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  1. My very special song ever myself favorite song because you love me from 10 years ago from my dad's sister from cancer passed away from 2011 , my mom's brother passed away last 2 years ago on his birthday date of October 5 and my church friend mom and my friend from cancer last week morning on Friday morning for

  2. They didnt seem happy about all thats happening, If I was the bride and Celine Dion surprised me like that, I will literally faint right there coz she is my idol and when I wake up ill prob. cry the whole time dancing

  3. It's either staged or the couple is really good at hiding their annoyance. 🙄😒 That was so uncomfortable to watch.

  4. Mixed feelings about this. This is supposed to be THEIR big day with people who care about them. Jimmy is more like an uninvited drunk trolling uncle who show up after you haven't seen him in 30 years.

  5. I feel bad for them… they were having a nice wedding with family and friends and should have been asked before being intruded on like this.

  6. Celine's dress is ugly and evil looking. Yuck! I wouldn't want any of them to crash my wedding. The couple had their first kiss before actually being legally married and that ruined a special moment they won't ever get back in my opinion.

  7. Sorry but this is fake! Yes, you've heard me right. FAKE! Why would there be a mic on the grooms' suit if they didn't plan this?

  8. I don't think these celebs had bad intentions but it just looks like they crashed a wedding. Like it's this couple's special ceremony that they planned and Jimmy, David and Celine all just assume they'd be thrilled to be graced with their presence.

  9. Kinda felt sorry for the couple that Kimmel screwy their wedding, but then Celine showed up, that’s not something you can buy, ……everything else there’s MasterCard

  10. I'm really hoping that Jimmy and the gang arranged this with the couple…..Celine is awesome but not enough to save this fiasco.

  11. They hated Celine Dion, Jimmy and David Spades. No reaction whatsoever. Its like Celine sing on graveyard or funeral 😂😂😂

  12. So is everyone in the video obvious actors to anyone else ? Even look at the seating of the guest …. it’s such a weird crowd and everyone is too separated

  13. I don’t think it’s funny. What would make it magical is Celine singing the song as they put on their wedding rings.

  14. The couple were like, "Who's this stuffy nosed granny they've probably hired for 2 dollars singing this pitchy song at our wedding? What's her name again? Selene Dee'on? Keep smiling honey, don't be rude :D"

  15. The couple and the guests definitely did NOT look impressed. They seemed to have wanted to keep the wedding small, the next thing they know is they're on national television!

  16. Okay, if I was her if be a wreck.
    Once I saw jimmy I'd probably laugh and be like what the heck.

    When David walked in I'd be shaking.

    When celine showed up I'd be balling

  17. Oh my gosh it's Celine Dion! I'll be in awe the whole moment so freaking shaking that I might not be able to dance but cry in so much happiness! Oh my heart 💟💞

  18. This is so cringe and set up… they have no idea that they are being filmed yet the groomsman just happen to have a mic on him???

  19. I just watch this becsuse i hear the story in Ellen telling by David Spade as guest, lol. Love the Spade story version most, lol.

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