Join the Celebration of National Arts in Education Week

♪ [National Arts in Education Week, September 9-15,2018] [Gabrielle Ruiz] I am Gabrielle Ruiz actor, artist, educator and supporter of the arts I ask you to join in the celebration of National Arts in Education Week The arts made a difference in my life growing up in south Texas Singing taught me the lessons
I still use in life Dancing gave me the chance to
enrich my passion And now I am a professional actor It is because of arts education that I stand with you today So, let’s all share our stories by using
#BecauseOfArtsEd So, join me and Americans for the Arts
and all their partners To bring visibility to the cause of
arts education You can find out more at [Celebrate, advocate, participate in National Arts in Education Week] [September 9-15, 2018] [Visit National Arts Iin Education, Share your stories using: #BecauseOfArtsEd and #ArtsEdWeek]

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