John Mulaney Explains Why Comedians Always Make Fun of Florida

-I’m so excited that everybody
is going to see this special. I saw one of the — You did
seven shows at Radio City. I was lucky enough to be
at one of them. It’s an incredible hour. And you just wrapped up
your tour last night in Jacksonville, Florida. -Yes. It’s been about a solid year
from the last May in Portland, Maine,
to Jacksonville, Florida. -That’s great.
-The opposite of Maine. -Absolutely.
-Absolutely. And we did a show at
the Florida theater. And that’s the end of
the “Kid Gorgeous” tour. -Congratulations on that.
-Thank you. -I heard that
someone asked you why comedians make fun of Florida
when you were in Florida. -Yes. I met a very nice young woman,
16-year-old girl, came up to me after the show. And she said, “I want to be
a comedy writer. I want to write at ‘SNL.'” And I said,
“I used to write there.” And she said, “I know. That’s why I’m talking to you
about it.” She said, “why do comedians
always go after Florida?” And I was like,
“Huh, that’s a good point.” [ Laughter ] “We kind of do.”
She’s like, “Yes, you do.” She said, “There was
a Jeremy Renner sketch when he hosted ‘SNL’ where he
played the mayor of Tampa.” “And when he said,
‘I’m the mayor of Tampa,’ everyone laughed automatically.” [ Laughter ] And I said to her like —
I said, “Well, it’s not fair
that we laugh at Florida.” I said, “Comedy writers
are often lazy. And so it’s like a good example
of a place when you need –” you know, if you had a lot of
paper towels, I’d be like, “Hey, Seth,
what are you, Costco?” You know? Not a good joke.
Not a good joke. But it’s easy, right?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -So Florida is the Costco of
upsetting people, you know? [ Laughter ] Like, it’s just everything
at once. You’d never make Florida
on purpose. You’d never put it together,
like — like if it was a dinner party, you wouldn’t be like, “Hey, you
know who we should invite? A bunch of elderly Jewish people and some really cool gay people
from South Beach, and a bunch of
conservative Cubans and a woman that looks like
Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart driving a fan boat and a possum and an alligator
and 12 serial killers and the richest people in the
world trying not to pay taxes.” And at the end of
the dinner party, they decide
who the president is. You wouldn’t form it.
-You wouldn’t form it. [ Cheers and applause ] -But I love Florida. [ Laughter ] -Oh, wow. I see what you did there.
-You see what I did? -You got out of it.
-Restored goodwill. -You mentioned they decide
who the president is. Are you surprised that espionage
might be the thing that brings down
the Trump presidency? -That’s the weirdest thing
to me. Is that like — I don’t follow
the news that well, but there’s a Russia thing
or whatever. Like, if you told me like, “Oh, why do you think
the game show host who accidentally became
president got impeached?” I’d be like, “I don’t know,
just ’cause?” You know? I’d never think, like, it was
high-stakes espionage. It’s like if
they arrested Godzilla. And it’s like,
“We got Godzilla.” And it’s like, “Oh, for burning
down the city?” Like, “No, tax evasion.” [ Laughter ] He said his — his apartment was
his office. [ Laughter ] I shouldn’t have said that.
I did that. That’s not good. -That’s how you know. -Yeah, I work out of
my apartment. -We used to work together, as that 16-year-old girl
in Florida pointed out. We were on “SNL” together. And you hosted, congratulations,
such a great episode. -Oh, thank you.
That was very, very fun. [ Cheers and applause ]
-I was so excited to watch. You posted a photo of
when Jon Hamm hosted “SNL.” -Yeah. -We all dressed up
like “Mad Men”-era writers. -Yes. -And we got drunk in the day. -All of you did. I didn’t.
-Yeah. And then we went in
to pitch dressed like this. -Which is normally like —
pitch, I would say is a mundane meeting
at the end of Monday. Everyone’s pretty tired. It’s normally, kind of, all
business and a little fun. And we got fully dressed up
as “Mad Men” characters. A lot of people forgot to do it, and so they threw together like
pieces of wigs and dresses. Marika Sawyer just had a tie. We were all smoking
and showed up to pitch drunk, and Jon Hamm is there
for his first time ever. -Yeah. -Like, and it was like
Comic-Con, but alcoholic. [ Laughter ] -Also, Jon Hamm was dressed like
modern-day Jon Hamm. -Exactly.
-Which was very jarring to us, ’cause we knew him
as Don Draper, and he was wearing like
a St. Louis Blues baseball hat. -Yeah, he was dressed
like a person. And we were like, “Oh, you’re
not ‘Mad Men’ like us.” [ Laughter ] -A lot of attention has been
paid for you outing how Colin Jost used to look,
with that weird… -Was that a secret
that Jost had a beard? -I don’t know.
-I never knew that. He had long hair and a beard
when I met him. -I think just people were paying
less attention to him. And then they looked back
in time and were like, “That’s a weird choice.” -Oh, I thought
the beard looked nice. -He’s getting a lot of heat
for it. I thought it was — I mean, we always thought
he was a handsome guy. -He’s getting heat for it? -He’s getting a lot of heat
for it. -Yeah, there’s not enough
going on. [ Laughter ] I think he looks great
with his beard. -I agree. I don’t even know why
I even brought it up. -You know, I’m going to grow
a little thin mustache. -Oh, you are? -I’m inspired by him, yeah.
-Just a real thin one. -Just real John Waters thing.
-The John Waters, yeah. -Yeah, exactly.
[ Laughter ]

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  1. Because it’s grows swamp land with old weirdos crack heads and the bird cage. 
    How can you miss an opportunity like that?
    Seth Myers laugh sounds like a nervous old woman forcing a laugh…

  2. john:
    seth: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😪😂😪

  3. South Florida would like to be excluded in this narrative. But make fun of the others, tbh.

    Sincerely me, a Floridian.

    But yes, Floridians can make fun of our selves.

  4. So this dumb ass host completely ignores the fact that Hillary made millions by sell out our Nation when she brokered the Uranium one deal or that she paid for the fake information that Democrats used to launch this political coupe against Presidenr Trump! Yet this dumb ass host keeps spewing the same old Democrat lies in some wierd attempt to please his Liberal buddies! Wake up America the Democrata are the Enemy Within that we learn from history would destroy our Nation from inside our own society!

  5. John Mulaney is an android but like a nice android who compliments ur shoes and u know he’s being truthful cause he’s an android without the programming to lie

  6. I moved to Florida from Michigan. They made fun of the last region I lived in(Detroit) as well. Honestly, it's because those places are easy targets.

  7. It honestly wouldn't surprise me to hear that a glass shot across the room at Seth Meyers' house, the day Mueller came out with his report.

  8. I read the words "why comedians always make fun of Florida" and was offended dead serious no joke got offended. I'm 11 and have spent all my life in Florida and I love it here.

  9. no one's gonna point out the fact that those white dudes look exactly the same? one is the reflection of the other when you see their profile

  10. Florida gets made fun of because of our freedom of information that allows people to easily find the stories.

  11. John Mulaney: Let’s just invite the Jews and conservative Cubans

    Me, a Floridian Cuban Jew with very conservative Christian family on one side and Israeli on the other trying to find out where I belong: C O N F U S E D

  12. Omfg stop making fun of my awesome state! It's really starting to hurt my feelings and I'm so sick of comedians bullying us! I gonna be the bigger person and stand up to these comdians, HAHA get it? 🤦

  13. Oops, it turned out, for the 1,000th time, there was no espionage(collusion). Also, for the people outside of NY and L.A., your neighbor was right.

  14. "then we got drunk in the day"
    "all of you did, I didn't"
    oof, that's a recovering alcoholic's catchphrase isn't it

  15. yes, please stay away from florida, these abundant natural springs are all terrible, and beaches suck, no need to come here…………

  16. Look, it doesn't surprise me in the LEAST that people make fun of Florida.

    Last week I was in Tampa, and as I watched the news, there was suddenly a report of a 17 ft python that was caught in the everglades (it was huge and they showed pictures), then they segwayed into a 360 lb alligator that chased some fishermen (they showed the skin), and THEN they immediately got into the Dorian report.

    So you can imagine that by the time the commercial break rolled around, I felt like the state was somehow going to kill me.

  17. Oh my God I hate the fact that a late night talk show with a comedian turned fucking political. This is why I can't stand Seth Meyers.

  18. I was looking for Bill Hader in that picture and it took me a solid minute to realize that he was one of the women laying on the desk…
    I'm not surprised that he did it, I'm surprised that I didn't check there first

  19. 3:54 I was looking for Bill Hader in the picture, among the men in the back, but couldn't find it so thought "maybe he wasn't there that day" but then I double checked and he was among the girls with wigs

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