War.
    And all the Avengers except the ones that appeared in the first Avengers movie die.

  6. Isn’t Joan Rivers the only female to have had her late night show… When will we see another on top again. Don’t get me wrong. But it gets a bit tired to see too many men hosting late night shows. Ladies comics where y’all at.

  7. Being an SNL writer when you've got a legendary cast must have been the best fucking job imaginable. Even better than "guy who stops people from sliding out a 17th floor window."

  8. "women are smarter than men" round of applause Imagine if he said "men are smarter than women" there would be headlines in all the media outlets with a level of outrage greater then when a terrorist attack occurs! Just something to think about, women are the most privileged class in western society.

  9. They need to fix the god damn cadillac commercial that insists on playing with buffering problems constantly.

  10. Heard for years that Fallon was an alcoholic…apparently it is true. Remember when he was drunk and nearly tore off his finger when he fell and his ring got caught on a table? Always found him to be overly solicitous to his guests.."We LOVE you so MUCH" to all his guests. Or "You're the BEST" ….they cannot all be the best. Or he laughs way too much at guests jokes (known for his fake laughter). My guess is he is very, very insecure. Too bad, because he is very talented. Just way too over the top in his reactions to his guests.

  11. So I've been binging on How I Met Your Mother for last 2 days, and now all I see is Ted Mosby here chatting with Seth Meyers………

  12. Both my kids' first word was Dada. Might have something to do with me doing "the Stripper" music every time I changed their nappies. " Da Da Da, di Da Da Da, Da Da Da, di Da da Da Da". It did upset my wife a bit but worth every stinky nappy to hear it.

  13. Stop hating on Jimmy, just because someone doesn’t Bad mouth people or fight about politics doesn’t mean they aren’t genuine. It’s so shocking for people to see a pure human that they freak out and assume he’s fake. He’s more authentic than any of you

  14. Sooo… Jimmy Fallon is so needy and desperate for approval that he tried to manipulate his infant into acknowledging him before his wife…? What a shmuck.

  15. SAD to See Jimmy Fallon Reduced to being on OTHER peoples SUCCESSFUL Late Night Shows, While his Boring Drunken Frat house is failing in ratings, and had to graba talentless whorebag like Cardi B to Guest Host?? LOL wack ass

  16. Of course most babies' first word is "mama" since moms tend to spend more time with the babies! DUH! If fathers want their baby to say "dada" first, all they have to do is spend more time with their baby.

  17. Maybe NBC could flip the script and have The Tonight Show with ____ and Jimmy is always the guest. Would improve the show by 9000%. That or just give it to Amber, whichever.

  18. Good follow-up joke after Jimmy’s compliment. Seth should’ve said, “and when am I gonna get the Tonight Show?”

  19. So funny to see Jimmy haters hang out here. Nothing new, same old "fake laugh" and "alcoholic". Remember that your bad mouthed behavior and bad attitude just represent the celebs you idolize. Likes attract likes

  20. Jimmy – "Women are smarter than men". The crowd applauds…. basically proving that women are mindless morons. Or at least the women in that audience are.

  21. I think Mindy Kaling used this story in her show once… she had the guys doing this in her apartment. Wouldn’t be surprised if she lifted tablegate for the show lol

  22. As a mother of 5 children, there were times I would tell them, "don't call me mom any more tonight, call me Sara" they would giggle and say, "ok Sara". Hearing mom from 5 different people was sometimes more than I could take but it's the best job in the world!

  23. I forget how amazing and funny Fallon is. It somehow gets lost in translation when he's hosting. Used to love Fallon before his hosting gig.

  24. These two need to do a show once a week with them two doing stuff. They have such great chemistry!!!

  25. I love it when other Late Night hosts appear on each other's shows, it's like the talk show host Avengers are forming.

  26. Just because jimmy isn't political or sarcastic doesn't mean he's fake. What? You all assume everyone's bitter and nobody can be genuine and happy? Do you think being political and sarcastic is cool? Occasionally yes, but it's tiring and obnoxious if we meet/see that kind of person all the time.

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