John David’s Bachelor Party | Counting On

Here he comes, guys. It’s a little bit
gusty out there. The girls are out
dress shopping– Howdy, howdy. –and so I got all
the guys together. We’re going to have a little
bachelor-type party here. Well, it’s going
to be a fun day. Yeah.
Y’all ready for this? Let’s do it. Being that aviation is
something I do quite a bit, I thought I’d incorporate
that into the fun. So we’re going to do
some flour bombing. Is that a thing? The target will be be
out here in this field. Flour bombing is
dropping bags of flour onto a target from a plane. We’re dropping flour,
as in F-L-O-UR, flour. That flour bombing. I was thinking literal
flowers and photo bombing. Why did I think that? Let’s go, guys. Rules for flour bombing
are that each contestant will have three bags of flour. About right here, guys. This is perfect. Is this good? And the goal is to hit
the target on the ground. We’re just aiming
for the tarp? – Yeah.
– Aim for the tarp. We add up all their drops. There’s a bull’s
eye, right there. The total distance
from the target by feet. And the person with
the lowest number wins. It’s going to come
down to that bull’s eye, because we’re all– we’re
going to be hitting the tarp. It’s going to
come down to inches. Should be fun. So let’s do it. So my bombers are going to be
Jedediah, Jeremiah, and Jason. It’s going to be
a stiff competition. Oh, yeah. All right. Here’s the flour. You know what? It’s not whether
you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. It sure is nice
to win, though. All right. Let’s go. Maybe the losers have to
take the winner out to eat. That’s a good goal. Since I’m the only one
with a pilot’s license that’s flying today, I’m going
to be taking everybody up, but I’m going to fly the
same path every time. He’s off now. Right into all the rain. We’re going to make sure
we’ve got the plane at least 500 feet away from any
person or building, to stick by the FAA rules. All right. You can see the tarp down there. Oh, yeah. So we’re keeping
it safe, but we’re going to have a lot of fun. It’s raining now. This may be too much rain. I’m going to just
circle around up here. We’ll have to wait on
this rain to go away. You can’t see very well, so. I got up in that
plane, and I feel good. And then it started raining. It’s getting pretty
turbulent up here. , Oh my word. Y’all are going to get
sick on me, aren’t you? I’m all right. I can still go. I feel a little bit
queasy, but not too bad. Our family has a big problem
with getting motion sick. I think it’s, like,
almost half of us. Another 10 minutes or
so, probably, at least. You OK? Yes. Are you sure. Yeah, I didn’t feel too good.

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  1. This is wrong for so many reasons: it is first and foremost terrible for the environment to just fly around for some fun (it happens in a timeframe that we are getting more and more aware of the consequences of climate change), it is secondly a waste of flour and therefore resources (so many people could have used it and it is instead thrown out of an airplain to hit a target) and thirdly, there is no way that this can be done safely! This should be forbidden by law and should certainly not be celebrated on television.

  2. I love Counting on, and my favorite Duggar on the show is Jana Duggar is my favorite Duggar on the show,God bless you Duggar family πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό

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