Jimmy Gushes over Sarah Hyland’s “Bachelor” Boyfriend Wells Adams

-I can’t believe this is the
first time we’ve done the show. -I know.
This is my first time, guys. I’m so excited.
-Oh, we love you so much. I’m so happy you’re here.
[ Cheers and applause ] -This is one of
my favorite shows. -Welcome. This is the set.
This is the show. That’s your water right there.
-The set. Oh, I have water?
-Yes, of course. Only the finest.
-Amazing. The finest. -I want to say, you looked
gorgeous the other night… -Oh, thanks.
-…at the “Vanity Fair”… [ Cheers and applause ] …Oscar party.
Oh, my gosh. Stunning. Who’s that guy
photobombing in the back? -Oh, just some random dude. -Just a random dude right there?
-No, that’s my boyfriend. -I want to talk to you
about that guy. That’s your boyfriend.
-Yes. -But do you like going to these
big events and you, like — -It’s a weird concept.
Just, like, you know, a bunch of people
dressed in ball gowns and things in, like, a small room,
but, like… -Yeah.
-It’s a lot of fun, because I get to see
friends of mine that are — like, we never get
to see each other working, so… Yeah, I like it. You know,
who doesn’t love dressing up? I mean, I was just
at the Super Bowl, which was so much fun.
-Yeah, I’ve done that. -It was insane. And I ran into my friend
Vanessa Hudgens. -Oh, yeah.
We love her. -I love her so mu– We’ve been
friends for like 10 years. And that was crazy. I actually ran into someone
who I hadn’t seen in like 23 years. -This is bizarre,
because I think it’s kind of funny, as well. This is Paul Rudd.
-Yeah. -Now, this is, uh —
Paul Rudd, you ran into him. And here’s the great Paul Rudd.
We love him. -That was us at the —
at the, like, Super Bowl party. [ Cheers and applause ] -He’s one of the —
he’s one of the nicest guys I think we’ve ever
had on the show. I love him so much.
-I mean, he’s amazing. And I haven’t seen him
in 23 years, so, like, Vanessa
and my boyfriend, Wells, came up to me, and they were
like, “Oh, my gosh. Like, Paul Rudd’s over there.
Can you introduce us?” And I was like,
“Yeah, of course. I would love to see him.
Haven’t seen him since I was 5.” SO I —
-I mean, seriously, yeah. -Since I was 5.
And so I tapped his shoulder, and he turned around,
and he’s so nice. He’s like, “Hi.”
[ Laughter ] Went kind of like,
“What do you want? Do you want a picture?
Whatever.” And I was like, “It’s Sarah. I was in ‘Object
of My Affection’ with you.” And he was like, “Oh, my God!
I didn’t recognize you!” And I was like, “Well, yeah.
Of course. I was 5.” -You were 5 years —
That’s you. -Yeah!
-I mean — [ Audience “Awws” ]
That is so cute! Are you kidding me?
-A little tiny baby girl. -I mean, how cute.
-Yeah. -And he was just —
And then super nice. He was like, “Oh, of course.”
-Oh, my gosh. He was so —
He was so nice. And it was so much fun. And we took
that picture together. It was amazing. And then I went back to see,
like, Wells and Vanessa, and Wells was like, “Oh, my God.
I’m so embarrassed.” -Wait. What?
-“I am so embarrassed.” -He’s embarrassed. I want to talk about
Wells right now, because this — [ Laughter ] That’s your — your boyfriend
is Wells from “The Bachelor”? -Yes. He got —
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah.
-Dude, I love Wells! -I love Wells, too!
-Yeah, he’s great! -He’s —
-He was from Jojo’s season. -He was from Jojo’s season.
Jojo is so cool. -Jojo’s so —
-I met her. -Oh, my God. You did?
[ Laughter ] She wouldn’t remember me.
I met her 23 years ago. [ Laughter ] But, wait, so you —
I just don’t understand. Because I loved Wells. I don’t know why he didn’t —
why he didn’t make it past. -He didn’t, like,
kiss her in time. -Good.
-Yeah, great for me. -He was great, but he has a —
great for you. -Great for me. -He had good sense of humor,
and I liked him. -Then he came back
to “Bachelor in Paradise,” and he was the bartender.
I love Wells! -He’s, like, the funny guy.
[ Cheers and applause ] He’s gonna die when he see this.
-Oh, please, no. You better be good, Wells.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. -“Better be good.” -Does he take you on
a “Bachelor” type of date? Does he date like a bachelor?
-Um, so — “Does he date like a bachelor?” -No, like,
you know, like the show. Like, the bachelor, yeah,
the character the Bachelor. -For my 27th birthday,
we had only been dating like a few months, not even,
and he took me on this, like, helicopter ride
to Catalina Island. -Yes!
That’s exactly what you do! -And we went ziplining. -Ziplining, too?
-Yes! -He thinks
he’s still on the show. There’s something wrong
with him. -I was like, “This is amazing.”
-Oh. -Like, I never had, like,
anybody do this for me ever. -No one does.
-And I’m on a “Bachelor” date. And I’ve watched “The Bachelor”
since I was — since the beginning, like,
with my mom and — -Did you watch his season?
-Yes, I did. -With your mom?
-No. -Oh.
[ Laughter ] -But my mom — like, when
we started dating, she was like, “I’m very happy about this.
I already approve. I haven’t met him,
but I already approve.” I’m like, “You realize
that people on reality shows are different in real life,
right?” Well, that’s —
I think it’s great. Congratulations on that.
-Thank you. -Please tell him I said hi.
-I will. -“Modern Family” —
you’re fantastic on that show. -Oh, thank you.
-The show is fantastic. Do you realize you’ve been
doing that for 10 years? -Yeah, I just realized
the other day, like, one of those, like, stupid
“10 years ago today, you put this as your status.” And I put as my status, like, “Just booked
a frickin’ pilot, y’all.” And I was like,
“Why did I say ‘y’all’? I’m from New York.
I don’t…” [ Laughter ]
-That was the problem with that. -Yeah,
but like a couple days ago, I got cast in “Modern Family”
10 years ago. Just a couple of days ago
is when I found out. [ Cheers and applause ] -Isn’t that amazing?
And you’re great. -My entire 20s.
-We watched you grow up. -Yeah.
-It’s so cool. I mean, you’re still young.
But I know you always wanted your character to be pregnant
and have a baby. -Yeah, I’ve been wanting
Haley to be pregnant since season five.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-Just because you just want — -I was like,
“This will be, like, great growth for her
as an individual.” She’s like a kid herself,
and I was like, “She needs to grow up.
I think this will be good.” -And now I’m — -A baby fixes everything,
everybody. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. Be careful, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, disclaimer —
that’s not true, for everyone listening.
-But this — They just announced,
and it is true, season 11
will be the final season. -Yes.
-Next year. -Yeah.
Oh. Yeah, oh. -Yeah, sorry about that.
[ Laughter ] Is that bittersweet,
or is it…? -I don’t know if anybody knows, but this was supposed to be
our last season, season 10. So it’s amazing
that we’re doing one more. So, yeah,
I’m really excited about it.

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  1. I love jimmy fallon but damn he needs to shut up and let people talk and stop with the over excitement ugh

  2. I think people don't like her because of her character in modern family so alot people just assumed thats her real personality.
    Honestly, she deserves so much I hope she's doing well

  3. Sarah Hyland this is my first interview that I saw of you and I have to say that you are beautiful and sweet, and God Bless you in all success of your health and your life. As much as I love Gloria, Jay, Mitch and Cam on Modern Family, Hayley has been my constant favorite from day one and this interview just seals it for me.

  4. Seems like a very sweet person. A seasoned veteran actor. Having to deal with a serious health problem and being in the public eye especially now with social media must be very difficult. I wish her the best of health with lots of love!!💝

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