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  1. “The skillful employer of men will employ the wise man, the brave man, the covetous man, and the stupid man. For the wise man delights in establishing his merit, the brave man likes to show his courage in action, the covetous man is quick at seizing advantages, and the stupid man has no fear of death.”
    Sun Tzu

  2. Why listen to jimmy. I’ll tell you. The democrats are crazy. Trump wins.
    Biden is a walking idiot. Election over
    Trump gets another 4 years. Enough said

  3. 3:54 lets take a serious issue and mock it with stupid childish jokes, comedy genius
    Seriously, wasnt Kimel himself a big healthcare activist?

  4. Kimmel made fun of all the candidates, but the commenters are only offended that he made fun of Yang. Did someone link to this video from a Yang fan-page or something?

  5. I am a republican and I still think this segment is disrespectful. I already lost all respect for jimmy after the disrespect in the Ted Cruz and Jimmy Kimmel basketball game

  6. After seeing this debate it's clear, no choice but to vote for Trump … all the candidates didn't have anything that will improve out economy just waste more money. I think I'd rather keep trump for one more term. We have no good Democrats left. 🙁

  7. Bernie's voice was sore because he was campaigning the day before. As Jimmy Dore said, his handlers shouldn't have had him making speeches a day before a debate. Yang is a clown, IMHO, no political experience whatsoever, just like Trump. And look at what we have now. BERNIE 2020!!!

  8. Wow Kimmel not a Democrat by any measurement but you want a Democrat in office there are exactly three candidates that can beat trump Bernie Warren and guess what yang

  9. Listen YangGang.. Yang's giveaway has no scientific merit. It won't prove whether his idea would work – in order to do that you need a much bigger sample, not just cherry picking 10 people across the country.
    It will, however, bring people to his website. It's a shameless gimic, so it should absolutely be ridiculed.
    He might have great policies, but he's the one who chose to act like Oprah, so you can't blame anyone for calling him on it.

  10. Is Kimmel bought or just parodying the candidates and seasoning with some bias? Can't tell because all of it is funny, have you ever laughed against your interest?

  11. Bernie needs to go into a nursing home with his crayons and coloring book and talk to the four walls about his communist socialist agenda because no true American will listen to this.. nut

  12. Bernie 2020. He's the one most are copying now to win the primary, but they still have Joe, Amy and Pete to lose the general if they can swing it.

    That Yang bit was beyond not funny. It's beneath comedy.

  13. It's funny how everyone of you commenting are unaware that your party is already beat. Trump will win 2020 and you will throw a fit for another four years

  14. Goofy candidates are driving moderates to the right. Most sane folks do not embrace socialist programs. Beto? Pure punk who doesn't believe in your right to self defense. I wish there was a reasonable Democrat….there isn't. Way, way too far left. Jimmy….still deep state stooge.

  15. "And the rest" Yang is polling higher than Booker in the nationals and is the top fourth candidate in the state of California. Hes beating Kamala in her own state. The polls also target landlines, meaning that they disproportionately target older voters. To write him off so non-nonchalantly is ignorant at best.

  16. Can't stomach you any longer Jimbo you child predator.burn in HELL. Why disable comment for your disgraceful Tinder garten vid? Absolutely DISGUSTING and not funny at all. Check it out peeps…think it's funny for 4 and 5 year olds to be exposed to this garbage?

  17. Anyone else terrified of these Yang 2020 comments? Seems pretty Trump-ish. No one is allowed to make fun of him and we must flood the comments section of anyone who does… coffin, meet nail.

  18. Wow, lost a lot of respect for this guy. This is embarrassing. Guess you've shown yourself to be just another rich arsehole with zero connection to the working class. Well done Jimmy.

  19. Let me sum it up for you. The democrats want to give away americae. No borders no walls no USA at all. That is the Democrat platform. That's why, spoiler alert, Trump takes 2020 easily. I see alot of yang gang. Maybe if he actually had polling numbers people would take him serious. But he needs to bribe people for votes.

  20. At 53:35… Surely a sign of the apocalypse, lol.
    I know Absolutely Nothing about politics.
    However , at 57 years of age… That Is the most ignorant, (sub)stupid thing I've heard spoken in many years! Sub stupid meaning, not even intelligent enough to qualify as stupid.

  21. 5:50 You can tell this guy is purposely shunning Yang down. He knows he has a lot of minority audience so he's trying to trick them.

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