JoJo Siwa Birthday Party!

♪ Happy birthday dear JoJo ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (crowd cheering) (energetic music) (playful music) – Good morning, everyone. We are actually in the afternoon, gotcha. And we are headed to our friend
JoJo Siwa’s birthday party. Woo-hoo. – Yes, with this little guy. (whispered pretend gun shots) She only has done a
pinata once in her life and that was Duncan’s birthday. So we got her a pinata
for her birthday present. – If you’ve never tried a
pinata, pinatas are the best. They’re so amazing. They’re so much fun. JoJo has to have her own. It’s so important. – She has to cut off the head, and then she can reach her hands in, and then she has to cut her body off so she can get to her legs. (mock yelling) Today is special because
it’s her birthday. Birthday party. Slash truck, birthday party. I know all of you don’t
know who JoJo Siwa was. Only my family does, so, I’m gonna explain her to you. Her name is JoJo Siwa, and she has everything except for pinatas, and we have a pinata. She goes like this, (playful music) that’s the only faces I know. – JoJo’s a really great friend. She’s really nice, and
she’s always really kind, and I like how happy she is always. And I’m really excited to
go to her birthday party and I hope she’ll like our present. – So I’m really excited
to go to Jojo’s party. It’s gonna be really fun. I like JoJo a lot, she’s
a really good friend, and I can’t wait to see her turn 15. – Happy birthday JoJo. (energetic music) – I already spent all my credits, so I’m taking your lanyard, okay? – [Dad] Wait, you spent all your credits? – I’m gonna take all your money, please. – I had to come in a little late, and Jessica has been here
for like five minutes and she has spent all her credits, and now she is taking mine. You can’t have my credits. They’re my credits. I get to play. Why is she so cute? How can I say no? (energetic music) – Bailey is trying her very first Warhead. She’s terrified. – [Dad] How’s it going? (laughing) (energetic music) – I thought you guys
forgot me, by the way. – [Emcee] Alright, you guys
ready to sing Happy Birthday? Alright, on the count of three. One, two, and three. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear JoJo ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (crowd cheering) – Oh boy I have a microphone. But thank you guys so much for coming. I love you all. I’m so happy I get to spend
the night with you guys and celebrate being 15. It’s just epic. So thank you guys, and
let’s eat some cake. (crowd cheering) (energetic music) Let’s do the Warheads challenge. #notclickbait (laughing) We’re gonna stick these in our mouths and see how long we
can stand the sourness. It’s really very intense. – [Mom] Okay, Parker has
never had a Warhead before. He doesn’t know what to expect. – I did it about a month ago, and I lasted probably 30 seconds. – [Mom] Okay Parker, you
can’t spit it out, okay? Are you up for it? Are you excited? – On your mark, get set, go. – [Bailey] He’s like,
uh, what just happened? – [Mom] Has he been betrayed by candy? – It’s not hit yet? – [Mom] Oh Parker, you won. – [Dad] Champion. – Do you wanna spit it out? Nope. Spit it out. If you wanna spit it
out you can spit it out. – It’s sour. – [Mom] You won. Good job Parker. – You did a good job, you won. I don’t mind. – [Bailey] Wait Parker,
all the salt came out. You can put it in your mouth. – The salt. All the salt . – [Dad] It’s not salt, Bailey. – [Mom] It gets sweet after a while. So it might be sweet now. – Does it taste sweet? – You want me to throw it away? I’m done. – [Dad] You gonna keep working on yours? You’re not sure? – You want me to throw it away for you? Or you wanna keep it? – I kept mine. It’s really sour at first, but don’t take it out of your mouth because then it gets really sweet. – It’s not sour anymore. – [Dad] It’s not sour anymore? – I never get to see the sweet part. Is it good? (crowd noises) – I got the sweetest part. – [Mom] Is it yummy now? Nice. (hands clapping together) (baby giggling) (upbeat music) – [Dad] Parker, what
are you doing right now? – Building. – You’re building a car? So the kids are actually getting to help put the Lego bricks in. So if you guys come here and see this, you’ll actually see stuff
that our kids helped to build. (upbeat music)

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