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  1. Hell yeah! Keep eyes on the "prize" -the defeat of Trump voting like never voted before -"power" to change and to "redeem the soul of America" -inclusivity! Be sure to read John Lewis' graphic novels, "March"!

  2. John Lewis turned getting his backside whooped by white supremacists into a political career. We don't need anymore black leaders like him anymore. We need warriors! Vote for who and for what?! If we didn't put these people on the ballot and they're not pushing a black agenda, what's the use? It's time for John Lewis and his generation to fade away so that a new generation of black warrior-scholars can emerge to finish the battle against global white supremacy, not by any means necessary, but by ALL means necessary. B1!

  3. I never understood why we get together on a good note in try take over America but they come in kill who they want if we try take over. They got all the guns from day one how man beat 1 million guns in who knows how many bullets been made in world but it's made 1 bullets per person in animal America is the land of evil.

  4. This black man cares nothing for the black community.all he ever did was make sure he got rich shame on you sir


  6. Bernie Sanders offers the BEST changes for American citizens! Aloha 🌺 PEACE 🌺 RESPECT 🌺 TRUTH 🌺 Bernie/Tulsi 2020

  7. Keep voting for democrats so they can keep you and your cities down and out like Baltimore, LA, And Detroit.


  9. May he enjoy the best of health and happiness. Sounds like Rev Martin Luther King. How sad the atrocities done at/by the hands of the people of this nation. However, like him, and Martin Luther King, the dream would come through. All people come together, for the common good of all.

  10. No cheating, no Wikipedia. Fill in the blanks:

    In more than 43 years as a career politician Rep. John Lewis accomplished ______.

    He also lifted ____ out of poverty.

  11. USA has achieved soooo much! We need to be smart and conserve our achievements and work towards removing all laws that elevate based on race. Lose the statistics.
    As MLK dreamed let's make it truly equal and choose based on the content of one's brain and not by the color of there skin!
    The day for true equality is here.
    You can't ever elevate on without suppressing the other and we are ready for this.

  12. Bear face I do, I mean this guy got his ass bet up 55 years ago and that's a black hero, I got bet up by racist white boys almost every day in Mississippi, I was born when the black Panthers came to my town as a little boy and it was something to see but dudes like this are a joke

  13. John Lewis is a living legend. His fight for racial equality in the US is admirable. May he survive his cancer and live a long and fruitful life.

  14. Ah, more identity politics. Vote democrat & they’ll continue to remind you that you’re an oppressed minority while working tirelessly to keep you poor & oppressed. It’s all about votes & getting elected to these people. Then what do they do? They spend 30+ years in Washington becoming multi-millionaires while the poor stay poor & the tax burden on the working class continues to rise.

  15. Two things Republicans hate…
    Being called racist.
    Republicans would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven as we can see with Trump.
    Proverbs 6:12-19 A worthless person, a wicked man, Walks with a …
    Proverbs 6:12 Commentaries: A worthless person, a wicked man, Is …

  16. 45 goons must go with there Bernie Madoff brainless followers!! 45 = biggest Ponzi scheme N American history with this moraless 45 N our HOUSE!

  17. Our awesome POTUS has done more for the AA community in 3 years than this traitor to his community has done in 30 years.

  18. funny that most of those people who used to stomp on them in alabama were democrats, now they are here asking for their votes

  19. It needs more than a bridge, and the slogans of yesteryear to bring the hoods of Camden, Detroit, Flint, Baltimore, St Louis, East St. Louis, Chicago, etc. in to mainstream, middle class America.

  20. John Lewis very simple he was in the right place at the right time, otherwise his career path would have been totally different. I don't know him and sure he has the people's best interest at hand.

  21. Hey willfully ignorant Democrat voters and Black people. In case you didn't know it. This is the anniversary of when DEMOCRATS not Republicans. Let their Police dog's loose on black protesters. And for good measure gave them wooden shampoos with their nightsticks. So at least get the facts right about the Democrat Party YOU support. Also keep in mind that blacks who hold political office. Are nothing more than the modern day plantation overseers. Their job is to keep you in line for the white liberals. That's how brainwashed you so-called people are. If the Democrat Party really cared about black people like they claim. They would have really helped you, and you wouldn't still be having a hard time at life. Like Democrats keep telling you, you are victims. You would think your lives would be better since Democrats are on your side so they claim.

  22. Were not falling for this anymore. Black people are not going to give are vote away unless Reparations and black agenda is on the table. Now keep playing these games and you going to see trump back in office

  23. The same city where DemocRats 🐀 enslaved his ancestors. So why does he still support DemocRats, the party of slavery and the KKK?

  24. Thank you for expressing the importance of everyone getting out and voting in spite of your illness and the coronavirus. The virus will not keep me from voting Super Tuesday or November. This election is too Important for the future of our country, I’ll be vigilant and take necessary precautions because EVERY VOTE IS CRUCIAL. I’m praying for our country in more ways than one. We’re under attack in multiple places. May God be with all of us and May god bless America

  25. According to CNN, Trump is wrong holding rallys because of coronavirus threat. But when democrats hold the Selma crossing there's no problem with coronavirus. CNN, you're really sick people (and not a virus

  26. According to CNN, Trump is wrong holding rallys because of coronavirus threat. But when democrats hold the Selma crossing there's no problem with coronavirus. CNN, you're really sick people (and not a virus

  27. That was a big deal… Ancient Babylonian diversity living in America is a social cultural barrier! Unfortunately…

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL – Earth

  28. With the Rampant onslaught of "White Supremacy" all over the country why do "TEENS" constantly have to make fake racist hoaxes? surely if there is as much as they claim there is then they wouldn't have to fake 95% of them.

  29. Thank you Mr. John Lewis for all you and many Americans have endured and sacrifice. Blood,sweat, tears and your life's. So that I, this little black girl can leave her home. The island of Trinidad and Tobago and come to America to be an independent filmmaker. I Thank you and all the giants that fought and died so that I can live there dreams…I never forget, nor I'm I ungrateful. I carry this in my heart and my spirit when I step onto set or into a classroom. I'm mindful who's shoulders I stand on and who's footprints I'm in. I'm reminded of the souls that lay silent in the grave that I can be all that they hope,prayed and fought to be. For this I'm eternally grateful. Thank you ….

  30. This Man is Such a Shining Light – He Continues to Love America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Even now, with his health the way it is, He Loves This Country and the Spirit of Freedom.♥️🦋♥️🐝♥️🙋‍♀️

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  32. WTF cares. All of America is so sick of this bullshit. Look at us now, virtually a 3rd world country since the changes were made.

  33. I was there. That town looks the same. The buildings wow that's scary. I sure hope it did some good there sure doesnt feel like it did a damn thing. We thought we would change the world.

  34. I thought that lying piece of shit had cancer , damn still hadn't got rid of this demon bastard!!! GOD don't know this idiot !!!

  35. CNN has always been biased. Trump is an American hero and not a villain or racist. CNN is nothing but an evil empire lying to the American public. DO YOUR RESEARCH! CNN claims Trump is a racist which is a lie. His son-in-law is Jewish and he supports the black community. Use your common sense and do some research.
    Educate Yourself & Free Your Mind
    President Trump Attends a Meeting and Photo Opportunity with Black Leaders
    Trump Courts Black Voters in Atlanta

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