John Mayer’s Undying ‘Bachelor’ Love

Hello, my friend, long time no see.>>Hello, I miss you.>>I miss you too,
you haven’t been around. You’ve been absent, and I know you’re
not doing whole lot of interviews, so thank you for being here.>>It’s my pleasure, thank you. I’ll be here as much as you want me.>>Okay, well whenever you’re in town,
stop by.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, tomorrow?>>We’re not here tomorrow,
but you can come by.>>Aren’t you glad you’re
not here tomorrow?>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah, I am. So, no but I was really happy when your
song came out, Love on the Weekend. I was like there’s John.>>Yeah.
>>I mean and I missed your music, so-
>>Thank you.>>I’m so glad. So you’re releasing how many,
you’re releasing four?>>I’m doing four songs at a time. I started realizing that 12 songs
is a big ask for people now.>>Mm-hm.
>>Because it’s so much content.>>Yeah.>>When I started seeing even me, my
favorite acts would put a record out and I’d be like, I can’t today. It’s too much music. So I sort of decided I’d put four out at
a time, also not all of them were done.>>I see.
>>[LAUGHS]>>There’s a way to get sort of my deadline to hit.>>And was that,
cuz you went to Montana for a while.>>Yeah,
I live out there when I’m not working.>>You’re still there sometimes?>>Yes.>>And do you think that that’s
like a great place to reset and have a different perspective?>>Yeah, I mean,
I spend some of the time in Hollywood. And then I spend some of the time in
Montana watching Hollywood on TV.>>Mm-hm.
>>Thinking all the same things that other people watching TV think, forgetting
that I’ve ever been in that bubble, and it’s great.>>I know that you used
to watch The Bachelor. Are you caught up,
have you been watching this season? Cuz Rachel was just here.>>I watched the first couple. But I love the show, but
It’s too much time to ask of me. Two hours is a lot of buy-in time. Cuz I always watch the season premiere and
at the end of it they say on an unbelievable new bachelor and
I go show me more of this. Show me more of this. I’ll pay $50 if you just show me
the entire season in 30 minutes. That’s what I want.>>[LAUGH]
>>Wow.>>Just get me the helicopters, get me the
girls crying, girls crying on helicopters. If you get tears in flight on
The Bachelor, that is prime stuff.>>It really is.>>Yes, so I just haven’t caught up this-
>>It is too much time to ask of us. I think the two hours, it’s gotta change,
but it was a good one this season, you missed a good one.>>I’m sure there will be others.>>[LAUGH]
>>You should be a bachelor, didn’t we talk about that before?>>I thought about, I think it
would be really fun to be the bach.>>Would you really consider it or you-
>>No.>>Just saying?
>>I don’t think that I would find love there, unless they would change
the sort of vetting process for who would be the contestant. You know, I just-
>>They would do that for you, if you would consider being a bachelor you
can tell them how you want people vetted.>>Yeah I think it would be
one of the lowest rated shows.>>[LAUGH]
>>I don’t know, I think we would all watch you as a bachelor,
I really feel strongly about that.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hey, who’s, before I forget,
who is the girl on the cover, there’s a drawing of a girl,
there’s you, I saw your drawing.>>That’s me.>>And then, who’s that?>>That’s sort of like,
her, you know what I mean? Sort of the spiritual her.>>Mm-hm.
>>It’s memory, it’s fantasy, it’s what you wanna see, it’s what the
brain, it’s sort of the, it’s the other. It’s the spiritual sort of other.>>It’s not somebody
that you’ve seen before?>>In my mind.>>Mm-hm, so
that’s what you’re looking for?>>That’s sort of the representation of-
>>Are you in a relationship?>>Nope, I thought of this the other day. I thought of it on Valentine’s day. You don’t I have to be with
someone to be together. And I’m enjoying being together.>>I see what you mean.>>You know what I mean? We’re plain.
>>Yeah, got it, got it, got it.>>But love on the weekend, I thought you
were driving off with somebody that put her feet up when you were driving and
stuff?>>That’s a total thing that I’ve
had in flashes and a lot more of.>>I see.>>You have those too? The world is your oyster, you drag,
you go up the coast, you go up.>>I don’t know, I’m married. I’m in a-
>>But you have those moments.>>[LAUGH]
>>But you have those moments.>>Yeah, she puts her feet up,
Portia puts her feet up when we drive.>>You road trip? Do you still road trip? You go away for a weekend?>>Yes we do.
>>Yeah, that’s great.>>Yeah.>>That’s what I miss. I miss plans. I miss stuff. A man can drive to Big Sur alone but
how lonely is that?>>It’s lonely.
>>Yeah.>>You should be the bachelor, all right
>>[LAUGH]>>So I think we’ve decided, you announced that the Search for
Everything tour is starting today, right?>>I am announcing that the Search for
Everything tour continues into the summer now so we’ll be in cities all
across the country this summer, which is a new announcement, and tickets,
I think, go on sale next Friday.>>That’s very exciting, and,
thanks to American Express, everyone in the audience is getting a pair
of tickets to go see John at the LA Forum.>>Aah! [APPLAUSE]

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  1. New show: John Mayer and Kanye West were locked in a room to have philosophical discussions… people watching on camera have to try to guess what they are talking about.

  2. Oh my… if he signed up to be The Bachelor, he'd have droves of women applying to be in that group of ladies, including me! LOL

  3. You can tell Katy has a type, I mean he reminds me of Orlando, looks kinda same "type", well of course more charming. Whatever

  4. k good player not a good catch tho. Too many females like asshole males. Yea. they'd pass up a nice guy for this guy

  5. If John did do "The Bachelor", I would be glued to my T.V. Perhaps he should do it? One can dream right?

  6. the girl sketch reminds me of Katy at his 'who you love' MV
    always love his voice n music from his guitar whose not fall for him when his playing 🎸…i don't know why my heart with him in his new songs moving on and still feel like u'r man…i do love him with Katy he seems really love her …both are single now 😊 hope both can be 2gether again both are changing now more mature i can feel it in their music 💗

  7. People will hate on me for this comment, but John Mayer is undeniably the Johnny Cash of this generation.

  8. he is the most underrated yet the most talented artist of this generation….his music is sooo soothing and so f***kin awesome

  9. he seems like he's totally lost interest in looking for love, for which I can totally level with, it's exhausting.

  10. i thought john mayer were more profond than watching this crap .. really disappointed for someone who likes the blues

  11. There's Johnny Depp. And then there's John Mayer. One I can relate with. The other I wouldn't know if he wanted to kill me until he stabbed me to death with a knife. Still can't decide which is which. Good thing I'll never find out.. Hears a knock at the door. "Oh, hi John!" Lots of screaming followed by lots of blood and stabby sounds. Sadly, this is the only thing that comes to mind whenever I think anyone who looks and act likes John. And by that. I mean all of them.

  12. I've always disliked being the person who says they have a type.
    But boy oh boy John makes me such a hypocrite at this.

    My type, the man of my dreams, my ultimate choice for a partner lol

    Love you Mr Mayer

  13. he just wants the good parts of a relationship without putting effort on the tough parts…sounds like a commitment phobe don't know why so many girls are into him, they like the idea of him that's it.

  14. This guy has a different thing about him , he is different ; unconventional , has a witty sense of humour and is an extremely talented musician.~

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