Jimmy Kimmel Goes Deep With Don Rickles | Dinner with Don

When you were a young comic, who did you look up to? To be honest? Yeah. I loved me. [Laughing]>>By the way, congratulations with your, with your [hosting].
>>Thank you very much. How’d that happen? Oh, the Oscars? Yeah. I don’t know how it happened. They must’ve went through a list and… That’s great, Jimmy. Thank you, thank you.>>It’s a big kick in the ass.
>>We’re having a baby, too. No, I know, that I know. That’s the least.
[Laughing] And mazel tov with the baby. Thank you, thank you. Yeah, what, what do you want? Can I bring you something to drink? I mean, anything you want. Uh, what’s your name? Gino. Some kind of Italian. Are you an actor? Sometimes. This is what the waiters look like in L.A. No, I can tell. I can tell he’s an actor. He’s doing the smile when there’s no call for it. I’ll be right back. [Laughing] But, you know, when I’m sitting here with you, we go back a long time.>>We do. We do.
>>Yeah. And it’s great the way your career has moved up, you know. In fact, you’ve, you’ve gotten very important and it’s starting to bother me. Yeah, yeah.
[Laughing] This is the eighth appearance you’ve made on this show. I’ll drop my pants and fire a rocket. [Laughing] I grew up in Las Vegas. Uh, my parents went to see you.>>My parents met you before I met you.
>>Yeah. And I said, “Well, tell him I said hello and ask, ask him if, ask if he ever heard of me.” And you said, uh, “What, what’s his name?” And, uh, and she said, “Jimmy Kimmel.” And you said, “No, I don’t think I have, and why, why, how would I know him?” And she said, uh, “Well, he just said you, he’d heard of you so maybe you’d heard of him.” And, uh, and you responded, according to her you went… “Schmuck.” Yeah, must have had the crowd roaring. [Laughing] Don, should we be, should we have good manners and put our napkins in our laps? If you plan to eat. I don’t, I don’t eat here. You don’t eat? No. I thought this was “Dinner with Don.” No, I don’t eat here. Since Mussolini died, I never eat here. Oh, did he pass away?>>Big turnout, too.
>>Yeah. By the way, I just noticed, uh, there’s a lipstick mark on my, uh, on the glass of water>>that I’ve not, not yet…
>>Call the Board of Health. It’ll close this place. We’ll get, we’ll get that A taken off the window. Jesus Christ, we would. You studied for something, didn’t you? Yeah, drawing and painting.>>I like that kind of thing.
>>Oh, really? Yeah. And I never really intended to be in comedy or a comedian. But I got into radio.>>That’s how I…
>>Yeah. I started and…>>That was a smart move instead
>>Yeah. of the other thing. Yeah.
[Laughing] It, yeah, I guess so. I’ve been lucky enough to have dinner with you and the Newharts and, uh, I got, got to see the, uh, dynamic between you and Bob. And correct me if I’m wrong, but the dynamic seems to be Bob sits there nervously while you embarrass him. Pretty close. Bob Newhart made the claim that he was my closest friend. I have never met Bob Newhart. [Laughing] When we were in Germany, a guy would come to the table. I’d say, “Do you have any fish?” And Newhart would go, don’t don’t don’t, don’t start in. Please, we’ll get arrested. Don’t, don’t do it. [Laughing] Don is, uh, he’s my best, my best friend. Which just gives you some idea of the difficulty I have in making friends. [Laughing] This is what you ordered? This is like a child’s meal. These are cocktail franks. I never would have guessed that this would be what would come to the table. All, all the Jews, all the Jews have this at bar mitzvahs. [Laughing] They do look uncircumcised, yeah. That was a good one, Jimmy. Thanks, Don. Unbelievable. Mr. Kimmel, so good to see you. Hey, Craig, what’s happening? How are you?>>Did they send you in specifically to interrupt us right in the middle of a good anecdote?
>>Yes. Yes. He’ll do anything to keep his name alive. [Laughing] Well, thank you for dressing up to see us. Don’s hot dogs look delicious. They do. I know, I love that stuff. Hey, good seein’ ya. Good to see you, boss. Never liked this guy. [Laughing]
>>Never. Not to embarrass you, but you are so lovable as a guy. Is that a nice way of saying I’m not that funny? You are funny, you know, when I have a headache or something, you know. No, you sell your charm, which I think is great. And God bless, I’m very happy for you. Well, I, it’s always fun when you’re on the show. As you know, I love it. This is a really great box set. Have you watched this? Be honest. Have you watched any of this? It’s my life. Yeah, I know. Yeah, I saw some of it. [Laughing] What, what’s good which I like, when I work now, the young people come to see me. Isn’t it interesting that that will give you energy? Because you’d think you’d be most interested in your peers,>>people in your age group.
>>Absolutely. Then how exciting it is when you get this new group of people. I’ve been very lucky in, in that sense. What, what’d you major in college? Uh, in the university, sociology. Uh, you gotta, you’re not Jewish, are ya? Yes, I am. Oh. [Laughing] You gave me the best advice in show business that anyone ever gave me. What was that? Before the show, I’d come out and I’d speak to the audience. I’d do, like, a little bit of warm-up. After the show, you called me and you said, “You, you gotta stop doing that.” “You’re, you’re blowing it.” “The energy is gone already because they’ve already seen you.” So I’ve not done it since, and you were absolutely right. [♫♪ Music ♪♫] Who gave you the nickname Mr. Warmth? Johnny Carson. Here’s a dear friend that I affectionately call Mr. Warmth. The Master of Malice. This year’s poster child for rabies. Mr. Warmth, Don Rickles. That’s a good thing when, when other comics are coming up with nicknames for you. They make out like I’m a Nazi, for Christ’s sake. [Laughing]>>But I…
>>But you’re not a Nazi, right?>>No, no, no.
>>Just, just for the record, you were on the other side. Right, right. Don, I know you, you have a lot of show business advice, but I think you also have a lot of good life advice just for people in general, people who might not be in show business. Give us some advice. Firstly, you have to be able to handle rejection. You gotta keep plugging away. Always, always. That’s if you’re a comedian, though. What if you’re not a comedian? How do you do it? Family, you know. That’s it, you know. Family, friends. Oh, yeah. Miniature hot dogs. Right, yeah.>>Yeah.
>>Your secrets are all there. Yeah, that’s right. [Laughing] Don was an omnipresent figure in Las Vegas. Don and Wayne Newton and these people that were always there. Of course, we knew Don from Johnny Carson with “The Tonight Show.” With being a Las Vegan and a comedian and somebody who enjoys the kind of humor that Don really invented, it, uh, it’s a big deal to me that I, that I know him. And I will say of all the people I know, no one gets my friends and people that I meet, actors, very famous people, more excited than Don Rickles. People are like, “Oh, what’s he like?” “Do you think I can meet him?” And that doesn’t happen with anybody else, really. What it do? It’s your boy, big Snoop Dogg. And I need y’all to go subscribe right now to the AARP Channel. You know what I’m talking about? So you can see Don Rickles and see his right-hand man, no, his left-hand man, Snoop Dogg, live and direct. Go subscribe right now. What you waitin’ on? What did he say? [Laughing]

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  1. Found about about Don about two years ago as he was before my time. BUT my dad always talked to me about movies and music from his time. So I remember being 12 years old watching Kellys heroes. I never made the connection that Don was in it. I've now looked at so many things Dons done and it was really amazing. Few people make me crack up constantly, Don did that.

  2. Whenever I'm down and too sad to do anything. I put on Rickles and without fail he'll cheer me up. God bless him, may his memory be eternal.

  3. There’s a video called “Real doctor reacts to Greys Anatomy” and I’m 99% sure that the “real doctor” is their waiter.

  4. I remember hearing about this series a while after he died and I finally remember it now and so happy I started watching this

  5. Used to like Jimmy, not a huge fan of how he's using his platform, but do believe he has the ability to be a great front man like Carson and Rickles… great show though… hopefully no politics plopped up during this…

  6. Got to meet Mr. Rickles in lake Tahoe, summer of '74 at a baseball batting cage while he was on a break. Totally funny, snappy dresser, classy guy. Made sure to say high to him, got his autograph too! WOW! made my day!

  7. It's so sad to see Don Rickles putting up with all these lightweights….I'm sure he could care less about these hangers-on.

  8. Don is an absolute legend. Jimmy, even though he is now towing the line for a network and has had to tone down a little bit, has a great comedic mind.

  9. I’ve watched many interviews with Don, and he doesn’t physically reach out to people as much as he touched Jimmy. You can tell that they felt like family.

  10. Growing up, I always thought the Rat Pack were cheezy but when Don Rickles joined in I was front row and center watching. Love, love, LOVE the man. Now he's a true stable genius!

  11. Now I know what Don Rickles died of…boredom after 14 dinners with people less sharp and funny than himself at 90. RIP Mr Warmth.

  12. Don was so fucking funny, I always wanted to get roasted by him. Fucking missed my chance!!

    Rest In Peace Don Rickles, you will always be remembered.

  13. Don ordering miniature hotdogs at his dinner with Jimmy. 😁 We get it, he isn't important or funny at all. It's like taking a chick to McDonalds 😆. Also the energy thing, this was very boring, kinda like ordering miniature hotdogs at a 5 star restaurant 😆😆😆😆. A fucking legend this guy.

  14. I can't believe Kimmel could get through the interview without breaking down and crying, and running for his safe space.

  15. That waiter got roasted! Poor guy he didn’t know how to respond hahaha Don Rickles was the best.

  16. I'd love to see a non-Jew keep making fun of Jews the way DR did with blacks. As he said himself: Jews, ah, not so much. Why not? I'm sure they can be made fun of too.

  17. It's embarrassing enough for employees not to catch lipstick on a glass in a nice restaurant, but to not inspect the glass before an intimate filming?!?

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